Breaking News: Infamous Horse Eater to Debate on Fox’s Tucker Carlson, TONIGHT

A Scary News Alert: in the most indignant opinion of R.T. Fitch

Update: POS was a no show but claims he was bumped until next week.  Let’s hope the producers realized him to be as dumb as a box of rocks and nixed his misguided moment of infamy.

According to the poorly written press release, below, it appears that long time, washed-up alleged horse trainer and professed horse eater  Dave “Doink” Duquette has crawled out from underneath his slimy little rock to spew lies and deceit about how wonderful murdering and eating companion animals can be.

Hot equine debate – Friday night – Dec.29, at 8:00pm ET on Fox News
Brownsburg, IN. Dec. 28, 2017): Protect The Harvest’s equine expert Dave Duquette will
guest on the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show on Friday night, December 29, at 8:00pm ET. Dave
and Tucker will be talking about why Protect The Harvest (PTH), supports bringing back horse
processing in the United States.
Duquette explains on the show that horse processing is an essential part of many nations diets
and used to have a rich history in the United States. The return to horse processing in the US
would mean much higher welfare for horses.
Founded by Lucas Oil owner Forrest Lucas, PTH is a 501c3 non-profit formed in 2014 that
seeks to actively inform and communicate with the general public about issues regarding

agriculture, hunting, fishing, and animal ownership.

‘Merry Flippin Christmas to you too Doink.  Bet your mamma is proud of you…Lord knows your hometown is not.’

Dave “Doink” Duquette, alleged horse trainer and known horse eater ~ photo not taken by R.T. Fitch

Yup, according to the release and it has not been verified, Doink will be on Fox’s Tucker Carlson Show at 8 PM Eastern time, tonight, Dec. 29th.  Anyone with half a brain knows that Tucker is pretty handy at publicly making losers look as stupid as they really aspire to be so this may be Doink’s big chance to go on National TV so that his wife and children may never be able to show their faces in Walmart, again.

Doink has been working in the background ever since his equine blood engorged tick of a sidekick, Sue Wallis choked on her own lies several years ago and croaked; Karma made away with her bigot of a husband, too.  I guess there is some sort of mercy in the world that allows the likes of Doink to continue to walk among the living, perhaps it is pity for his young family that might, or might not, look to him for fiscal support.  Moral support and direction from this grade A wiener was lost long ago.

Left – “Doink” Duqquette – DUMB  Right – “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis – DEAD

So advocates, we only have  a few hours but let’s politely tweet, email and Facebook the facts to Mr. Tucker Carlson and give him a bit more fuel for a potential ass-chewing tonight.

You can tweet Tucker at:

Contact on Facebook at:



We don’t need the likes of Duquette soiling a season meant to bring cheer and hope…enough is enough.

Don’t Slaughter Montana’s Bison

article by George Wuerthner

“As most of our seasoned readers are aware, the main thrust of SFTHH is to bring to the forefront the plight of our American equines be they domestic or wild.  But while being tuned into the misconduct of out of control government agencies we cannot help but be aware of the cruelty rained down upon other wild species such as the Bison, Wolves, Bears, Cougar and even Coyotes.  What is happening to yet another 4 legged treasure, the Bison, is unexcusable and a often witnessed example of government thinking with their pocketbook and not listening to the wishes of the citizens.  Today George Wuerthner shares more information and ammunition in the fight to save the bison.  We applaud his expertise and will move forward as suggested.  Keep the faith, my friends.” ~ R.T.

“Welfare Ranchers go after yet another native wild species…”

bison-slaughterThe Louvre Museum in France houses some of the most famous art works in the world, including paintings by such famous artists as Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

What would you think if you heard the famous Louvre Museum began to throw out and burn in the streets these priceless masterpieces saying they needed to make room for the remaining art work?

How do you think the art world would respond if they suggested that a way to save the art was for the museum to build another wing to house the paintings or even give the paintings to other museums who would gladly accept them?

But instead of following such sensible advice, the French government prohibited expansion of the museum or even the transport of the world’s heritage to other museums and argued the only solution they would considered was to burn paintings? I’m certain it would be an international scandal.

But this is exactly what the Montana government is doing by the senseless slaughter of our national mammal —Yellowstone’s genetically unique and wild bison. These bison are a global heritage that the state of Montana is treating as if they are expendable and valueless asset.

Even the paintings by art masters are not as priceless as the genetically pure Yellowstone bison that are a consequence of a long line of evolution, yet Montana is treating these magnificent beasts as if they were vermin.

Worse, the justification for this butchery is flawed. One excuse is that the livestock industry is threatened by brucellosis, a disease that can cause abortions in livestock. The other major reason given for rounding up bison and slaughtering them is some assert there are too many animals for the park.

Both are questionable assertions, but even if they were valid arguments, there are viable solutions that do not require the destruction of these animals.

Fact: there is no documented transmission of brucellosis from wild bison to livestock. The only examples of wildlife transmission to cattle is the result of elk, not bison.

Fact: Yellowstone’s bison are genetically unique. Most bison herds in the United States have cattle genes mixed into their genome, but Yellowstone’s bison are one of the few genetically pure populations.

