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Send letter below to National Archives to prevent Department of the Interior massive records purge

SOURCE:  Wild Horse Freedom Federation The Department of the Interior’s request to the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) will purge massive amounts of records that involve documents about oil and gas leases, mining, wild horses and burros, livestock grazing, dams, wells, timber sales, water, marine conservation, endangered […]

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Saving America’s Wild Horses from Slaughter

Written by Anna Rose Ravenwoode as published on Lake County News “Because of decades of continued influence from cattle industry lobbyists, thousands of mustangs remain subjected to BLM and US Forest Service annual round-ups…” In Spring 1997, a nonprofit organization, named Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, published an […]

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The Ten Big Lies of Traditional Western Politics

by Erik Molvar as published on CounterPunch.org Public lands managed by the federal government loom large in western politics, a defining topic dictating the political debate. Corporate interests – logging, grazing, and mineral extraction most prominently – have often succeeded in dominating that debate through their good-old-boy network […]

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