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Memorial Day: Horses of War

Please, remember all who served and many thanks to those who continue to protect us. Our hats are off. – R.T.

Straight from the Horse's Heart

by Amanda Uechi Ronan and published on Horse Nation

“As a person who has enjoyed the company of many horses over the years, I thank heaven that I have never had to take one to war.” ~ General Sir Frank Kitson

The first records of horses used in warfare date to Eurasia between 4000 and 3000 BC.  This Sumerian illustration, dated from 2500 BC, depicts horses pulling wagons.

The earliest written training manual for war horses was a guide for training chariot horses written at approximately 1350 BC followed by a guide to training riding horses in 360BC, written by Greek cavalry officer Xenophon.

Muslims, Knights of the Crusades, Japanese Samurai, American Indian tribes, such as the Comanche, and Civil War soldiers all used the horse as a powerful weapon of war.

A few of the more interesting facts I discovered were “that stallions were often used as destriers due…

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  1. Rt – just went back & read your blog of August 18, 2010. There were 125 comments – many names I remember & am familiar with – MUCH MUCH outrage at the BLM etc. WHERE are all those people? I havent seen comments or opinions from so many of them in such a long time. I’m sure they havent changed their minds about the whole wild horse “issue”. I know a few were still coming here a few years ago. I sure do hope they are still outraged and making their opinions and views known somewhere. Incidentally yours was a very good “opinion”.
    Miss those folks.

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  2. From our point of view, we need to reconcile to the fact that it is the definition of insanity to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome.
    We must do something different. I don’t know what it is.
    Not that I know what to do about it, but it is slowly becoming clearer to me that, as in so many other areas, the problem is the amount of power we have ceded to corporations in the last 100 years. In this case, it is the extractors powered by the likes of the Kochs, and the banks doing the escrow waivers (as you say). I feel a little like astronomers must have when they realized there is something else we can’t see out there. And it is a major something. They called it “dark.”

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