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Feel Good Sunday: Tearful Moment As Dying Stable Hand Feeds Horse One Last Time

Source: Mini News

Former stable hand, 87, smiles as he is granted his dying wish to feed a horse one last time just three days before he passed away at a hospice. A pensioner smiled in his hospital bed after he was granted his dying wish to feed a horse for the last time – just three days before he died.

Patrick Saunders, 87, from Braunton, Devon, in the UK had spent most of his adolescence around horses, and began his working life at a stable.

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  1. I pray when my time comes I can be at home surrounded by my husband who was God’s greatest gift to me and then all my animals who kept me going when I didn’t want to go on living in so much pain, but one nuzzle from one of the Horses or all my dogs around my bed and my Cats on the bed with my big Cat Mow Mow aka Oreo laying on my chest purring to where he comes each time to comfort me when he knows I’m in pain. If I can go surrounded like this then I will leave this world with a smile as I go to meet the Father and for those who have already passed I fully expect to see them there.

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    • I’m betting all of us here feel this way – and hope all of our “kids” that we loved & cared for over the years are waiting on the other side of that Rainbow Bridge. All of mine have been family to me and my human kids. What more could we ask?

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  2. Why can’t the BLM grasp how very much these majestic beings “enrich the lives of the American people” and people all over the world. I guess you have to have a soul to understand.

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  3. what a wonderful thing to have such a wonderful wish granted. Being around Animals will definitely be my final wish as well! God bless all those that truly understand appreciate the human animal bon.

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