Fact: There is an abundance of public land on the Custer-Gallatin National Forest and other state and federal lands outside of Yellowstone National Park where bison could winter or even live year-round.

Fact: There are other large blocks of public land within the historic range of bison that could support herds such as Montana’s Charles M. Russell National Wildlife Refuge, Wyoming’s Red Desert, and the Vermillion Basin of Colorado.

Fact: There are numerous Indian tribes that wish to start or augment their own bison herds if only Montana would allow them to be transported.

Fact: Montana’s livestock industry will not lose its brucellosis free status simply because one or two herds are infected.

Fact: There are brucellosis vaccines that are available free of charge to ranchers that can reduce the chances of infection.

Fact: The only way that cattle can become infected with brucellosis is if they consume or lick an aborted bison fetus. This must occur before the bacteria dies or the fetus is consumed by scavengers like ravens, coyotes, and magpies.

Fact: Even if in theory bison cows could abort and transmit the disease to livestock, bison bulls and calves cannot transmit the disease, yet they make up a high percentage of the animals being slaughtered.

Fact: There is simply no scientific or even legitimate rationale for the continued slaughter of this priceless wildlife legacy. The real reason our collective patrimony is being destroyed due to the intransigence of the livestock industry.

Please call or write Governor Bullock and Montana’s Congressional delegation and ask them to work for a solution that treats Yellowstone’s wild bison as the priceless and precious global inheritance they represent.

George Wuerthner is an ecologist who has published 38 books. He divides his time between Bend, Oregon, and Livingston, Montana.

Hundreds of Bison Sent to Slaughter Over Tribes’ Objections

Source: Multiple

Tribal Chairman Floyd Azure said state and federal officials “slapped the Fort Peck tribes in the face” by not using the facility.

Yellowstone National Park on Wednesday started shipping hundreds of wild bison to slaughter for disease control, as a quarantine facility on a Montana Indian reservation that could help spare many of the animals sat empty due to a political dispute.

Fifteen female bison initially slated for quarantine on the Fort Peck Reservation were instead loaded onto trailers near the town of a Gardiner, Montana and sent to slaughter. Hundreds more will be shipped in coming days and weeks, park officials said.

More than 400 bison, also known as buffalo, have been captured this winter attempting to migrate out of the snow-covered park to lower elevations in Montana in search of food. More animals are expected to be captured and shipped to slaughter through March.

Fort Peck’s Assiniboine and Sioux tribes built their quarantine facility to house up to 300 animals in hopes of using it to establish new herds across the U.S with Yellowstone’s genetically pure bison.

Tribal Chairman Floyd Azure said state and federal officials “slapped the Fort Peck tribes in the face” by not using the facility.

“They knew we were building a quarantine facility. A lot of money and time and effort were involved in this and all of a sudden they throw a monkey wrench in it,” Azure said.

Montana livestock officials and federal animal health agents oppose transferring bison to the quarantine site because the animals have not been certified to be free of brucellosis, a disease that can cause animals to abort their young. Ranchers in the state fear bison could transmit the disease to cattle and would pose competition for grazing space on public lands.

No transmissions of the disease from wild bison to cattle have been documented.

The park and state severely limit bison migrations into Montana under a 2000 agreement intended to guard against such transmissions.

The agreement set a population goal of 3,000 bison inside the park.

There were an estimated 5,500 animals at last count. To reduce that number, park officials want to kill up to 1,300 bison this winter through a combination of slaughter and public hunting.

A Democratic lawmaker from Missoula introduced a bill Wednesday to the Montana Legislature to change a law that calls for the state veterinarian to certify bison as brucellosis free before the animals can be transferred to tribes. Rep. Willis Curdy, whose family runs a cattle operation in western Montana’s Bitterroot Valley, said he understands the ranching industry’s worries about brucellosis but thinks the tribes’ wishes deserve fair consideration.

“The state of Montana is continually getting very bad press for its policy in terms of the slaughters,” Curdy said. “We need to make a move in a positive direction, not only for the tribes but also for the bison.”

Hunters in Montana have shot more than 300 bison so far this winter. Meat from slaughtered animals is distributed to American Indian tribes. Many tribes historically relied on bison for food, clothing and other needs until the species was driven to near-extinction during the settlement of the U.S. West in the late 1800s.

Gov. Steve Bullock temporarily halted the park’s slaughter plans last month after Yellowstone Superintendent Dan Wenk said 40 animals once slated for the quarantine would be killed to make room in corrals used to hold migrating bison.

Bullock lifted the ban after the park, state and U.S. Department of Agriculture reached a deal that would spare 25 bull bison for future shipment to Fort Peck, once they undergo a lengthy quarantine at a U.S. Department of Agriculture facility just north of the park in Corwin Springs, Montana. That’s now down to 24 animals after one of the bulls was shot Tuesday when he broke his leg inside the park’s corrals.

To make room for the animals, federal officials will send to slaughter 20 Yellowstone bison that took part in a government research program at Corwin Springs, said Lyndsay Cole, a spokeswoman for the Agriculture Department’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Bullock spokeswoman Ronja Abel said state officials continue to work toward a long-term solution to the issue. She declined to say if that could include future use of Fort Peck’s quarantine.

Yellowstone spokeswoman Morgan Warthin said the park still wants to transfer bison to the tribes’ quarantine and plans future negotiations to make that happen.

