21 Alleged Stray Horses Killed in Wyoming

Unedited article from The Casper Star-Tribune

“Have Wyoming’s Welfare Ranchers Raised the Bar on their Wild Horse War?”

Dead HorseTHERMOPOLIS — The U.S. Bureau of Land Management says it’s investigating the killing of 21 stray horses on federal and state land northwest of Thermopolis.

A BLM spokesperson said the horses were found Wednesday. Investigators believe they were killed sometime in the last two weeks.

Wild horses also roam parts of northern Wyoming but BLM spokeswoman Sarah Beckwith said Friday these horses were stray domestic horses.

The horses were abandoned on public land and have been seen running loose for the past few years, Beckwith said.

Beckwith declined to provide additional information including whether the horses may have been shot or poisoned. She said the BLM doesn’t want to compromise the investigation by federal, state and local officials by disclosing too much information.

The BLM is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those involved.

The Hot Springs County Sheriff’s Department, state officials and a local brand inspector are assisting with the investigation, according to a news release.

In 2010, the Hot Springs County undersheriff shot and killed a horse 100 feet from its owner’s home because he assumed it had been neglected and decided to put it out of its misery.

Chris and Larry Bentley later settled a lawsuit with former undersheriff David Larson, who agreed to pay the cost of the horse along with legal fees.

In a separate suit, a jury awarded the couple $25,000, saying a Sheriff’s Department policy that allowed deputies to kill sickly or dangerous animals was too broad and infringed on the Bentleys’ constitutional rights.

Under Wyoming law, abandoned horses that come under the care of the state can be sold to cover the cost of their care, or euthanized by a veterinarian.

People who abandon horses can be required to pay costs required for the state to round up and care for the animals, and may face fines or jail time.


  1. People need to start respecting Nature and the Animals that also live in this world for a reason!!! It is called a circle off Life for a reason! We as people have taken more off the Animals living space in the name off construction! And expansion off modern living! Save those horses let them free for the love of God , for God would not have put these Animals in this world for no reason!!!! Stop the killing off the horses know!


  2. Thats murder and there is no place for this kind of action….Why is this administrain sitting on their hands and not taking action? This is totally out of control and as a tax payer is NOT acceptable. No one has the right to be slaughtering our precious horses….We Americans are NOT horse eaters If the ranchers are involved they need to get their own land for their cattle….But what I can tell is there is plenty of land for alll……LEAVE OUR HORSES ALONE….STOP HORSE SLAUGHTERING!!!!


  3. These are not strays, these horses are part of the US heritage. They have moor right to roam the land than the ranchers cows.


  4. We must save our wild horses and burros, they are a huge part of our history, and deserve to live free. Cattle ranchers are responsible for destroying the grazing land and they need to stay on their own property


  5. $2000 reward seems very low for BLM. I wonder if they did it themselves considering how much they hate the wild horses.


  6. According to 2007 USDA policy statement on the management strategies for invasive terrestrial vertebrates made at an international meeting in Fort Collins, Co., shooting is one of the methods used to eradicate invasive species. Problems from the public who object to this force the government to resort to shooting the animals after dark and into less obvious measures such as creating the environment for genetic collapse.


  7. You shoot at my horse and its on… I’m going to shoot back. Somewhere in the Constitution there’s a right to defend yourself and your property….. This has gone too far.

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  8. Investigate indeed. With the pittance of a “reward” they are hoping this will go away. I hope the backlash from the senseless killing of Cecil the Lion spills over to all species.


  9. If people can’t keep their horses, they could surely contact me. I have networked all over the country and there are concerned Horse people, NOT Killer Buyers who are willing to help people out, no ?? Asked..All they need to do is make a contact. Someone killed them, who?? They could have had a home for the cost of transport and possibly QT. I believe the BLM wanted them dead! The most useless Dept of our government. I certainly will address this when I go to Washington next month for the march on Sept. 29th. And Sally Jewel is nothing more than an appointee. No guts what so ever! Very sad! Why didn’t the county notify anyone before they were killed? Back yard mentality. A horse’s life including a wild horse is just as valued as any other to us in the Midwest. Some of those living out West just don’t value the beauty. Dismantle the whole kit and kabootle of the BLM!!! Maybe they would take their jobs a little bit more seriously if they had NONE. Give the jobs to people we who truly care about their welfare of the horses and burros!!!


  10. This is so sad and discouraging. I’m sure that USDA had something to do with it. Thus such a low reward for information. BLM just wants this to go away & fade into the background. Cecil, now this. Very disturbing all in one week.


  11. How do they know they were stray domestic horses? If they could be identified as such, and the owners could be contacted, couldn’t that help them to get some answers as to how the horses ended up as strays to begin with? If the horses were not reported as missing, then it would seem that the owners may be responsible for this to the extent of abandoning them to begin with and making them easy prey. I sense something very fishy going on here!


  12. Only a coward an unconscionable barbarian would shoot an animal..that has aided civilization since 2 leggeds began..on Planet Earth…Do Unto Others As You WOuld HaVe Them Do Unto YOU…coming to those whom think they are gods..


  13. “In 2010, the Hot Springs County undersheriff shot and killed a horse 100 feet from its owner’s home because he assumed it had been neglected and decided to put it out of its misery.” SO UNDER THIS INSANE SO CALLED REASONING HE WOULD ALSO MURDER A PERSON FOR BEING HOMELESS PUT THEM OUT OF THR MISERY?


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