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Opposition Grows for California Roundup of 2,500 Wild Horses and Burros

San Francisco, CA (July 7, 2010)—The Cloud Foundation opposes and is calling for a stop to the proposed roundup of over 2,500 mustangs and burros from one of the last viable herds in California. To avoid conflicting with deer hunting season, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) plans to unleash contracted helicopters in the August heat to round up 2,500 mustangs and burros, including their young foals, from the Twin Peaks Range near Susanville. Vastly outnumbered by thousands of corporate-owned destructive livestock, the public’s wild horses and burros are the BLM’s scapegoats for damage on the range. Over 2,000 are now slated for removal despite healthy range conditions and an outdated census.

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Cloud Foundation: Video of BLM Workshop and Meeting Online

The Cloud Foundation, with thanks to Xtomic and our website creator, Jay Ferguson, live-streamed the Department of Interior Public Workshop (June 14) and the BLM Public Advisory Board Meeting in Denver, Colorado (June 15). We felt that the public workshop was an excellent start and look forward to future workshops and conference in which the DOI (and specifically BLM) begins to work with the public to manage our wild herds. Step one is to enact an immediate moratorium on the ongoing roundups.

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Maybe WE Should Hold a Workshop FOR the BLM

My frustration reaches a peak on a day like today, when I feel all the friends of the wild ones have been taken on a big ride. As usual,the BLM controls the conversation and frames the scope of what is allowed to be discussed. A “workshop” is called, but it is not to discuss anything of significance, it is a PR show to go over the “salazoo plan”, the cattlemens’ plan. The room is full of brilliant and dedicated people who want to effect change and have solutions, yet I feel the BLM is not listening, they are staging an event to be used by their new PR firm to show they are open to public input.

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