“The ultimate goal is to reduce the amount of slaughter as a first step toward conservation,” Warthin said.

Lummis Talks Hate and Bloodshed for American Wild Horses and Burros

Prologue by R.T. Fitch, article by David Louis as published in the Rawlins Daily Times

“Who would have thunk it, Wyoming’s infamous and now deceased “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis is speaking from the grave through her mouthpiece, Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo.  Once a buddy of ole dead Sue, Lummis has now positioned herself to be on a committee that may, or may not, have sway over what happens to our beloved wild equines.  Like her former horse eating buddy, Lummis spews lightly veiled rhetoric on how we must butcher and kill off our protected wild horses and burros to make way for government subsidized, welfare cattle that are privately owned by the ranchers who fund her political aspirations; remember that one slimy hand washes the other.

Below is an unedited article where Lummis is said to boast about “taking aim” at you and me; tax paying Americans who see the big picture and strive towards persevering our public lands for the benefit of generations yet to come.  To coin a much overused phrase I say, “Off with her head!” in hopes of seeing yet another damsel of depravity slip off into the slimy darkness from whence she came.

Evil simply does not learn and keeps repeating itself over and over again while utilizing the same tired and failed methods.  But keep the faith, with your help, truth and honesty shall prevail.” ~ R.T.

Wyoming Congresswoman Mocks Advocates While Recommending Death and Slaughter to Wild Equines

Rep. Cynthia Lummis (WY) channeling "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis' horse hater rhetoric

Rep. Cynthia Lummis (WY) channeling “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ horse hater rhetoric

RAWLINS — As a member on the U.S. House Natural Resources subcommittee for public lands, Rep. Cynthia Lummis, R-Wyo. joined her fellow lawmakers last week taking dead aim at groups who advocate against euthanizing wild horses.

Although the committee realized it was taking on an issue that does not have any easy answers, Lummis stressed that the 1971 Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act is not being followed.

The law requires the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) to remove wild horses from private land, if requested by the landowner, and also allows for their destruction if wild horses held by the agency are not adopted.

However, because of Congressional direction, BLM has not been allowed to slaughter wild horses for several years.

Compounding the issue, since 2012 Congress has required anyone who adopts a wild horse to contractually agree not to resell them for slaughter. The BLM has argued against lifting that restriction.

“This is a terrible problem without a good solution,” Lummis said. “The fact is that the law requires the BLM to maintain range resources in good condition. But this does not square with animal rights activists’ view of wild horses as the superior species on the range.”

According to the Associated Press, BLM Deputy Director Steve Ellis expressed his frustration during last week’s testimony, offering a glimpse of the challenges facing the agency that has been struggling for decades with what is described as a $1 billion problem.

During the at-times emotional hearing, highlights included Nevada’s state veterinarian calling for the roundup and surgical sterilization in every overpopulated herd, followed by a protester who briefly interrupted with shouts denouncing “welfare ranchers” turning public lands into “feedlots.”

“I was surprised that we had an animal rights activist come to the meeting who disrupted it so thoroughly that the Capitol Police had to be called,” Lummis said. “I don’t want to be insensitive, but when people come and testify saying ‘no’ to everything, they are being inflexible, unrealistic and emotional.”

Lummis knows that the question of how to control the wild horse population is a political football and passions run deep; she doubts that common ground will be found.

“I’m not sure we all do want the same thing. People assume and assert if you take all the cattle off the range then everything will be fine. That’s simply not the case,” she said.

“Now BLM is experimenting with castration and neutering, and activists find that unacceptable. The problem I had with the disruptive witness was that she wanted no castration. No neutering. No holding pens. All she wanted was horses released from government corrals and turned back out onto the range.”

During subcommittee testimony, Ellis estimated there were 67,000 wild horses and burros on federal land in 10 states, 2.5 times more than the range can support.

However, government corrals and leased pastures are maxed out, where 47,000 horses nationwide cost taxpayers about $50,000 per head over the course of the animal’s lifetime.

“You can’t give the activists what they want and responsibly manage the land,” Lummis said.

“There are way too many horses on the range to do this, and they are way over objective population numbers. Wild horses double in number every four to seven years and this is completely unsustainable. We don’t do that with elk. We don’t do that with deer, don’t do that with any other wild specie.”

Rep. Tom McClintock, R-Calif., chairman of the House Natural Resources subcommittee on public lands, objected to those who stood staunchly against euthanizing wild horses “and yet seem perfectly willing to watch them succumb to excruciating death by starvation, dehydration and disease.”

“That is the future we condemn these animals to if we don’t intervene now,” the California Republican said.

“I don’t know if there is common ground among us that can be found to create a win-win strategy with every single horse,” Lummis said, “but there have been some successes.”

The first of its kind in the United States, the Deerwood Ranch Wild Horse EcoSanctuary, located 35 miles west of Laramie, is home to a heard of 130 wild horses. Open fields invite long runs and lazy afternoon grazing.

The BLM established the EcoSanctuary project in 2013.

“I would think this type of an arrangement, although expensive for the taxpayers, would be an acceptable alternative, but advocates are opposed to neutering these animals,” Lummis said. “Until this hearing I didn’t realize just how unrealistic and unachievable the activist’s goals are.”

