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EWA VP Sinks Wyoming Horse Eater’s Rant

Commentary by Vicki Tobin ~ VP of the Equine Welfare Alliance

America is Sick of Wallis Spew

Click (HERE) to Read “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis’ Rant

CHICAGO, (EWA) – Thank you, Horseback Magazine, for not being embarrassed to publish the rantings of Sue Wallis. With your large readership, the horse world can see in print just how desperate and off the deep end Wallis has gone.

Why not go all out: Op Ed: Slaughter Bans Would Increase Horse Suffering,  Kill Jobs, Destroy What’s Left of Equine Businesses and Families, Bring on the Apocalypse, Bring Wall Street to Its Knees, Increase Global Warming, Start World War III, Bring on the Bubonic Plague, A Tsunami and the Doppelgangers, will rise.

Wallis starts her propaganda by completely ignoring that the amount of horses being slaughtered is the same as when the domestic plants were in operation. Perish the thought that common sense would prevail and she would realize that anything that is occurring cannot be attributed to the lack of slaughter. There can be no cause and effect if one of the factors has remained constant.

In her zealous quest to discredit HSUS, she has lied again. We didn’t follow HSUS, they followed us. HSUS did not become involved until AFTER the 1949 law in Texas shut down the plants. Their diligent legal team had the closures escalated and thus began HSUS’ involvement. Wallis is so enamored with Rick Berman [coined Dr. Evil by 60 Minutes] and his HumaneWatch that it has clouded the little bit of judgment she has. When will she realize that constantly attacking HSUS is not going to make Americans embrace horse slaughter? The strategy is old and tired and has run its course. HSUS’ support is as strong as ever.

The opposition to horse slaughter by horse owners, exists with or without HSUS. People are capable of forming their own opinions and don’t need HSUS or anyone to tell them what to support or not support. Unlike her small group of followers, we research and then decide whether to support an initiative. We don’t follow anyone blindly. We have disagreed with HSUS and others on issues and to continue to portray equine advocates as lemmings that aren’t capable of formulating an educated opinion is not only a lie but an insult to the horse community. We are not radical anything and all the name calling and lies won’t diminish what we have accomplished without funding or the knowledge and professionals we bring to the table. EWA is a 501c4 and have yet to ask for or collect one penny. We don’t work for HSUS, they don’t fund us and we don’t have Big Ag and the AQHA lining our pockets and donating to legislators to support our bills.

Wallis does not represent horse owners; she represents a foreign meat industry that she is trying to force down the throats of people that want no part of it. If she gets her way, horse owners will be forced to pay for a national passport system so the owners of 2% of the horse population can dump their horses. She is going to force costly regulations down the throats of the entire horse industry. She is going to bring the pollution, stench and violations of every regulation back to local communities that house the plants. She will take away valuable state and local resources to constantly battle with the plants to get them to follow regulations and then spend tens of thousands in court when they refuse to pay their fines. Who is going to pay for all that? The taxpayers, that’s who.

Wallis makes it sound like she wants to open a spa for horses. But those of us that have had the plants in our communities have experienced firsthand that it is nothing but death and destruction. And dare anyone to fine them or try to shut them down. One court battle after the next until they just about bankrupt the communities. And all because Wallis refuses to address the root cause of excess horses. With the decades of killing horses, isn’t it obvious that slaughter does not control the population but encourages the exact opposite? Why on earth would the abusers change their behaviors when the dumping ground is available for their next batch of culls?

She slams educated legislators that can run circles around her and aligns with legislators that don’t understand the law. If they did, they would understand that the courts have already ruled that fees for inspections is a violation of the federal meat inspection act and yet, she and Lummis, keep trying to slip in amendments that are against the law. She ignores food safety laws by writing her own and hoping nobody will notice. The EU and FDA are strengthening food safety laws, not laxing them.

She complains of “all the horse suffering” and then opposes the very legislation that will end it and calls it ill advised.

Take note that she has no data to back any of her rantings. I for one would like to the data on how she arrived at the conclusion that the legislation is universally opposed by every segment of the horse world. Really? One of the largest exporting countries of horse meat, Canada, has proposed their own legislation to end horse slaughter. Italy, one of the largest importers of horse meat is doing the same. Belgium, another large consumer has seen two major grocers remove and refuse to sell US horse meat. She won’t mention that one because it would require her to discuss food safety.

