The Force of the Horse

I Cry for the Wild Horses

By Lisa Friday, Witness to the BLM Butterfield Wild Horse Cruelty

I Cry…

I close my eyes at night and still see all the horses suctioned deep in the urine soaked manure.

I see that little emaciated mare whose eyes just cried out to me, “please take me out of here.”

I could almost hear her screaming from inside, begging me.

I cry as I type this.

I cry for the downed mare by the hay that tried and tried to get up with out being able to get her feet under her because they were suctioned in the mud and manure.

I cry for the other mare who tried and tried to protect her, not understanding why she had to.  Each night I see the horses being run into the rusted chutes,placed in the metallic box and turned on their side, kicking and screaming.  I had never heard a horse scream before and now i hear it every night as I go to sleep.

I cry for the condition of their feet, the thrush that was barely odorous over the manure.

I cry for the foals I did not see and their Momma’s who want them to have a better life.

I cry for the unanswered prayers for these majestics to be living with their families where they are free to run, play, and feel safe with their stallions.

I cry for the burros who look so sad, dazed and confused as to why they are there.

I cry for the one baby burro who had no one to play with.

I cry for each and every pair of horses’ eyes that followed me when I personally walked through the urine soaked manure to see them.  Those eyes that were sullen and depressed that followed me as I walked away. almost screaming to me, “please don’t leave me here!  Don’t walk away, no one can see us, no one can listen to us screaming” Their eyes spoke volumes.  I cant even begin to explain it, but I know you know.  I cry for the ten horses that had a bobcat come toward them and were unable to free their legs from the manure to get out of the way.

I cry for the horses who were moved from pen to pen by that bob cat and a four wheeler while their friends were suctioned in the manure and mud.

I cry because of the numerous phone calls from Lily Thomas, the BLM, the PR folks and I cry because they blame me for not reporting it earlier.  I cry when I tell them that I DID report each and every horse, each and every tag number of the horse that was in trouble while I was there although many were un tagged or I was unable to see the number because of the filth.

I cry because of the thousands of dollars I donate each year that doesn’t seem to be making a difference.

I cry because the legislature just refunded.

I cry because I bother Ginger and Anne Novak and don’t want to say the wrong things to the BLM who keep me crying.

I cry for you who have to witness this over and over again and will continue to cry until every last horse is free.

I cry for the aborted foals and their Momma’s who cry for them; little foals they would have raised and taught, and loved every day of their lives, cut short because of the BLM.

I cry for all those set free not wanting to leave their families behind.

I pray for those left behind not understanding why their families left them there.

I cry for the sale horses who’s fate is unknown and I cry for those horses who’s fate we do know.

I cry for Rain who misses her mother Velvet and her father Cloud who both, I am sure, cry for her.

I cry because I cannot do more.

I am tired of crying.

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  1. I know its not any solace, but many many other tears are flowing along with yours, Lisa……I just cannot abide this cruelty, this lack of compassion by humans for any living creature that is more wise and more free than we are….


  2. Beautifully written, and we all weep with you for what has happened, and is happening, to our beloved American Mustangs. We American taxpayers have tried to no avail to stop this atrocity toward horses by those whose salaries we pay. I believe EVERY individual who participated in the destruction of these horses, our American heritage, should be prosecuted and convicted for illegally removing and causing the deaths of innocent and beautiful Mustangs. I believe God has taken note of every foal they ran to death by helicopters, others that they separated from their mothers to starve when newborns, and every foal and mare they shot. I hope they are dealt with for all the mares and stallions whose deaths they caused, and for causing the deaths of many other Mustangs by confinements that sickened them and caused their deaths. I believe there is a special place in hell for these heathens who barbarically and without conscience killed our beloved horses and destroyed their lives. I believe there was collusion involved with an underlying conspiracy which spearheaded this brutal and heartless removal of Mustangs from their legally appointed homes.