Though no one has come up with a one-size-fits-all solution to managing the wild horse population, and Lummis doubts there ever will be one, there are other alternatives that may include euthanizing animals in government pens, she said.

“I think that humanely euthanizing the animals and disposing of their remains without using them for food is certainly an acceptable alternative,” she said. “I could go either way, but if we can find the ultimate, compassionate, calming process — that’s a better alternative than holding them in pens until they die of old age.”

Many in the top jobs at BLM admit the wild horse program is broken and straining under its own weight.

“The committee understands BLM is between the ultimate rock and hard place,” Lummis said.

“I think this is an impossible situation on a large scale to find a solution that is acceptable for everyone. I suspect BLM is as frustrated as I am. I don’t fault the BLM. They are trying to thread the needle so that they are not beaten to a bloody pulp by people who are against them.”

Click this link to comment directly on the Daily Times:

Infamous Wyoming Equine Terrorist Has Head Up Horse’s Butt, Again

Opening Commentary by R.T. Fitch with followup rebuttal by Vicki Tobin

Never a Grain of Truth to Fall from Wallis’ Bloody Lips

Well America, the scourge of our society and the symbol of all that is wrong with our political system has firmly planted her over inflated head right up the arse of her fictional unwanted horse, again.

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis is spouting words of stupidity and fiction as she has announced to her handful of unenlightened cultists that Ginger Kathrens and all of the rest of us who litigate against BLM injustice are parasites as we are spending U.S. tax dollars via the use of Equal Access to Justice Funds to finance our legal actions.  All I can say is I WISH!  Our suits are brought forward with our OWN personal funds and the kind donations of other tax paying, decent Americans…something Wallis would know nothing about.  Too busy with plans for equine carnage and abuse she bathes herself in the blood of the horses and uses it as a mask while she doles out massive doses of misinformation and blatant lies to her groveling worshipers.  It is enough to sicken the average soul and truly an ugly blemish upon the morale fabric of America.  This reject from a class B horror film is enough to try the patience of Satan himself.

Below is one of Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ many idiotic, public Facebook posts where she spouts off about the “parasites” and rants about issues of which she knows nothing.  Following the tirade of stupidity is a rebuttal from the Equine Welfare Alliance’s VP, Vicki Tobin who, like the rest of mainstream America, has had enough of the Wallis campaign of lies and deceit. Oh, gag alert here as you just won’t believe the lunacy of this abomination:

News Flash to Ginger Katherns, Joe Marvel, and the rest of the parasites using Equal Access to Justice Funds (that is your taxpayer dollars, folks) to sue BLM to drive off tax-paying, hard-working, food producers in favor of inbred feral horses…every one of those cattle and sheep have someone paying to use that grass who owns them, and are providing a much needed product to a hungry world!

The so-called BLM wild horses aren’t doing anything except soaking up a projected $80 MILLION dollars and are not contributing a dime or any other benefit to anybody. Is the Cloud Foundation, Western Watersheds, or the Wild Horse Preservation Fund going to cough up the equivalent of grazing permit fees to pay for the taxpayer’s grass they are using? No? Didn’t think so…

These are radicals who would apparently rather see the horses overpopulate themselves to the point they are all starving to death. Too bad for all of the native wildlife that are going to die miserable agonizing deaths before the horses do.

These groups obviously have zero concern for either the land, the native wildlife, or human beings–the families, the communities, the states and tribes that depend on the land for their livelihoods. What this country could really use is some common sense and some compassion for people…and horses.

Newsflash to Sue Wallis. We don’t want our tax dollars wasted on welfare ranchers so they can run their private businesses on OUR public lands. We don’t want our tax dollars used to butcher horses. We don’t want our tax dollars used to fund your horse butchering plants. We don’t want our tax dollars used to clean up the wastewater wherever you build your plant. We don’t want our property values devalued and lose new business to our communities because of the presence of a horse butchering plant. We don’t want our tax dollars used when you have to litigate to get the plants to pay their fines. We don’t want our tax dollars paying your salary so you can lobby full-time. We don’t want our tax dollars wasted on horse inspections when we need more inspectors for our traditional food sources – or is that the plan to take the focus off the carnage at those plants?

If you are worried about an overpopulation on public lands and you truly care about the land and other wildlife, remove the millions of livestock and you’ll start healing the land and free up hundreds of millions of our taxpayer dollars. Even after the paltry grazing fees, we are still dishing out hundreds of millions on privately owned livestock. Have you forgotten tourism dollars the wild horses bring? If you feel they contribute nothing, why is YOUR state using wild horses in their commercials to bring tourists to Wyoming?

Give us back the 22+ millions of acres that were taken away from the horses. You have placed GAO on a pedestal so why are you ignoring the GAO report that indicated the livestock, not the horses, are ruining the public land?

We don’t want our tax dollars used to administer a farce of a blood test that will NEVER detect bute so you can declare the horses drug free and butcher them.

It ain’t over yet. Horse owners and the horse industry are up in arms. You have awoken a sleeping giant and for that, we thank you. Do you hear the thunder? It’s the hooves of horses stampeding over your lies.

