Day: July 4, 2020

The Code of The Cowboy on The 4th of July 2020

“It’s hard to believe that this is the second holiday, this year, where we find ourselves hunkered down on the ranch and not out traveling or enjoying the company of our friends and associates. 

Playing it safe today; smoking  turkey on a spit, making dinner for Terry and her Mom all while the dogs play, cats observe, horses and deer quietly graze on ample green grass in the pastures and Koi quietly languish in the pond. 

But is that bad, is this really sad, should we feel sorry for ourselves? 

Heck no…this is quality time: we are healthy, together, enjoying our little piece of heaven while the world outside our gate is turned upside down not only by a foreign virus but by people who have lost their moral compass if not their collective minds.

As Terry now says, “It took a pandemic for me to realize that I was anti-social from the git-go, my schedule has not changed”, living and caring for critters will do that to you.

So while the world rages with stupid and stupider the silent majority sits back, observes, gathers courage and waits for the right moment to pounce.  Personally, the time to stand up is now not later…so with that said, I share with you the words of John Boston, perhaps a bit localized but when applied to the big picture, speaks for many of us.

Enjoy the day, eat well, build good memories and don’t traumatize your domestic and wild critter friends with simulated gun fire tonight.  Instead, sip an adult beverage, watch the flames dance in your campfire ,or your Tiki torches, hug your soul mate and plan for a better tomorrow, it shall come.

Keep the faith; enjoy the company and embrace of those you love! ” ~ R.T.

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