Day: April 18, 2020

How Horses Took Over North America (Twice)

“Now before everyone goes nuts on me, please take a deep breath and sit back. This PBS film is a really great story of the evolution of our beloved Equus…AND it validates and verifies what we all have been saying that world’s horses origins come from right here in North America. Now on the issue that Europeans brought them back to this country, I am not 100% sold on that theory.
My Ute friends tell me of times long before the Whiteman showed up that their ancestors worked with horses, for as long as their legends go back. Likewise, there have been reports that several small herds may have survived the great extinction event of 10,000 years ago so I, personally, lean towards the unproven theory that there is a chance that the horse never completely disappeared from North America.
Did the early explorers bring horses over and have an impact on the wild population, but of course, you can see the Spanish influence in Cloud’s herd. But are the horses from across the pond the exclusive source to our current wild equines? Me thinks not. Enjoy the video…it has a lot to offer the lover of horses and donkeys.” ~ R.T.

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