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Are North America’s Wild Horses Native?

paper written by Jay F. Kirkpatrick, Ph.D. and Patricia M. Fazio, Ph.D. “The non-native, feral, and exotic designations given by agencies are not merely reflections of their failure to understand modern science, but also a reflection of their desire to preserve old ways of thinking… Are wild horses […]

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700,000-Year-Old Horse Becomes Oldest Creature With Sequenced Genome

SOURCE:  News.sciencemag.org   by Gisela Telis Wild horses. A genome sequence derived from a 700,000-year-old horse fossil (inset) sheds new light on equine evolution and confirms that Przewalski’s horse (pictured) is indeed genetically distinct from domesticated breeds. Credit: Claudia Feh/Association pour le cheval de Przewalski, France; (inset) Ludovic Orlando […]

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Give our Wild Horses their Land Back

By Jack Carone U.S. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar’s ode to the “majestic” wild horse, and his description of how the federal government must manage its population in his Jan. 14 Times Op-Ed article, comes across to the average reader as a reasonable and sympathetic approach to the problems […]

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