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Feel Good Sunday: Video – The Story of Pumpkin, Mini Dwarf Pony Who Could Barely Walk Finally Gets To Run

Source: The Dodo

This mini dwarf pony was born barely able to walk, and she had to be carried everywhere and kept inside all the time so that she wouldn’t hurt herself. Today on Comeback Kids: Animal Edition, watch how Pumpkin’s family went above and beyond to give her new legs — and a new lease on life. Just WAIT until you see her adorable little gallop.

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  1. This sweet little pony ended up dying of starvation on that farm, along with dozens of other neglected animals. Some of the animals had to cannibalize each other’s corpses to stay alive. It’s a gruesome case of animal cruelty that is currently being prosecuted, and the farm has been shut down. Ashley is a fraud and a monster, and I pity her poor sweet son.


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