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Update:Texas Prison Horses Found in Waco

HOUSTON, (Horseback) – At least some of the horses once belonging to the State of Texas and in custody of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice have been found after being sold at auction. The TDCJ prison horses were located at a facility owned by a former Texas prison inmate and equine kill buyer whose wife confirmed that the horses were the same ones purchased Monday night at a Huntsville, Texas livestock auction. “We are not selling these horses for food,” said TDCJ chief spokeswoman Michelle Lyons. “They were sold at a public auction to the public.”

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Texas Prison Horses May be on One Way Trip to the Mexican Border

HUNTSVILLE, (Horseback) – One of the most genetically perfect herds of horses in North America was hit hard by the selloff of 61 animals at a public auction, their most likely destination, a Mexican slaughterhouse notorious for unspeakable cruelty. The herd of Texas prison horses that were sold had been part of a contingent of animals so remarkable, and even historic, they were subject of a February 2004 cover story in Horseback Magazine’s predecessor publication, Texas Horse Talk.

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BLM Wild Horses Held in Utah Prison

Breaking News by Steven Long ~ Editor/Publisher “Horseback Magazine” Our Wild Horse “DO” go to Prison HOUSTON, (Horseback) – The federal Bureau of Land Management is holding wild horses captured during its “gathers” at a Utah state prison. In a filing today in the ongoing first amendment case […]

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