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Still Time to Help the Horses and Burros for Christmas

Unabashedly I would like to remind all of you that the clock is ticking on ordering our Wild Horse Freedom Federation 2018 Calendars chock full of dozens and dozens of beautiful wild horses photos from our own Carol Walker:

Over 60 beautiful and moving photos by Carol of the wild horses living in the Sand Wash Basin Herd grace this 2018 calendar! From the small foals to the powerful, mature stallions, Carol’s images capture the spirit and beauty of these colorful wild horses in this northwestern Colorado herd.

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Some See Companions; Some See Food

I arrived at the Sugarcreek Livestock Auction in Ohio at about 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 11: a Friday. Friday is when Sugarcreek hosts its weekly horse and tack sale. The auction is one of the major “kill auctions” east of the Mississippi River; many of the horses are purchased and shipped to a slaughterhouse, where their meat is then exported, for human consumption, to markets in Europe and Asia.

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Reason Will Win the Horse Slaughter Debate

Over the past week there has been a uptick in the coverage of the horse-slaughter issue. This should be no surprise; the public pays more attention to horse racing in the time surrounding the Kentucky Derby.

But this year the coverage seems intended not only to discuss the issue of horse slaughter (which I have invested considerable personal energies toward) but also to demonize horse racing itself.

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YouTube Horse Slaughter Contest

Alex Brown Racing is sponsoring it’s second YouTube contest that will run from Tuesday, January 19 to Monday April 19 2010. We will offer a $1,000 prize, to be sent to the horse rescue organization of choice of the winning entry, as of Noon eastern time, April 19, 2010. All entries are to be completed, posted and approved, by Noon on Friday March 19, 2010.

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