Equine Rescue

Tiniest Horse With Dwarfism Doesn’t Care That He’s A Little Different

By as published on The Dodo

He was so small when he was rescued that he had to ride on someone’s lap on the drive home.

“Years ago, my wife Terry, Leslie Anne Webb and I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Munchie when he first came to live with Rebecca Williams of Habitat for Horses…he is quite a guy.!” ~ R.T.

Mini horse with dwarfism staring at larger horses through a fence
Woman kissing mini horse on the nose
Two miniature horses eating grass and flowers
Children petting miniature horse
Mini horse playing with ball
Closeup photo of mini horse
Woman feeding two mini-horses in pasture
Miniature horse touching noses with another horse
Miniature horse with hair braided
Woman in wheelchair petting miniature horse
Miniature horse saying hello to larger horses

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