EWA VP Sinks Wyoming Horse Eater’s Rant

Commentary by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of the Equine Welfare Alliance

America is Sick of Wallis Spew

Click (HERE) to Read “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Rant

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Thank you, Horseback Magazine, for not being embarrassed to publish the rantings of Sue Wallis. With your large readership, the horse world can see in print just how desperate and off the deep end Wallis has gone.

Why not go all out: Op Ed: Slaughter Bans Would Increase Horse Suffering,  Kill Jobs, Destroy What’s Left of Equine Businesses and Families, Bring on the Apocalypse, Bring Wall Street to Its Knees, Increase Global Warming, Start World War III, Bring on the Bubonic Plague, A Tsunami and the Doppelgangers, will rise.

Wallis starts her propaganda by completely ignoring that the amount of horses being slaughtered is the same as when the domestic plants were in operation. Perish the thought that common sense would prevail and she would realize that anything that is occurring cannot be attributed to the lack of slaughter. There can be no cause and effect if one of the factors has remained constant.

In her zealous quest to discredit HSUS, she has lied again. We didn’t follow HSUS, they followed us. HSUS did not become involved until AFTER the 1949 law in Texas shut down the plants. Their diligent legal team had the closures escalated and thus began HSUS’ involvement. Wallis is so enamored with Rick Berman [coined Dr. Evil by 60 Minutes] and his HumaneWatch that it has clouded the little bit of judgment she has. When will she realize that constantly attacking HSUS is not going to make Americans embrace horse slaughter? The strategy is old and tired and has run its course. HSUS’ support is as strong as ever.

The opposition to horse slaughter by horse owners, exists with or without HSUS. People are capable of forming their own opinions and don’t need HSUS or anyone to tell them what to support or not support. Unlike her small group of followers, we research and then decide whether to support an initiative. We don’t follow anyone blindly. We have disagreed with HSUS and others on issues and to continue to portray equine advocates as lemmings that aren’t capable of formulating an educated opinion is not only a lie but an insult to the horse community. We are not radical anything and all the name calling and lies won’t diminish what we have accomplished without funding or the knowledge and professionals we bring to the table. EWA is a 501c4 and have yet to ask for or collect one penny. We don’t work for HSUS, they don’t fund us and we don’t have Big Ag and the AQHA lining our pockets and donating to legislators to support our bills.

Wallis does not represent horse owners; she represents a foreign meat industry that she is trying to force down the throats of people that want no part of it. If she gets her way, horse owners will be forced to pay for a national passport system so the owners of 2% of the horse population can dump their horses. She is going to force costly regulations down the throats of the entire horse industry. She is going to bring the pollution, stench and violations of every regulation back to local communities that house the plants. She will take away valuable state and local resources to constantly battle with the plants to get them to follow regulations and then spend tens of thousands in court when they refuse to pay their fines. Who is going to pay for all that? The taxpayers, that’s who.

Wallis makes it sound like she wants to open a spa for horses. But those of us that have had the plants in our communities have experienced firsthand that it is nothing but death and destruction. And dare anyone to fine them or try to shut them down. One court battle after the next until they just about bankrupt the communities. And all because Wallis refuses to address the root cause of excess horses. With the decades of killing horses, isn’t it obvious that slaughter does not control the population but encourages the exact opposite? Why on earth would the abusers change their behaviors when the dumping ground is available for their next batch of culls?

She slams educated legislators that can run circles around her and aligns with legislators that don’t understand the law. If they did, they would understand that the courts have already ruled that fees for inspections is a violation of the federal meat inspection act and yet, she and Lummis, keep trying to slip in amendments that are against the law. She ignores food safety laws by writing her own and hoping nobody will notice. The EU and FDA are strengthening food safety laws, not laxing them.

She complains of “all the horse suffering” and then opposes the very legislation that will end it and calls it ill advised.

Take note that she has no data to back any of her rantings. I for one would like to the data on how she arrived at the conclusion that the legislation is universally opposed by every segment of the horse world. Really? One of the largest exporting countries of horse meat, Canada, has proposed their own legislation to end horse slaughter. Italy, one of the largest importers of horse meat is doing the same. Belgium, another large consumer has seen two major grocers remove and refuse to sell US horse meat. She won’t mention that one because it would require her to discuss food safety.

BTW, if there is such overwhelming support, why don’t slaughter proponents let the legislation go to the floor for a vote? Instead, they stall and block them every session. The latest stall tactic was the call for the GAO report that took well over one year to produce and resulted in a report with no data, conflicting recommendations and pages full of anecdotal comments, gossip and conversations that were used to form opinions. How much did that farce of a report cost the American taxpayers?

Only Wallis would praise the abysmal record of regulation enforcement. The transport issues alone put that comment in the “say what?” category. Only Wallis would continue to declare undercover videos fake that were authenticated by the Canadian government. Only Wallis would continue to repeat over and over again that horses are livestock but fail to mention that calling them livestock does not make them food animals. Only Wallis continues to completely ignore food safety and that the meat she wants to feed foreign consumers would be banned for sale by the FDA in the U.S. Only Wallis would exploit Native Americans and try to portray their support as if it represents the Native American population in general when the “Tribes” that support her are a minute percentage of the Native American population.

