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The Super Bowl Means Clydesdales in America’s Heart

OpEd by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/President of the Wild Horse Freedom Federation

It’s not about the beer; it’s all about the Horses

The Budweiser Clydesdales

As an adult I never had the time nor the inclination to sit down and watch a group of grossly overpaid men play with a ball on a field of green grass on a Sunday afternoon; there always seemed to be something more meaningful or important to do.  But never the less, regardless of what part of the world or what strange country I might be in I would endeavor to get before a computer keyboard, the following week, and attempt to find online the Clydesdale commercial that had played during the game.  That has become my Super  Bowl tradition and one that I look forward to with great relish.

It’s not the beer, although I enjoy a sudsy brew now and then, but instead it is the message that is craftily woven into every annual celebration of the regal Clydesdales along with the associated animals as they represent teamwork, caring, hard-work and respect.

So for today’s Super Bowl Sunday’s installment I have collected together several of my favorite Clydesdale moments to share.  In review they illicit bittersweet memories and I hope that you, too, will enjoy a smile or even a tear as we let the horses take us back.

Super Bowl Sunday is like any other day; it’s all about the horses.

“FOOTBALL” (1996)



“RESPECT” (2002)

“REPLAY” (2003)

“BORN A DONKEY” (2004)



“SUPER FAN” (2006)

“SPOT WINK” (2007)

“TEAM” (2008)

“STICK” (2009)

“CIRCUS” (2009)


“FENCES” (2010)

“WILD WEST” (2011)

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  1. I don’t watch the superbowl, but I can’t wait to see the new Clydesdale commercial. RT. What happens with the Budeweiser Clydes after they are retired?


  2. Years ago I had a chance to see them in a few parades … WOW! To watch them make a sharp turn on a narrow street is really remarkable and one time I was able to stand close and watch them being harnessed. Their calm attitude, intelligence, teamwork and pure beauty are amazing. Thanks R.T.


  3. If any of you get to Colorado, Right out side of Denver in Fort Collins is The Budwieser Plant and as part of the tour you get to see the Clydesdales in their Rocky Mountain home.


  4. I had a huge calendar featuring all the Bud horses. It showed pics of the oldsters on a retirement ranch. However, their website states that: “The younger Clydesdales are always partnered with an older Clydesdale to help them with their transition to the eight horse hitch. The older Clydesdale helps keep the younger one calm. When the older Clydesdale have reached their retirement, they then reside at theme parks like Sea World so people can see them up close.”


  5. I love the Clydesdale commercials and have them all downloaded so that they are there to “prop” me up when necessary. BUT this year, I loved the BUD commercial featuring WEEGO. If you did not see it, tap the link below. And as an added bonus, BudLight will donate one dollar to saving shelter dogs up to $250,000 for every LIKE that they get on WEEGO’s page. A hefty sum to support out other four-legged friends.


  6. Most Americans no longer have a clue what it takes to breed, train, maintain teams like this. The time and money investment is unbelievable…..Mules are are also very unique draft animals.

    The experience, time and training required to train driving and draft equines is staggering in the iPhone age and that it still exists here, in any form is a testament of that achievement of man and equine and there bond.

    Thanks Busch family (not a big fan of ImBev?…Belgian firm that forced family sale) and RT. I think the family retains control of the theme parks and the Clydes.


  7. Animal lover I am! Have 1 bunny, 2 horses, 3 cats, 8 dogs, and (down to) 27 exotic birds.
    Watch the Superbowl for the coin-toss, kick-off, and of course the Bud Horses, then off to something else! Really have enjoyed them thru my years! Thank you compling this site for all to watch over * over again! I certainly will!!! They stir-up so many emotions. The Horses bring such a delight with their ‘hidden’ message in every commercial! Memories forged thru so many of them as I had forgotten just how WONDERFUL these are to view again. Thank you, thank you, thank you and I look forward to next year’s with glee!


  8. Thanks RT These commercials of The Clydes take me from tears to laughter, I always await them during Superbowl , but i also do not care for football and the overpaid players…………….


  9. Thank You !!!!! I dont watch football either , but I Love the Bud Commercials, and those Fabulous Clydesdales……. always cry from start to finish , have to watch them many times through the tears……… just to see them………cant figure out which one is my favorite , I love them all……………………………


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