    The present leaders of this country are much to be condemned for their lack of intervention and for their condoning this heinous perpetration of death and destruction on helpless and innocent horses which were protected by our ONCE reliable and honorable government and Congress.


    • Amen to yours and all the other heartfelt comments here. I too hope there is a special Hell reserved for everyone of these sub-humans that have ever participated and are currently taking part in this unforgivable atrocity against living beings that can not possibly understand why this is being done to them and are defenseless before the machinations of evil men.
      I am with Barbara W. My tears have been used up leaving only a deep seated anger and frustration, not only at the people actually committing these outrageous crimes against Nature but perhaps even more toward those that have the power to put an end to the abuse but refuse to do so. Whether out of ignorance, stupidity, blind denial, simply just not caring, or all of the foregoing, there is no valid excuse or reason for these situations to continue.


  3. Lisa…Thank You, for this, and for your courage in the face of this atrocity, for bringing it to public attention…and for not backing down. So many of us cry with you, but to stand in the mire and look into their eyes…I’m certain you left a piece of your heart there with them, and certain, too, they slept better that night holding on to it. Thank you, again, for sharing this very special prose.

    ~ JanC


  4. Dearest Lisa, You have many many people who cry with you, although I’m sure that is no solace. Be PROUD of yourself and for standing up for our wild ones who literally can not stand up for themselves. Be PROUD of your voice speaking for all of us who cannot or will not be heard by the powers that be. We hold your words close to our hearts. Most of all be PROUD of your tears, for WE are PROUD of YOU!


  5. I cry with you,& with all the others who care, &, especially, for & with all the beautiful wild horses!! I pray that God will look after them, His beautiful creation, & that He will intervene & keep them in His care, comfort them, protect them, & return them to freedom. This is all too sad to bear, it is just mind-boggling that our stupid government continues to cause this horrific, senseless animal abuse, & continues to fund such unnecessary abuses, all at the expense of innocent lives, & wasting money that could be put to much better use, helping rather than harming!!


  6. We’re with you. Thanks for getting the information out there. And, we’ll keep sharing and doing what we can. Public pressure works on the government.


  7. I have posted this poem before but think it relevent again:

    A Silent Tear

    Stand proud wild horse of the desert plain
    Do not let them your spirit claim
    Stand tall, stand firm, do not give in
    Though domination men seek to win.

    God made you strong and gave you heart
    And set you free right from the start
    To roam the valleys and the hills
    Yet your freedom men seek to steal.

    Don’t they know or can’t they see
    This is where you were meant to be.
    Other beasts of burden cannot compare
    Nor your beauty do they share.

    If we listen we might hear
    The thunderous roar, the silent tear
    Of slaughtered ones from the past
    And understand your plight at last.


  8. Thank you Lisa Friday for sharing and educating the public on the disgraceful conditions the BLM keeps these majestic wild horses! We must continue to look, record and tell others, no matter how hard. The frustration, anger and tears on the continued mismanagement, neglect and abuse…!!!!! Can we call the BLM on themselves?


  9. Lisa, my tears every day join with yours. Thanks for what you have done, I pray every day for resolution for our beautiful horses and burros. 😦


  10. I am out of tears as well…can hardly look at any more fotos, videos of these horses, deserted animals, tortured animals, etc…It wears on ones soul…


  11. My tears join the stream of all who are outraged by the treatment of these horses. It is as if they are all on death row waiting to die, and waiting for their freedom in vain. This is an atrocity of the BLM’s shabby work that they have allowed these horses to whither away without conscious! Enough of this. There shouldn’t be anymore abuse! This has got to stop! Once this was reported, didn’t anyone from the BLM’s office help?


  12. Just when I think I’ve run out out of tears the pain for the horses & the hatered I feel for BLM breing all the tears back.
    Well writen, Lisa. Thank you for writing it.
    May all our tears be joined as one to wash our horses back into their freedom.


