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Feel Good Sunday: Video~Pony 5/Plants 1

Source: The Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America

“Put down your coffee or tea cup because this one is going to have you on the floor.  I guess it is particularly hilarious to me as we have a guy like this living with us.  Rescued from Brazil and starving Terry’s ‘Apache’ will never miss an opportunity to dine as he goes.  He is a great worker when it comes to keeping our trails cleared and trimmed.  Lunch to go.  Enjoy” ~ R.T.

Click on Pic to access Video (you may need a Facebook account)

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  1. Sure made me giggle!
    I love how the little girl never gives up and walks out of the arena with a big smile.
    The moderator was funny too (hope you had your sound on).

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  2. This is one of the few events I’ve seen where the horse had as much fun as the exhibitor. From their point of view we ask them to do such stupid things. That’s a wonderful little girl and she has right touch and to work with horses..

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  3. Kudos to the young handler for finishing what must have felt like the longest competition of her life LOL. Happy to see her smiling in the end. Beautiful partners!

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