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Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ Equine Companion Helps Woman Battle Breast Cancer

Source: The Dodo

This horse, Willow, helped her mom cope while fighting breast cancer. Now Willow waits outside her deck every morning until she wakes up 💚

Keep up with Rachel and Willow on Instagram:

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    • Horses are healers, no doubt!
      Intuitive, innocent animals, who help people survive with so many emotional & physical issues of humans!
      We must protect them ALWAYS for their amazing ways that make us heal without any words spoken.

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  1. Horses helped me to survive the suicide of my oldest son. I was blessed to find many resources to survive & pay it forward to other organizations in his memory. I volunteered for various local horse rescues, supporting therapeutic riding, OTTB rescues, Ever After Mustang Rescue in Maine.
    Doing more research, I was able to connect with WHFF, Habitat 4Horses, AWHP, Cloud Foundation, and many others, who save horses from the kill pens. I do this in memory of my son that I lost. Want no recognition here. Many amazing HORSES, orgs. & mentors have helped me to survive! I feel blessed!

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