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Donor gives Wisconsin Girl, 12, a Horse for Christmas

“It’s ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and if this story does not warrant a TISSUE ALERT I don’t know what does. With all of the ugliness out there and the propensity for humans to be violent, obscene and twisted it is a VERY welcome breath of fresh air to see a community of people doing the right thing for one individual, a heartbroken little girl. My hat is off to these folks and we present this story to you, today, on bended knee. It will make your eyes leak. Keep the faith!” ~ R.T.

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New Zealand’s Teenaged Horse Whisperer Shares Secrets

For reasons that can’t be explained, some horses just can’t stand their trainers.

“He’s a good example over there,” says Jed Southcombe, gesturing at a grumpy stallion hidden in the shadows of another stable. “He doesn’t like anyone at all. He puts his ears back and his look says, `Piss off, leave me alone’.”

The 16-year-old Feilding High School pupil knows his horses. Making soothing clicking noises, Jed coaxes a strapping 3-year-old thoroughbred back into his stable with ease. The horse nuzzles him affectionately, but the young rider doesn’t fold, saying he has become used to a “tough love” approach even with his favourites.

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