BTW, if there is such overwhelming support, why don’t slaughter proponents let the legislation go to the floor for a vote? Instead, they stall and block them every session. The latest stall tactic was the call for the GAO report that took well over one year to produce and resulted in a report with no data, conflicting recommendations and pages full of anecdotal comments, gossip and conversations that were used to form opinions. How much did that farce of a report cost the American taxpayers?

Only Wallis would praise the abysmal record of regulation enforcement. The transport issues alone put that comment in the “say what?” category. Only Wallis would continue to declare undercover videos fake that were authenticated by the Canadian government. Only Wallis would continue to repeat over and over again that horses are livestock but fail to mention that calling them livestock does not make them food animals. Only Wallis continues to completely ignore food safety and that the meat she wants to feed foreign consumers would be banned for sale by the FDA in the U.S. Only Wallis would exploit Native Americans and try to portray their support as if it represents the Native American population in general when the “Tribes” that support her are a minute percentage of the Native American population.

She doesn’t understand that the horse industry does not produce meat. The horse industry is involved in activities that require live horses. The live horses bring $39 billion in revenue compared to 3 cents on every $100 earned from horse slaughter. Horse slaughter is no more than a rounding error on the horse industry’s balance sheet.

Almost every business in the US has had to downsize. Thousands upon thousands of businesses have shuttered their doors or are a mere shadow of their former market share. None of this has anything to do with the plants closing. The economy tanked after the plants closed and to think that the worst financial crises in US history since the Great Depression wouldn’t impact the horse industry is beyond stupid.

Killing horses is not going to put money in the pockets of consumers so they can afford to buy and care for horses. Killing horses isn’t going to bring American jobs back and would restore only the 30 or so jobs that were held by American citizens between the three plants.

And in case she has forgotten, slaughter is for food production. It is not the place to send excess or unwanted animals of any species. Regulations require that the animal be raised and regulated as a food animal. She refuses to acknowledge the recent EU report that revealed residues of banned substances in US horses and that each horse had falsified paperwork stating the horse was drug free.

She claims pro-horse groups trying to help horses are begging for money but when she constantly begs, it’s not begging. What happened to her Horse Act of 2009? She said she was going to build a plant in Cheyenne, then a mobile plant, then it was in Platte and now it’s in 5 states. She’s a moving target with frequent organization name changes – United Orgs of the Horse with a donate button that went to United Horsemen’s Front so a deduction that shouldn’t have been deductible, became deductible. It was a mutual benefit then a 501c3 that lobbies full time. And then UHF changed to United Horsemen and was in Oregon but then was moving to Wyoming. First she was going to feed the toxic meat to children and prisoners in WY, then she was going to slaughter for zoos and now, multi species. John Holland, at no charge, advised her two years ago that a plant could not be financially supported for zoos and finally the light bulb came on and she says it doesn’t “pencil.”  How much did it cost her taxpayers for that study?

She’s making everyone dizzy.

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      • Folks, even the Wizard has his limits…

        Sue gets away with what she does because her supporters don’t NEED her to make sense. They want to believe what they want to believe because it’s convenient for them. The last thing they want is facts that might give them a headache.


      • Diana…like minds think alike. 😉 I was going to add to my post….”and the courage to recognize when one is wrong AND change their behavior/mind.”…but I’m glad people here understand the “Wizard of Oz” references thread.


    • Shari..yours was the first comment I read and it make me chuckle out loud ! ! ! So concise, so true and the best of all is that it is so freaking funny. Says it all in 6 short words…Touche!


  1. Terrific article, Vicki ! No wonder she’s making everyone dizzy–she’s nothing but a dizzy dame. I also think she must be a pathological liar.


  2. Dealing with Sue Wallis costs precious time and money that would be better used helping the horses. She hates horses and is disturbed. Is she still an elected official? Her behavior and ideas should be reason for her to lose her job.