She doesn’t understand that the horse industry does not produce meat. The horse industry is involved in activities that require live horses. The live horses bring $39 billion in revenue compared to 3 cents on every $100 earned from horse slaughter. Horse slaughter is no more than a rounding error on the horse industry’s balance sheet.

Almost every business in the US has had to downsize. Thousands upon thousands of businesses have shuttered their doors or are a mere shadow of their former market share. None of this has anything to do with the plants closing. The economy tanked after the plants closed and to think that the worst financial crises in US history since the Great Depression wouldn’t impact the horse industry is beyond stupid.

Killing horses is not going to put money in the pockets of consumers so they can afford to buy and care for horses. Killing horses isn’t going to bring American jobs back and would restore only the 30 or so jobs that were held by American citizens between the three plants.

And in case she has forgotten, slaughter is for food production. It is not the place to send excess or unwanted animals of any species. Regulations require that the animal be raised and regulated as a food animal. She refuses to acknowledge the recent EU report that revealed residues of banned substances in US horses and that each horse had falsified paperwork stating the horse was drug free.

She claims pro-horse groups trying to help horses are begging for money but when she constantly begs, it’s not begging. What happened to her Horse Act of 2009? She said she was going to build a plant in Cheyenne, then a mobile plant, then it was in Platte and now it’s in 5 states. She’s a moving target with frequent organization name changes – United Orgs of the Horse with a donate button that went to United Horsemen’s Front so a deduction that shouldn’t have been deductible, became deductible. It was a mutual benefit then a 501c3 that lobbies full time. And then UHF changed to United Horsemen and was in Oregon but then was moving to Wyoming. First she was going to feed the toxic meat to children and prisoners in WY, then she was going to slaughter for zoos and now, multi species. John Holland, at no charge, advised her two years ago that a plant could not be financially supported for zoos and finally the light bulb came on and she says it doesn’t “pencil.”  How much did it cost her taxpayers for that study?

She’s making everyone dizzy.

Equine Advocate Proves Horse Hating Wyoming Politician to be Inept

“Slaughterhouse” Sue’s Public Meltdown Continues

The Scourge of Wyoming, Sue Wallis

Running in fear of the newly introduced “American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011” the cruel and misguided Wyoming state Rep. Sue Wallis has unleashed a weekend full of internet misinformation and out-and-out lies.  As she sees the bloody yet limited profits of predatory horse slaughter ooze between her twisted, pudgy fingers she has flailed out with a continuous stream of twisted propaganda that has run head-on into an educated brickwall…that brickwall being one, John Holland, president of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Holland publicly responded to one of her multiple emails, that were published on Horseback Magazine and inserted below, with clear qualified facts.  With an eloquent pen John has proven that Sue Wallis not ony has shot herself in the foot, again, but she has reloaded the gun and continued to fire.  Please enjoy John Holland’s response, below, and be sure to visit Horseback Magazine by clicking (HERE).But before I leave you to enjoy the rebuttal, I have just one lingering question that is still nagging at me; why is it that a New York politician named Weiner showed his namesake and is asked to quit while a Wyoming state political worm shows her  rearend and she is still in office.  Both of the above offences conjure up ugly images but the later does it on a daily basis…what gives?’ ~ R.T.  

“We specifically addressed the information in the EU Technical Document below because it was being cited as “proof” that horse meat is inherently unsafe, when in fact the report shows nothing of the sort. It shows that horse meat has zero incidence of prohibited drugs, and very low incidence of samples of higher than acceptable levels of non-prohibited drugs. Other species such as sheep and goats processed in Europe showed twice as many non-compliant samples as horse meat. Here are links and documents regarding the incidence of drug residues in meat prepared by the governments of both Canada and Mexico, as well as links to U.S. government information in regards to preventing drug residues in meat generally, but which, of course has not included horse meat since 2007

Fact sheet on Food Safety and Drug Residues from Utah State University

United States Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank

Latest Canadian government reports available at International Food Safety Network

Latest European Union Audit of Mexican Horse Processing Facilities

Comment by John Holland:

In reading the links cited by Ms. Wallis, I must come to one of the following conclusions; either she does not read the links she provides, or she thinks we will not read them, or she does not understand what she reads. It is of course possible that all three are true.

Her first link is to a two page article by an extension agent claiming there has been no known negative health effect from drug residues in US meat. This may or may not be true, but it has absolutely nothing to do whatever with American horse meat. Neither the word “equine” nor “horse” appear in the article and the meat it describes is that consumed in the US. It truly looks more like a puff piece for the promotion of US meat products than any kind of study. 

Her second link is a resource page for producers concerning forbidden drugs and the withdrawal periods for permitted drugs. Interestingly, it lists two of the more popular horse medications (phenylbutazone and clenbuterol) on the forbidden page. It contains no statistics or information that would confirm Sue’s point on the safety of US horse meat. 

The third link is to a dead site titled “Residue control in Canada: Report on the surveillance of antibiotic and hormone residues in meat”. It has a banner at the top saying it is no longer being updated, and it is about antibiotics and growth hormones used to increase production in meat animals, only two of the many dangerous types of drugs. Moreover the linked page has no mention of horse meat and there are not any statistics. 

