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How Welfare Ranchers Take Taxpayers for a Ride

Source:  Pacific Standard How Welfare Ranchers Take Taxpayers for a Ride Ranchers on BLM land have 94 percent of their grazing costs covered by taxpayers. And they target wild horses for removal in order to preserve the rangeland that makes this financial windfall possible.                        (Photo: Franck Fife/AFP/Getty […]

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Misrepresenting Wild Horses At The New York Times

Announcing The Daily Pitchfork! Journalists Vickery Eckhoff and James McWilliams have started a website to “bring accuracy and context to the way media presents and analyzes animal issues. They will do this by showcasing the best animal journalism, constructively critiquing the rest, and providing the media with valuable resources […]

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Hold Your Horses

by James McWilliams.com “Bute is banned by the FDA for use on animals destined to become food” The whole M. Wells Horse Tartaregate got me looking into the matter of horse meat in greater depth and intensity. I’m now writing a piece on it for a national publication and […]

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