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Mommy, Why are they Killing our Wild Ponies?

A long time advocate emailed me a link to a story that I wrote 8 years ago, after Christmas, and relayed to me that it brought tears to her eyes, so I hit the link and read it, myself. My eyes leaked too. All these years later the story carries even more power and impact as the horses are not only STILL in danger but they stand on the brink of total destruction…this is relevant and never published anywhere but here, please share and make your calls. We need to stop the madness. ~ R.T.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by R.T. Fitch, author of “Straight from the Horse’s Heart

“Mommy, Mommy, it’s Christmas time, you should not be crying.  Why are you crying, Mommy?

You have been crying since Christmas eve day, the day you read something in the newspaper about the wild ponies.  It was something about a judge saying OK to round up the wild ponies but I don’t understand, Mommy.

You and daddy never let us run our ponies in the snow, you say that it is bad for them that they might trip and fall.  When it is deep they can work too hard and hurt themselves so how come the bad men are chasing the wild ponies through the snow, Mommy?  I don’t understand.

Why are they attacking our wild ponies, I asked everyone and no one tells me anything?  I ask my teacher and she just shakes her…

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  1. Worth considering here that wild horses and burros are being removed from their owners (American citizens) by BLM which is essentially a law enforcement authority (see the Bundy standoff). Why aren’t private organizations like this taking in rounded up wild horses and burros?

    “The Dumb Friends League Harmony Equine Center™ is a private rehabilitation and adoption facility for abused and neglected horses, ponies, donkeys and mules that have been removed from their owners by law enforcement authorities.”


    • What a great place – had heard of the Right Horse Initiative and Humane Horse Plus (or horse humane plus!) but really impressive job they are doing.
      Certainly would make a great start for some of the wild horses & burros.


  2. Heartbreaking that there will be no wild horses for the future generations to enjoy .Beautiful horses running free will be only in story books and pictures .
    The western landscapes will b nothing but dust after being ravaged by herds of cattle.
    Generations to come will ask ” why didn’t we save them” ? .


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