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21 Alleged Stray Horses Killed in Wyoming

Unedited article from The Casper Star-Tribune “Have Wyoming’s Welfare Ranchers Raised the Bar on their Wild Horse War?” THERMOPOLIS — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management says it’s investigating the killing of 21 stray horses on federal and state land northwest of Thermopolis. A BLM spokesperson said the […]

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Bad Ranchers, Bad Cows

by Vickery Eckhoff as published in The Daily Pitchfork A newly published study offers photographic proof of what ranchers have long denied: the extent to which livestock grazing damages public lands. (Part III of a series on ranchers in the media) Livestock have been severely depleting public rangelands for decades. […]

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Where Have All The Horses Gone?

Guest OpEd by “Calamity” Cate Crismani of TrueCowboy Magazine “Fiscal Year 2012, out of 10,350 wild horses and burros gathered, a total of 80 animals, or approximately three-quarters of one percent (0.77 percent), died or were euthanized during gather operations” Did you know that in the last forty […]

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