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Feel Good Sunday: We Press On

“It has historically been the norm, here at SFTHH, to post something uplifting, funny, goofy or just plain hilarious in an effort to buoy advocate’s spirits after a week of fighting for those who have no voice. But over the last few weeks we have shifted a bit more towards spiritual strength and the message that you are not alone as our struggles increase and weigh on our hearts.

Over the past several weeks we have had family and friends on virtual death watches, horses lost to illness, separations and of course the gruesome fight against the BLM’s never ending campaign to cruelly manage our wild equines into extinction. A heavy load for all to bear…

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Where are the Men in Horsemen?

There has been a nagging thought, just outside of my reach, that’s been chewing on me for the past decade or so. Something that never comes up and bites me in the butt but rather circles about and lightly taps me on the shoulder now and then in an effort to confuse and distract me at the most inopportune times.

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A Few Rotten Apples Do Not a Herd Make

Yesterday we dropped a simple “tongue-in cheek” OpEd on our readers in an effort to bring in a little fresh air and to lighten the load, a bit, for those who work so hard to do the right thing for the horses. Lord knows we need it with all of the dark injustices that whirl around us and make us truly wonder at the direction our country is headed. But when I opened up the window and let the fresh air fill my lungs there was the slightest hint of rotten apples that lingered in my nose. I stepped back for a moment, looked around and verbalized:

“Who farted upwind?”

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