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Cover Letter: White Paper on BLM Wild Horse & Burro Program

“Howdy Team, remember last week, in one of these forwards, I alluded to the fact that we were going to give you a tool for your Advocate toolbox; well here you go. We just gave you a BLM Factory Tool, one Big Friggin Hammer (BFH). The five year project of the White Paper was compiled and written FOR Legislators, Lawmakers and Government leaders in an effort to pry their eyes open to the fact that the BLM has been generating false numbers and has been skewing the facts for years, they are doing it right now, as you read this. So even though this was not geared towards public consumption, put together by one of the finest Animal Law Attorneys in the universe, we are hoping that advocates will download it, become familiar with the facts contained within and then ensure that this important Paper gets in front of their Senators and Representatives, PRIOR to the Appropriation Committees votes on horse slaughter and the wild ones. This could turn the tide. Any sane person should not vote to believe the numbers that the BLM and Zinke are throwing around and surely would not vote to kill and murder the wild ones in an effort to save money when they don’t even know the truth on how many equines are involved or how much money has been spent and where…it would make no sense. So please, get this out there as it is not about us, the advocates, it is ALL about the wild horses & burros.

Below is an example of the cover letter which can be downloaded, along with the paper and exhibits, at http://wildhorsefreedomfederation.org/white-paper/

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BLM to Target Wild Horses in Utah to Appease Cattle Ranchers

“The Utah ‘Good Ole Boy’ club comes out this week with their guns a blazing as the BLM bends to the pressure of a law suit where local politicians, in the pocket of cattle ranchers, want wild horses cleared off the land so their welfare cattle can strip the range clear of any foliage. Gotta just love the mentality of the ‘Bubbas’ as most of them refer to the 6th grade as their ‘Senior Year’ and it shows. (meanwhile, back in Texas, we buy land, fence it, pay taxes on it and maintain it for livestock…no bovine welfare in the Lone Star State, oh dang, I used a big word again. Bovine=Cows, boys…get it?)” ~ R.T.

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Video: CO Congressman Pleads Case to STOP Federal Sterilization Experiments on Wild Horse Mares

Many thanks to any and all who helped inform the good Congressman on the insanity of the BLM’s plan to use and abuse wild horse mares in unconscionable and inhumane sterilization experiments. Additional Information: https://rtfitchauthor.com/2016/06/22/update-wild-horse-and-burro-radio-covers-blms-final-solution-for-exterminating-americas-protected-wild-herds-tonight/

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BLM’s been Bluffing Public, Press and Politicians over Roundup “No Fly” Zones

Investigative journalist/author/editor/publisher Steven Long of Houston, Texas has uncovered yet another glaring, corrupt distortion of truth and regulation by controversial Secretary of the Department of Interior (DoI) Ken Salazar’s Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Within a recent article in Horseback Magazine Long exposes the fact that the BLM’s secret “No Fly Zones” over their aerial attacks on native wild horses is a figment of their own imagination, proving that America has been duped for years by the malevolent federal agency.

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