Day: January 12, 2019

The Terrible Destruction of Pinyon-Juniper Forests

SOURCE: “Public lands ranchers have always hated the trees.  Just like native predators are killed as rancher enemies, native trees (and sage) take up space where grass might grow so they must be destroyed.  In all of these projects, BLM ballyhoos wildfire suppression benefits, ignoring that deforestation creates hotter, […]

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Corolla Horses OK, But Va. Disease A Concern

by Catherine Kozak as published on Coastal Review Online Commonly known as “swamp cancer,” the sickness in the wild Chincoteague ponies was caused by a fungus-like organism in stagnant water that can enter cuts or scrapes… COROLLA – The recent deaths of seven Chincoteague, Virginia, ponies from a […]

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