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Jane Goodall says ‘Disrespect for Animals’ caused Pandemic

“Many thanks to Debbie Coffey for bringing this to my attention.  Terry and I have always looked upon mankind as being a pandemic waging war against the living earth.  We are like a virus, infecting, consuming and killing everything within our path…we are the most dangerous animal that lives on this planet because we not only eat, consume and kill every living thing on Mother Earth but we strip her of her resources and suck the very life out of her soul.  Not a good Easter message but it is time for new beginnings.

This current pandemic is a warning and a shot across our bow.  It was born in the cruelty of China’s wet markets, that I have personally and sadly witnessed, and is meant as wake-up call.  Mother Earth is pissed and in the end she will prevail.  Now would be a good time to slip back into our intended roles and treat our co-inhabitants of this planet, and the planet herself, with the respect and dignity that they deserve.  We are NOT King of the Hill, instead we are the scourge that pollutes and consumes the valley below.  Let’s clean it up!” ~ R.T.

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