  3. Its obvious she is another one without a brain cell working. Illinois went all through that and we closed the plant down. I have done a lot of research since I took part in Cavel’s closing. There is nothing good about horse meat and most or all zoos won’t touch it. Again, the Europeans have taken a very strong stand and will not purchase it. I have friends that live in Italy and it was made out to be the delicacy until many people came down with different types of cancer. The community no longer purchases that or wants that available for purchase. Again, as we all know our horses are not breed to be a food source, but a companion animal which we have many avenues to participate in. Excellent article..I think many of our Legislators in Washington are finally getting it. Both of my Senators are on the sponsor list for the new bill. Check your Legislators to see where they are in relationship to the new bill. If they aren’t aboard,, go to your district office with a supporting letter. Talk with the assistants in the district offices. Most are happy that you are there and have time to talk with you. This not only up dates your Legislators, but those in the office who in many case may pass the information on to their freinds and family. Again, great article.


    • Louie,

      The issue here is “discretionary” anything at DOI/DOA (USDA).

      Discretion is what is raping our lands of the wild ones because of the wording of the original 1971 Act (which ASSUMED agencies would act appropriately for the equines). The population required was never SET by the Act; discretion allows DOI/DOA to remove equines because of “conditions” AND herd counts WITHOUT independent census or science input, didn’t require maintaining the 1971 HMAs, etc.

      The callers should say, “Not one more dime for specific appropriations for removals until the issue of the 40k in holding and nonvalidated DOI/DOA scientific procedure is resolved equitably and legitimately by the scientific community subject to non agency selection of panels; to include the Secretary’s Interior and Agriculture discretionary funds (catchall) shall not be used for wild equine removal except for bringing foodstuffs, water (where fenced off) and medical treatment for on range equines injured by human interference.”


  4. Denise, I think we have to make it pretty short and sweet when we call. I’m not sure it gets through otherwise. They take your message and your location and count the calls. Then follow up with email and/or fax.


    • Louie, thank you for your reply and I don’t disagree………….BUT! This “tweet nation” CR*P has got to have limits. In all honesty…many reps have stopped replying to their constituents all together and some are screening (aka charging) folks in their districts to townhall meetings/group sessions or NOT holding them at ALL???!??? They AIN’T playin’ fair! And some issues requires an attention span beyond 1 minute.

      This is some bad Ju-ju going on here in this Nation. I agree that brevity and fact are paramount. But these idiots are making excuses for ignoring everyone save special interest….beside, I thought my points on call were concise and direct to the issue of “discretion” and funding. If you disagree…please advise as to phone comment (and yes, based on my points above)…have at it.

      I’ve talked to my reps staffers and they either want voicemail, don’t answer or are snidely recalcitrant regarding taking your (my) comments because they already KNOW WHERE THE MONEY IS on an issue (especially if you press them on an official position) because they can’t, won’t or simply, don’t know squat about the issue!

      I’m starting to get really peeved at the “staffers” (aka next gen special interest sycophants) of Congress (the gatekeepers)…..p.s. when you call your rep/sen…ask who’s the AG staffer and see what happens.


  5. Excellent article, Vickie.

    Someone with money and power, but who does not want to lose public face, is behind Sue Wallis.

    What is that quote from Shakespeare about the sound and the fury and a tale that could only be told by an idiot?


    • “Want, desire, greed and self-aggrandizement?”….just philosophizing. I don’t know Shakespeare’s passage you are trying to quote; more importantly I don’t think the killers like SS could care less either way…frankly, many have NEVER read him or could spell his name with “spell check”.

      However, what bothers me is the “authorities” maintaining law and order (supposedly) can’t care less, either!

      p.s. but we do have them on the run (perfect metaphor) and have their attention.


  6. I remember reading “The Sound and the Fury” by William Faulkner in high school. On Wikipedia I found an explanation of the novel’s title. It’s taken from Macbeth’s soliloquy in act 5, scene 5, of William Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth:

    “Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow,
    Creeps in this petty pace from day to day
    To the last syllable of recorded time,
    And all our yesterdays have lighted fools
    The way to dusty death. Out, out, brief candle!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor player
    That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
    And then is heard no more: it is a tale
    Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
    Signifying nothing.”

    Maybe SS’s mind is addled because she’s been eating too much drug-riddled horse flesh, shipped to her by her Belgian butcher buddies in exchange for her agreeing to lie on their behalf.


    • She rarely eats it (1x annotated…some Canada trip or BBQ in the States BS)….but she peddles it.

      While she is a poet (self considered and amateur), I suspect she is a “literary envious” (yeah, there are posters and advocates here that know the terminology better than I). While we trek the through the precious words of Baum (however simple), Shakespeare, Faulkner, etc…this human wouldn’t recognize irony, drama, morality plays (going back to the Greeks… Aeschylus?) if it was shoved up her nose………….unless, of course it had BBQ sauce on it . But then we would be talking menus, not morality.


