Feel Good Sunday: Video ~ The Mustang Man, Craig C. Downer

Exonerating Wild Horses & Burros, Fighting to Keep Them Free

“If ever there were a link, to forward to family and friends about the plight of our wild equines, this is it.  Your Christmas present to the wild ones could be just that, getting the word out so that more people understand and join with us as we fight to preserve the future well being of those who cannot speak for themselves.  Thanks Craig for a fine job of putting this together and as always, thanks Deb for your assistance with facts and information.” ~ R.T.

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EXCLUSIVE: How the RSPCA sends thoroughbreds from NSW to slaughterhouses to be turned into pet food – after slamming the racing industry for destroying horses

By STEPHEN GIBBS FOR DAILY MAIL AUSTRALIA ABC’s 7.30 program exposed widespread slaughter of racehorses last month  Hundreds of retired thoroughbreds have been sent to abattoirs and knackeries RSPCA Australia said the animal welfare body was horrified but not surprised RSPCA NSW has now said it sometimes sends horses […]

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