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Marybeth Devlin hammers the BLM’s plans to rip out the ovaries of wild mares

Below we’ve posted excerpts from wild horse & burro advocate Marybeth Devlin to the BLM regarding their plan to sterilize wild mares.  Marybeth hits the nail on the head with a big hammer, and we encourage everyone to read her comments.     Email:         blm_or_spaystudy@blm.gov, blm_or_bu_spaystudy@blm.gov Copies:      DOI, BLM […]

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Lawsuit Filed to Stop Barbaric BLM Wild Horse Sterilization Experiments

Lawsuit Filed to Stop “Barbaric” BLM Wild Horse Sterilization Experiments September 21, 2018 Contact: Carol Walker, Director of Filed Documentation cwlivingimages@gmail.com  303-588-4749 Portland, OR (September 21, 2018) – Citing violations of the U.S. Constitution and three federal laws, an alliance of wild horse protection and animal welfare advocates filed […]

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Rob Sharp thanks 6 government employees for commenting as “BLMOREGON” under BLM Oregon’s ovariectomy via colpotomy youtube video

After BLM Oregon posted this youtube video showing Dr. Leon Pielstick performing an ovariectomy via colpotomy on a “previously wild” mare, Rob Sharp, a Supervisory Wild Horse & Burro Specialist for the BLM’s Burns District in Oregon, sent the following email to 6 government employees (5 work for the […]

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