  7. Denise, apologies for getting off (the horse and burro) track here, but I learned recently that L. Frank Baum’s “simple” words in The Wizard of Oz were actually a strong message urging reform of the banking system of his day (circa 1900). You’ll find the meaning explained here:

    And it’s analyzed in even more depth (and applied to our nation’s current woes) here:


    • That was my …”and a heart…” reference.

      It’s simplicity is priceless…and he (Baum) died pretty much broke. That we can discuss it on a thread to abolish abuse of our domestic and wild equines (and all ugly) is beyond the proverbial “priceless” catch phrase for Madison Avenue hacks and the Berme(a)n machine representing tobacco, asbestos, bad food, and cr*p politicians .

      We “get” the beauty of ALL life and it’s gifts. We don’t deny death will come to all (God,god or no god). What we here demand is why, where and when, especially when it is put in the hands of the kind of “folks” like BLM, Forestry, etc. playing God/god without natural science/data.

      Yes, BlessUsALL…Mr. Baum was a Depression baby with the same message pushed from the dawn of time…”intellect, compassion and the courage to do what needs to be done.” In the end…all is within ALL of us. We just have to believe in ourselves, each other and forgive when appropriate.


  8. Denise, I don’t disagree, at all. Is the discretionary clause something that can be changed right away or will that entail yet another act of Congress? I’m here to learn.


    • The heavy duty warriors can answer that better than I.

      As everyone is converging on DC…may take some time.

      Ms Leigh and RT brought up the “discretionary” aspect of the 1971 Act and I’m not sure about the Burn’s Amendment feces that amended the original Act.

      They both brought it up as part of the problem with pop counts, science, cases, “starving”/”overpopulated”, etc.

      Frankly…I firmly believe the Department of Justice has been twisting the interpretation of the Act to facilitate the equine/resource rape consortium from day one the Act was signed. This was about shutting up Annie and the “little chillins” about wild equines.


  9. Vicki- Thank you for finally calling a spade a spade. Those twisted ramblings of hers pretty much convince me there must also be a link between bute and brain damage. I am a member of the horse industry and NOTHING that woman says represents my viewpoints. Thank you for calling her out. She and her cohorts deserve nothing less than total exposure.


    • Me, too. Kudos for your dragon-slaying rebuttal, Vicki. Here’s wishing you a successful conference. I hope it leads to a new dawn for our equines — the end of their slaughter and the start of serious, unchangeable protections for the wild ones.


  10. I am so tired of Sue and her delusions of grandeur and wealth. She garners < 0 respect from me I have now qualms about sharing this hilarious poem from a wonderfully talented advocate and friend of mine….She was showing a few of us that she is a far better poet than Sue is…and she's right ! !

    A Poem about Sue Wallis

    There once was a girl from Wyoming

    Who out on the range would go roaming

    Till she out grew her horse,

    (She'd kill him of course,)

    Cause he wasn't worth the re-homing.

    Now Suzie kills horses to eat.

    She says that their meat can't be beat.

    But she's out of touch,

    Cause she eats too much,

    Of her specialized poisonous treat.

    Well Suzie is still getting bigger.

    And she's got quite a hair tirgger.

    Just ask Simone

    Sue 'bout broke her bone.

    In public no less…well go figure.

    She's got a job as a law maker.

    She thinks she's a mover and shaker.

    She thinks she's big stuff

    And she's big enough

    That some folks don't know how to take her.

    She's a woman you can't help but hate.

    And some wish her a terrible fate.

    Heck we built a whole page,

    To let out our rage,

    Cause she makes us so dog-gonned irate.




  11. Well said Vicki, it is exactly how the majority of horse owners across this Nation feel!! Now to get the general public to read this, research & understand what is being done. That is the job we have a head of us. We need public outcry from every corner of this Nation to stop BLM & the slaughter of our horses. One lady on here said there’s no connection. But as long as slaughter is allowed there will be a connection. Our mustangs are being slipped into the slaughter pipeline. No horse of our Nation should know this horrific cruelty! May God be with us in our battle a head and may we know true victory over the evil that has prevailed upon our American Heritage!


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