Day: July 1, 2017

Sen. Cardin Introduces Bill to Strip Wolf Protections, Undermine Endangered Species Act

“We at Wild Horse Freedom Federation and at Straight from the Horses Heart cherish all that is wild, free and living life as God intended WITHOUT the destructive influences instituted by egotistical human beings. Be it wild horses & burros or natural predators, Mother Nature has always been and could continue to be the best steward of wildlife without the interjection of man’s wants and whims. Everything worked just fine until humans became involved in attempting to control and twist the environment to suit his/her narrow needs.

With that said, we will share, discuss and disseminate information on other wild species, besides our equines, that come under the threat of man’s eternal quest for physical gain while ignoring the roots of our spiritual tie to nature. Predators are essential to the natural balance of nature and health of the environment so to remove them skews prey animal numbers and even affects botanical diversity and topographical structure.

In essence, if it ain’t broke, don’t attempt to fix it. Nature is best left alone to nature and our mission should be to preserve, observe and enjoy…an easy fix. Perhaps, too easy” ~ R.T.

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