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Jury: Quarter Horse Association Must Register Cloned Animals

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Slaughtering Natural Born Quarter Horses is not enough, now clones added to mix…

American "Quartered" Horse

American “Quartered” Horse

LUBBOCK, Texas The nation’s pre-eminent quarter horse association is violating state and federal antitrust laws by banning cloned horses from its prestigious registry, a Texas jury ruled Tuesday in a case being closely watched by breeding groups across the U.S. and abroad.

Attorneys for two ranchers who sued the American Quarter Horse Association said the verdict doesn’t automatically require the group to register cloned horses or their offspring. That step could come at a later hearing that has yet to be scheduled, attorney Nancy Stone said.

The jury also didn’t award any of the $6 million in damages being sought by the breeders.

“Our primary interest throughout this case has not been damages but to get these horses registered,” Stone said.

The association is considering an appeal, spokesman Tom Persechino said.

he two breeders, Texas Panhandle rancher Jason Abraham and Amarillo veterinarian Gregg Veneklasen, sued the association last year. Their lawsuit argued that the group was operating a monopoly by excluding clones, noting that it already allowed other non-natural breeding technologies such as artificial insemination.

But the 280,000-member association denied it was violating antitrust laws. It argued that its rules require a registered mother and a registered father, which is impossible with clones, and that it had the right to set its own rules as long as they were reasonable and lawful. During the trial, one of the group’s attorneys noted that a survey sent to 3,000 association members a few years ago found that 86 percent of them were opposed to registering clones.

The association is trying hard to safeguard its prestigious registry, which adds financial value to listed animals. Quarter horses, which are usually smaller than thoroughbreds, are bred for short-distance speed.

A call to an association attorney wasn’t immediately returned Tuesday.

The case is being watched by breeders in the U.S. and could set a precedent because no American breeding groups currently allow registering of clones. According to American Paint Horse Association spokesman Billy Smith, breeders worldwide also could be affected because semen could be transported to other countries, though some international laws might not allow the use of clones.

Attorneys for the two plaintiffs were seeking to force the association to register their cloned animals. They also were seeking $6 million in damages.

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  1. Can you see it now that Owners will want to dig up long dead race horses like Man of War in hope of cloning. Being able to register would allow this to happen.


    • First it was no longer live cover only. invitro or artificial insemination was allowed, now it’s cloning….. What is wrong with people?


  2. Now you really won’t know whether your horse is what they say it is. There goes the neighborhood! First the claim there’s too many unwanted horses. Now they are cloning them. What the heck?


  3. AQHA has been getting away with all kinds of horrors, the worst of which is the Slaughtering of horses who dont meet their criteria, How Dare They !!!They need to be put in their Place !!! on this one !!!! NO ONE BUT NO ONE should have the right to Slaughter Horses !!!!!Just who in the Hell do they think they are anyway !!!! They are NOT GOD!!!! and neither are The BLM !!!!!! CLONING is the last straw !!!!!!!!!!! Mr. President WHERE ARE YOU !!!!!!!! There Are some things you cannot ALLOW !!!!!!!!!! This one of them !!!!!!!


  4. =Dear RT, I am sorry but I cannot read Posts after they are written here , Please make the Print Brighter, it is blending with the background !!!! it is almost impossible to read at all !!!!!!


  5. I asked a really powerful preacher to pray with his people over our horse industry this afternoon, we need all the help we can get. This battle has drawn swords world wide, im not giving up. Not now, not ever. No matter what we neex to have tests ran to see if the bute or other drugs in the horsez cloned are in the cloned result. Please we have to stop overpopulating and these men may actually commit bigger crimes with banned drugs in meat. Please someone who can help, we need to prove this theory. We cant let them do this! Then they can register clonez and put papers from other horses with drugs in themto say they drug free clones, another coverup.coming soon! We have to think like low down dirty evil kill buyers.


  6. We have horses starving and these men are suing for millions, horsez starving and santos suing for millions, horses starving and people making more registersed foals, horses starving………sounds to me like these guys know the gao reports a fraud.


  7. Oh, c’mon folks….this is what happens when you allow IVF, hormone treatments, etc.
    I think this is a hysterical laugh riot!!!!!!!!…..not for the equines of course.

    Anything that makes AQHA’s life miserable, I applaud.

    This is the arrogance and hubris of Man to think he is smarter than Mother Nature (some would say being God).

