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The BLM, Uranium and the Pryor Mountains: a perfect mix for a Collusion Cocktail

Jerry Finch and I were onto the Uranium Collusion back in 2009, and no one did anything…now the truth is hitting mainstream media 8 years after we reported it. What a travesty.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Jerry Finch and R.T. Fitch

So out of the clear blue sky the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) decides to round up the small, yet internationally famous, wild horse herd in the Pryor Mountains, MT while the public screams stop and they refuse to listen.  We think that there is something that does not smell, or taste, just quite right, here.

It would be a real stretch of imagination for us to question the integrity of a government agency, like the BLM, simply because it has repeatedly violated federal law, laughed at our law makers and thumbed it’s nose at the will of the American people while failing to live up to one of it’s prime directives; that of protecting our national treasure, our publicly owned wild horses on publicly owned land.

No, we wouldn’t do that.

Uranium, is it holding our wild horses hostage and who is behind the plan?

Nor would we cast aspersions on a company that holds the rights…

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  1. Leave the wild horses and burro’s alone..They don’t belong to any Federal government, they belong to US and the U.S.A’s history..They want the land for other purposes and they shouldn’t even own the land!!! Leave the Bundy’s alone too!!! Let the horses run free and run the BLM off the land!!! BLM does more harm than help!!!



    “The moral of the story is we knew what not to do before these developments occurred, and we weren’t willing to do that as a country,” said retired U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service biologist Rollin Sparrowe. “The government allowed the development

    Almost all the private land in the Red Desert is owned by the ROCK SPRINGS GRAZING ASSOCIATIONR and ANDARKO PETROLEUM CO.Anadarko
    Anadarko did not respond to requests for comment.

    Don Schramm of the grazing association, which sued the BLM for not removing wild horses but earned praise from hunters for allowing public access, said the discovery changes nothing.
    “We don’t study the wildlife,” he said. “They’ll go where they have to.”

    The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Board Awarded More Than $2 Million in Grants

    Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Contributors (partial list)
    (CAMECO is one of the world’s largest URANIUM producers providing about 17% of the world’s production from mines in Canada, the US and Kazakhstan.)

    Shell Oil (for sagebrush habitats) $500,000.00


    • Wow, Louie – the article on the Red Desert mule deer was really impressive. I realize it was 3 years ago they did this, but I never realized that mule deer herded up & migrated like caribou in Alaska! And apparently pronghorns do to in a shorter journey. Interesting – just think what the wild horses could do if they were ALLOWED to migrate!


  3. U.S. won’t fine company for spilling radioactive sludge
    By Mead Gruver | The Associated Press
    July 5, 2017

    The NRC determined that Cameco committed nine rule violations. All were on the low end of the agency’s severity scale but five were serious enough to warrant fines, according to the NRC.

    The white, paste-like sludge that spilled is a normal byproduct of in-situ uranium mining, in which water mixed with oxygen and baking soda dissolves uranium out of underground sandstone deposits. The resulting uranium-laden solution is then processed into yellowcake and nuclear fuel.
    Cameco Resources’ Smith Ranch-Highland mine in eastern Wyoming is the biggest in-situ uranium mine by production volume in the U.S.


  4. Wyoming uranium mine spill one of the largest recorded in U.S.; officials say it does not pose a threat

    Heather Richards
    Sep 8, 2017

    The Lost Creek uranium mine north of Rawlins shut down operations Wednesday just weeks after reporting one of the largest spills of uranium injection fluid ever recorded in the U.S.

    Cameco’s Highland Mine had recorded the largest spill on record, with a nearly 200,000-gallon unplanned release of injection fluid in 2007, according to Wise-uranium. The NRC began tracking spill data on a public database in 1999.

    Shannon Anderson, a lawyer for the environmental advocacy group, said she believed the company’s response to the spill was notable.

    “Shutting something down would only happen if there are health and safety concerns with operating,” she said. “Shutting down is often the only way the industry can figure out what is happening. Spills, mechanical integrity failures, and other issues are pretty routine at these ISL sites, and the size of that spill at Lost Creek is significant


  5. WHAT?!

    From Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER)

    Public Told “No Harmful Health Effects” from Significant Radiation Exposure
    Posted on Oct 16, 2017

    In a startling public health reversal, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is now declaring that radiation exposures equivalent to as many as 5,000 chest x-rays “usually result in no harmful health effects,” according to an agency document posted today by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility (PEER). For decades, EPA had taken the position that “There is no known safe amount of radiation” and is responsible for enforcing laws such as the Safe Drinking Water Act, which prohibits public radiation exposure at levels the agency now says is safe.

    “This signals that in the event of a Fukushima-type accident EPA will allow public consumption of radiation-contaminated drinking water for months,” added Ruch, noting that PEER is preparing to legally challenge the new drinking water Protective Action Guides. “Dr. Strangelove is alive and lurking somewhere in the corridors of EPA.”’s-epa-learning-to-love-radiation.html


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