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Feel Good Sunday: Clydesdales Help Purina Deliver Surprise to Horse Shelter in Need

“Annually, many Americans wait to see the ultimate and final “Big Game” of the year which just concluded in our own backyard, here, in Houston. But also there are many who may not be football fans but annually look forward to the next installation of the heart tugging, mini-sagas put forth by Budweiser featuring the gentle giants of the equine world, the Clydesdales. This year, the fans of horses were disappointed when Budweiser benched the ponies and went a totally different direction and suffered poor reviews on their attempt to document immigration history. The result was a lose/lose on both-sides with Bud slipping in the ratings and the Clydesdales fans left without a horse fix, so we are here to help correct that oversight, today.

We issue a “tissue alert” in advance and would also like to add that we are not endorsing any one horse rescue but instead tipping our hats to all of the fine organizations out there filled with good folks who donate their time, their money and their lives to the effort of finding good forever homes and futures for equines in need. There is no need to identify them as you already know who you are and we love each and everyone of you bright points of compassion, caring and love. May you have a wonderful ‘Feel Good Sunday’ and never give up the good fight. Keep the faith!” ~ R.T.

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The Super Bowl Means Clydesdales in America’s Heart

As an adult I never had the time nor the inclination to sit down and watch a group of grossly overpaid men play with a ball on a field of green grass on a Sunday afternoon; there always seemed to be something more meaningful or important to do. But never the less, regardless of what part of the world or what strange country I might be in I would endeavor to get before a computer keyboard, the following week, and attempt to find online the Clydesdale commercial that had played during the game. That has become my Super Bowl tradition and one that I look forward to with great relish.

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