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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Brave Rescuers Save Trapped Wild Horse

Source: The Dodo

This is an example of why barbed wire should never be accepted upon the American landscape!


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  1. Range horses can get into trouble all sorts of ways, especially when human activities encroach into open range areas. My crew ran 308 calls in 2019, ranging from fence entanglements to cattle guard extrications to traffic accidents to 111 calls to get horses off state, federal and Interstate highways. (We had three calls yesterday, not counting the horse that was struck in the dark on State Route 341 last night.)

    Horse-human conflicts are often not being adequately addressed except for the myopic approach of simply getting rid of the horses. However credit should be given to the current Nevada Department of Agriculture’s administration for facilitating an improved paradigm involving the 3,000+ free-roaming range horses that fall under its authority.


  2. Glad this turned out ok – no one got hurt not even the mare! Just shows how dangerous barbed wire is. This mare is so fortunate she didnt struggle enough to break anything.

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  3. Although barbed wire can injure domestic animals even on private property, barbed wire should not be allowed on our public lands and it would not be there if it wasn’t for private livestock being allowed on our public lands. Many of us have seen hundreds and hundreds of feet of rusty barbed wire on our public lands … some rolled up and left and some just dropped and left but both cases being a very dangerous trap for any wildlife.


    • Just watching some of the footage from roundups certainly would seem to make that very clear, wouldnt it? But theres not as much concern for wildlife (as wild horse are) as there is for containing (?) livestock! I remember many years ago at the barn where I boarded my horse an instance where another boarder’s Appy mare was found standing with one foot caught in barb wire – it was sort of touch & go as to whether she would ever be sound again – fortunately she was. Could have gone another way – just like this incident.

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