The fourth link is a report on an EU mission to Mexico in 2008. The report contains references to significant drug residues found in horse meat! It goes on to criticize the entire Mexican system, and talks about the fact that new protocols are being implemented. In other words, the report disproves Sue’s claims and is not the most recent one. 

The correct report is Ref. Ares(2011)398056 – 11/04/2011 (April 11, 2011). It covers a mission that took place between 22 November and 3 December of 2010. This is the report that most advocates have been pointing to. Unlike the report Sue cited above, this report is entirely about horse meat. The report discusses the voluntary certification system that Mexico is now using to document drug histories. 

This system is similar to the Canadian EID document except microchips are placed in the horses before they cross the border (nobody really understands what purpose they serve at that point, since the horse’s history is completely unknown). 

Contrary to Sue’s allegations, the new report found 19 sampled horses in 2008 and 9 in 2009 were positive for prohibited substances. It does not say how many samples were taken. All of the horses were accompanied by sworn statements that they had not been given prohibited substances. 

One has to wonder how Ms. Wallis can scream what liars “animal rights activists” are and then provide links showing either nothing or that she is the one who is the liar. 

Battle to De-Fund U.S. Horse Slaughter is Not Over

(In My Most Outraged Opinion) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis Conjures Up the Dark Force

Congressman James Moran, D-VA, a great American humanitarian and compassionate forward thinker

American horses won a brief victory this past week when the Congressional Appropriations Committee voted “Yes” to an amendment, authored by Congressman James Moran of Virginia, that would ensure  $5 million of hard earned tax dollars would not be spent on federal inspections of, currently, non-existent horse slaughter plants.  That language had been in the Agriculture Appropriations bill since 2006 but thanks to some under-handed, back door politicking it was deliberately left out, this time.

Below is a listing of those fine Americans who voted “YES” for the horses and those who voted “NO” and have no moral compass or interest in being reelected:

James Moran, D-Va. – Amendment that would bar the use of funds to pay the salaries for federal employees to inspect horses at U.S. meatpacking houses.

Adopted 24-21: R 8-20; D 16-1; I 0-0; May 31, 2011.

YEAS (24)

Republicans (8)
Calvert (Calif.) Crenshaw (Fla.) Dent (Pa.)
Diaz-Balart (Fla.) Frelinghuysen (N.J.) LaTourette (Ohio)
Wolf (Va.) Young, C.W. (Fla.)
Democrats (16)
Bishop, S. (Ga.) DeLauro (Conn.) Dicks (Wash.)
Farr (Calif.) Jackson, J. (Ill.) Kaptur (Ohio)
Lee (Calif.) Lowey (N.Y.) McCollum (Minn.)
Moran, James (Va.) Olver (Mass.) Rothman (N.J.)
Roybal-Allard (Calif.) Schiff (Calif.) Serrano (N.Y.)
Visclosky (Ind.)

NAYS (21)

Republicans (20)
Alexander, R. (La.) Austria (Ohio) Bonner (Ala.)
Carter (Texas) Cole (Okla.) Culberson (Texas)
Emerson (Mo.) Flake (Ariz.) Granger (Texas)
Graves, T. (Ga.) Kingston (Ga.) Latham (Iowa)
Lewis, Jerry (Calif.) Lummis (Wyo.) Nunnelee (Miss.)
Rehberg (Mont.) Rogers, H. (Ky.) Simpson (Idaho)
Womack (Ark.) Yoder (Kan.)
Democrats (1)
Honda (Calif.)


Republicans (1)
Aderholt (Ala.) ?
Democrats (4)
Fattah (Pa.) ? Hinchey (N.Y.) ? Pastor (Ariz.) ?
Price, D. (N.C.) ?

"Snort, Slaughterhouse say Horse Meat taste good and good for complexion too, ha, snort, drool, sniffle, snort"

Now this is not a done deal for the American horse; the Bill comes up for the vote of the entire house on June 15th, along with this amendment, and renegade Wyoming State Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis, the Queen of bloody horse slaughter, is calling up the dredges and dark demons of hell to launch a phone calling campaign to kill the horses.

At the time of this writing you can Google “Horse Slaughter”  and bring up no less than 572 articles on how this vote was such a good and positive thing.  But then enter the evil Princess of Deception, never flinching as she lies and fabricates psychotic delusions.  Below is a brief excerpt from her most recent prayer to the devil that she chants as she hands her followers a cup of horse blood laced Kool-Aid:

Speak from compassion for horses, and let them know that a quick and painless death in a processing plant is far more humane and preferable to other fates. Let them know that the animal rights activists have betrayed us all. They are making money off of the misery of horses and people. For instance, HSUS, perhaps the worst of the factory fundraisers, spends less than 1/2 of 1% of their millions to help a single dog or cat, let alone a horse.

HSUS and other animal rights organizations are solely responsible for creating a huge problem by eliminating a humane and ethical outlet for excess unwanted, unusable horses, and are leaving horse people to solve the problems that they have created.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch… it is the horses and the people who love them who are suffering. Those of us who hoped to raise our children and grandchildren in a horseback culture, who have been displaced by the devastation wrought upon an entire sector of animal agriculture, are left with nothing but the prospect of continued misery…and the ultimate disappearance of a cherished way of Life.”

