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Willie Nelson: A Clear and Persistent Voice for the American Horse

There are many celebrities who lend their names to causes and appear to have conviction and moral fortitude but often times, when things get a little heated, they tuck their tails between their legs and run for cover. But not Willie; question his motives or make an uninformed statement and Mr. Nelson will come out swinging and that’s just what he is doing over the issue of Equine Welfare.

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Willie Nelson Tired of all the Horses Asses

by R.T. Fitch  In a recent People.pets article legendary country performer Willie Nelson was quoted  as asking, “Why are there more horses asses than there are horses?”  The celebrity’s frustration is echoed across the country as the federal government’s Bureau of Land Management are rounding up the last […]

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Playboy bunnies hop on wild horse issue

The U.S. House recently passed the “Restore Our American Mustangs Act,” which would protect wild horses in 10 western states by providing additional land and protections. But Rep. Doc Hastings, (R-Wash.) isn’t a huge fan. “With all of the issues that are facing our country,” Hastings told POLITICO, […]

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