  13. Lisa, thanks to your story, one Filly was rescued
    Friday, April 15, 2011

    Silver Lining for a Golden Filly

    at left, March photo, Lisa Friday
    below, April photo, BLM

    Dear Readers,
    Did you see the injured buckskin filly in Lisa Ann Friday’s March 15 video of the Utah BLM corrals? The Cloud Foundation made the footage public last week and journalists worldwide recognized a story which had to be shared.


    • I’m nearly jumping up and down over here (well, I am – inside!!), Louie…and definately crying happy tears for this Filly and her new family! Thank you so much for sharing this WONDERFUL news. And, of course, BIG Thanks to Terri for making this connection, and to Sherry and Bill for opening up their hearts and their home and bringing this Girl HOME with them. No more squalor for you, Wild Cat.

      We need more silver linings like this amidst the all dark clouds.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you Sherry and Bill – you will never be sorry.

      ~ JanC


    • Excellent news! Thanks to Terri for posting this fortunate meeting, which lead to a good home for a beautiful filly. I hope Sherry and Bill will keep everyone updated on Wild Cat’s progress. I hope someone steps up for the dark, skinny Mustang as well (Is it still with us?). I’ve helped successfully rehab horses in worse condition – Henneke 1 and below!

      I support the efforts of the Mustang Heritage Foundation, and hope they will be fully funded in 2011 and their funding will be increased in the coming years. While I work to keep Mustangs on their rightful HMAs in a TRUE balance with other uses, I feel obligated to help find those who have been (and, LET’S BE REALISTIC, will continue to be) removed the best homes possible.

      I think the key to making the Mustang/adopter connection is personalizing the horses whenever possible. Good photos, a NAME (even if it’s changed later), and a brief description. These are areas where the Internet Adoption site falls woefully short. Their photos are often haphazard, and there are very few names or descriptions. And the IA site should include VIDEOS of Mustangs up for adoption, like those for the 200+ in Fort Worth. If I was adopting, I’d like to see how the various horses move.

      This is the Supreme Extreme Mustang Makeover Facebook page:

      I found this partial comment quite encouraging. It shows how enthusiastic people are at the prospect of adopting and training these saddle-ready wild horses. “They are older (5 year old this yr, 6 yrs old last), the SEMM is a way to help get some older Mustangs adopted and raise awareness that they are still trainable, even as older horses.”

      IMO, NO Mustang is “unadoptable” (as the BLM contends). They just haven’t been adopted yet, often because the general public has little opportunity to see them (especially those in LTH).

      One woman viewed all the videos, and analyzed the Fort Worth horses for physical characteristics and suitability for different disciplines. I don’t know her qualifications, but admire her dedication.

      To me, this comment sums it up: “There is something so pure and honest about these horses. I think once anyone has developed a partnership with one they are forever changed. The person as much, if not more than the Mustang.”


  14. BLAME YOU, Lisa, for not reporting it earlier? That does take the cake. That is THIER job and they WERE NOT DOING IT!


  15. Lisa:

    ANyone who would condemn you for not reporting this earlier has rocks in their head. I agree with all the comments above. I wish we could get some weathy individuals on our wagon to buy land and save these wild horses and burros to land anywhere where they can be free to roam or find a new loving family. I know if I was in that group, I would get it started. Even if I had to scrimp as never before. Let God stop all t hose that have hurt our belowed horses and burros (donkeys). Let them forever rot in hell. If you can give me any further info about those horses you describe above maybe a few of us could start something going for them with rescues. We would need donations and volunteer horse trailers for transport. Let us all get together to start moving these horses and hit the biggest damn fundraiser we’ve ever seen. These animals depend on us. God bless you Lisa. We are crying with you.


  16. Read this! I Dare U! & WHEN your
    Tears dry enough 2 Focus…read it
    Again….2 Another–who will Weep!
    —and Pass it on & on & on…
    Bless U & your sacred Tears, Lisa!


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