Ohhhhhh…makes your blood run cold; such delusional tripe should be fodder for a one way ticket to the loony bin but instead, she continues to vomit accusatory bile from her computer.  It turns one stomach.

So it’s time to warm up the phone and the fax, once again, and thank the kind individuals who voted for the horses, compassion, dignity and the American way.  And let your local Congressional representative know how you feel, you can find them here and here

The goodness of the American heart shone brightly earlier this past week it’s time to keep that warm glow going and counter the smelly, blood red slime that oozes out of Sue Wallis’ mouth and keyboard.

“Hey Suzy, Honey…I will be sure to send you a copy of that big fat check I receive for being a caring American and equine advocate you dim-witted dope.  Better yet, I will have our broker forward to you the listing of equities that we have sold off over the past year to fund our advocacy you idiotic demon. It’s always a mystery to me how a loving God could produce something as evil and inhumane as yourself.  Be gone, evil Princess, the bright light of honesty will drive you out, be gone!”

Let the Trouncing of the Truth Begin

(The News as We See It) by R.T.
~ Author/Director
of HfH Advisory

Attendance and Truth Lacking at the “Scummit of Horse

under investigation for fraud and ethics vilolations Wyoming State
Rep. Sue
and her dubious appendage Dave
kicked off their rip roaring
last night to an un-packed room of a several dozen people.
Empty chairs were the theme of the evening as Wallis and Duquette
stumbled through introductions of non-present people while waiting
for their much heralded master of
Trent Loos, known for cattle
rustling and stalking, to appear out of LaLa Land. Early on Wallis
made the mistake of turning the microphone over to Duquette who
struggled to form properly structured sentences without using any
profanity. “It’s a whole lot easier to email, ain’t it?” The
entire sinking of their bloody ship can be seen by clicking (HERE) but
we sincerely do not want to disgrace or speak poorly of any
attendees who do not really know who Wallis and Duquette are and
what their current agenda is. For those, we are sorry and
perhaps the lack of professionalism and total avoidance of truth
and logic will come forth in this meeting of the mentally
challenged. Remember, it is not “Wax on, Wax off”, in Walrus World
it is “Lies in, Truth out!”

New Year’s Day Horse Eater Attack Backfires

(The News as We See It) by R.T. Fitch ~ Author/Director of HfH Advisory Council

“It’s a New Year and the Gloves are OFF!”

Made Famous by "Slaughterhouse" Sue Wallis and Dave "Doink" Duquette

True to form and working along their “assbackward” philosophy “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis and Dave “Doink” Duquette’s trumped up Native American complaint on Madeleine Pickens Rose Parade float totally blew up in their faces with the net result of garnering the Wild Mustang float an easy 10 times the publicity that it would have received if they simply would have stayed beneath that slimy rock that they live under.

John Holland eloquently portrayed their ability to not only shoot themselves in the foot in his recent editorial but they actually manage to line themselves up against a wall and blow each other’s heads off with a firing squad, the stupidity displayed is stunning.

The lunacy of dragging this bogus tribal coalition, who Duquette can’t even name the tribes involved, and then write a phony press release on how their nonexistent sensibilities were offended while RFD-TV had a GIANT native American float, right next door, that won a stunning prize and get this, there where native Americans on the float, around the float and supporting the float.  How stupid can you be?!?

I have to hand it to the two Turds, though, they were getting pretty good at having someone else write their press releases of lies, innuendo and junk science to a point that most average people actually thought that some of the rants could be plausible, until they did the math and saw the truth.  But this latest heap of reeking desperation shows that they are terrified of the total failure that their upcoming “Slaughterfest” will become.  Just imagine, three days of hanging out at a one sided horse slaughter convention hosted by a convicted cattle rustler and stalker with guest speakers like one who has actually plead to a conviction of chasing wild horses by helicopter and then selling them off to slaughter.  Throw Dave Cattoor’s boss in the mix, the current Director of the BLM Bob Abbey and with Walrus and Doink on board you have an entire roomful of losers simply talking at each other.  Doesn’t that just warm you all the way down to your itty bitty toes?

One thing the New Year’s “Mooning” by Slaughterhouse and Doink did do was draw attention away from a news article from Cheyenne Wyoming that basically called their elected state Rep. Sue Walrus a lying piece of crap, again.  Ole Sue has been touting how she was going to build here stinking, bloody slaughterhouse in Cheyenne Wyoming and even in the face of earlier rebukes she held to her feeble story and plans but this new article says, in her own twisted words, that it ain’t gonna happen, sweet heart.

Of course, Walrus blubbers something about “I didn’t really mean that” and changes her story, again, and her tune, again, and then dances off in another direction while high on Bute from her last Horsey Hamhock searching for a defense against her fraud and ethics charges.

So a big hats off to the blundering duo of deceit and lies; thanks for the memories as without your ill-conceived and asinine attack on the Mustang Float many people would have missed it’s grandeur altogether.

Hey, bet you guys just salivated over those 22 equestrian groups in the parade too…didn’t ya, huh?  Lip smacken good stuff for ya.

In reality, the only thing that you ended up eating on New Year’s came from the horses back end and today, just like every other day, you are simply full of it.

Don’t forget to wipe your chins, you losers.