    And I said this before, if the cloned equine is a registered AQHA equine albeit deceased….you gotta register it.

    This is what they get for supporting Human Consumption Horse Slaughter (HCHS), sloppy breeding practices (HYPP +, etc), no performance standards, poor ownership enforcement (Jockey Club fails on this ALL the time) standards and weak equine welfare history.


  8. There are simply no words for this horror. From owners who simply fail to feed, to those that abandon, to those who send cull their herds by sending them to slaughter–it just doesn’t end.

    Secretariat was bred to an Appy mare as one of his test mares. The following year right on time he threw a colt, with a beautiful blanket (ensuring his owners could register him) and he was bred to many other mares. Some enterprising someone will get permission to dig up his bones and clone him. I shudder to think of this occurring in my lifetime.

    What would they call him? Secretariat II? Yuck and double yuck. I sure wouldn’t want him on my dinner plate. Nothing against the horse–but horsemeat belongs on the horse not on my table.

    So how do we stop this insanity from going forth????


  9. This is more complicated than this article makes it appear. There are several issues here. If someone has the money to clone horses, they are not interested in selling them for the low dollar cost of “meat” horses. The Quarter Horse Association is still dealing with the issue of whether or not more than one foal produced by the same sire and dam can be registered in the same year. With advancements in assistive equine reproduction it is now possible to increase the number of eggs per estrus cycle with follicle stimulating hormone drugs. The number is still low, but it still increases the likelihood that a sire and dam can reproduce more than one foal. With the use of a “recipient” mare it is possible to produce several foals from the same parents.

    If you are going to sell horses for meat, they don’t need to be registered. In the beef industry, the amount of Black Angus that is required to be in ground beef is lower than the consumer might expect.

    The issue of registration is related to competitive advantage in the Quarter Horse breed competitions as well as the many unknowns when humans start manipulating genetics . Human breeders have gotten things backwards for a long time, and we do not know what we do not know. There is some natural discomfort with cloning because humans are making choices that are otherwise left to nature. the size of Warm Bloods and are used in Dressage competitions in some areas of the country.

    A lot of us concerned with the larger issues of equine welfare would prefer to see some of the horses in rescues, shelter, and fosters be adopted rather than more horses cloned or multiple foals be produced by the same parents by breeders. It feels wrong for there to be so many wonderful horses that need homes and are so grateful when they find a good one while we realize that other people are breeding more artificially in a market that they themselves have trumpeted as over-saturated. On the other hand, do we really want these terrific and already made horses in the hands of people who cannot care for them, not because there is something wrong with the horse but because they cannot value what the horse has to offer.


  10. All I can say about this is: drive around Pilot Point or Weatherford in the late spring and see 30 or so quarterhorse foals with the mares in a pasture. They already look like clones. 30 sorrel babies. Odds are 3 will be successful. 10 will find homes of varying quality, and the rest may very well be slaughtered before they are 5. Sure clone. Then quit breeding. Not so much
    Left to chance.


  11. Since when is this a legal issue? Can I now sue the AQHA to register my paint horse? I believe they should go back to live cover only.


  12. Funny that the two who are suing AQHA are in bed with Viagen, Jason partners with them for their calf cloning program among other things, and Gregg performs all of their embryo transfers. The only cloning company in US is Viagen – there is one other company that clones in Europe, Cryo Zoo Tech and is a subsidiary of Viagen. AQHA has questionable practices, but I think they are right on this one to fight the registration of clones, and “hopefully” they will continue to fight even with this ruling – every breed registry should fight the registration of cloned horses. Many horses being cloned are done so to bring back genetics from a gelding that was outstanding in performance to produce a breeding stallion – just what we need, more horses, when we can’t take care of the ones we have now and slaughter is coming back. There are so many problems with these cloned horses, the technology is not good… horses come out with many defects and mental problems – one on record even ran into a wall and killed itself. I think we are all right to fight the practice of cloning horses for profit. Pray the AQHA fights this decision.


  13. This was simply a.power play….a rouse….to make the victim not be the horse or the.caring horse owners but to load first.base with the Fsis on their side, second bsse with him being the victim, and finally third base jeff or zhas from the navajo nation, which has made headlines for corrupt government oversight repeatedly and that already has been conducting horse sales sending horses to mexico for slaughter. They have to make sure that wallis is pitching and dunne hits it out of the park friday. We need to make sure we get the ball and on the environmental action to win this inning. But thats all this was simply a power play.


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