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Equine Advocate Proves Horse Hating Wyoming Politician to be Inept

“Slaughterhouse” Sue’s Public Meltdown Continues

The Scourge of Wyoming, Sue Wallis

Running in fear of the newly introduced “American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act of 2011” the cruel and misguided Wyoming state Rep. Sue Wallis has unleashed a weekend full of internet misinformation and out-and-out lies.  As she sees the bloody yet limited profits of predatory horse slaughter ooze between her twisted, pudgy fingers she has flailed out with a continuous stream of twisted propaganda that has run head-on into an educated brickwall…that brickwall being one, John Holland, president of the Equine Welfare Alliance

Holland publicly responded to one of her multiple emails, that were published on Horseback Magazine and inserted below, with clear qualified facts.  With an eloquent pen John has proven that Sue Wallis not ony has shot herself in the foot, again, but she has reloaded the gun and continued to fire.  Please enjoy John Holland’s response, below, and be sure to visit Horseback Magazine by clicking (HERE).But before I leave you to enjoy the rebuttal, I have just one lingering question that is still nagging at me; why is it that a New York politician named Weiner showed his namesake and is asked to quit while a Wyoming state political worm shows her  rearend and she is still in office.  Both of the above offences conjure up ugly images but the later does it on a daily basis…what gives?’ ~ R.T.  

“We specifically addressed the information in the EU Technical Document below because it was being cited as “proof” that horse meat is inherently unsafe, when in fact the report shows nothing of the sort. It shows that horse meat has zero incidence of prohibited drugs, and very low incidence of samples of higher than acceptable levels of non-prohibited drugs. Other species such as sheep and goats processed in Europe showed twice as many non-compliant samples as horse meat. Here are links and documents regarding the incidence of drug residues in meat prepared by the governments of both Canada and Mexico, as well as links to U.S. government information in regards to preventing drug residues in meat generally, but which, of course has not included horse meat since 2007

Fact sheet on Food Safety and Drug Residues from Utah State University

United States Food Animal Residue Avoidance Databank

Latest Canadian government reports available at International Food Safety Network

Latest European Union Audit of Mexican Horse Processing Facilities

Comment by John Holland:

In reading the links cited by Ms. Wallis, I must come to one of the following conclusions; either she does not read the links she provides, or she thinks we will not read them, or she does not understand what she reads. It is of course possible that all three are true.

Her first link is to a two page article by an extension agent claiming there has been no known negative health effect from drug residues in US meat. This may or may not be true, but it has absolutely nothing to do whatever with American horse meat. Neither the word “equine” nor “horse” appear in the article and the meat it describes is that consumed in the US. It truly looks more like a puff piece for the promotion of US meat products than any kind of study. 

Her second link is a resource page for producers concerning forbidden drugs and the withdrawal periods for permitted drugs. Interestingly, it lists two of the more popular horse medications (phenylbutazone and clenbuterol) on the forbidden page. It contains no statistics or information that would confirm Sue’s point on the safety of US horse meat. 

The third link is to a dead site titled “Residue control in Canada: Report on the surveillance of antibiotic and hormone residues in meat”. It has a banner at the top saying it is no longer being updated, and it is about antibiotics and growth hormones used to increase production in meat animals, only two of the many dangerous types of drugs. Moreover the linked page has no mention of horse meat and there are not any statistics. 

The fourth link is a report on an EU mission to Mexico in 2008. The report contains references to significant drug residues found in horse meat! It goes on to criticize the entire Mexican system, and talks about the fact that new protocols are being implemented. In other words, the report disproves Sue’s claims and is not the most recent one. 

The correct report is Ref. Ares(2011)398056 – 11/04/2011 (April 11, 2011). It covers a mission that took place between 22 November and 3 December of 2010. This is the report that most advocates have been pointing to. Unlike the report Sue cited above, this report is entirely about horse meat. The report discusses the voluntary certification system that Mexico is now using to document drug histories. 

This system is similar to the Canadian EID document except microchips are placed in the horses before they cross the border (nobody really understands what purpose they serve at that point, since the horse’s history is completely unknown). 

Contrary to Sue’s allegations, the new report found 19 sampled horses in 2008 and 9 in 2009 were positive for prohibited substances. It does not say how many samples were taken. All of the horses were accompanied by sworn statements that they had not been given prohibited substances. 

One has to wonder how Ms. Wallis can scream what liars “animal rights activists” are and then provide links showing either nothing or that she is the one who is the liar. 

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  1. oops forgot to check boxes.
    Call D.C. today to get the Moran amenment left in the Agr. A;ppropriations bill.
    Also we must start calling to get S.1176 passed now.


  2. It is unfortunate that most of SS’s minions will never read the reports. From the mere fact that they continue to drool over murdering horses it is my guess they either can’t read or don’t care. Most likely both. I do believe I could be responsible for some of her weekend rants as I posted the Horsetalk NZ article on her website. I got her typical nasty “you are a liar” retort and apparently set off a hailstorm of rants. In the end I’m glad I did as it brought out her published comments and her garbage links. I would post a reply to her site but I am banned. Which I do believe is sort of funny. What up Sue? Can’t stand up to a debate with facts? Guess it would be a short debate as none of your facts could stand up in the light of day. Not the “facts” about how lucrative a business horse slaughter plants are. And let’s put our big girl panties on and call it a slaughter house and none of this “processing” that at the Scummit you all proclaimed you were so proud of. Nor can she proclaim that this is the true cause of the bottoming out of the horse market, nor can she prove that horse slaughter is humane. Altho she insists she has been to slaughterhouses and all the rules are being followed. Funny thing in that rant she doesn’t mention that she was at a HORSE slaughterhouse. It is my fairly educated guess that it was not.

    Fantastic reply John. Sorry that I may have been responsible in some part for making it necessary. I do wish instead of just a like button there was a “really, really like” button.


  3. Oh how I wish we could just pour some water on that evil witch! All I have to say is: Thank God for men such a John Hollan…he is an awesome human being. Restores a little bit of faith in humanity that people like Sue Wallis as taken from me. LONG LIVE JOHN HOLLAND!!!


  4. After all the garbage the “slaughterhouse ding-a-lings” threw out over the last 72 hours, I had no doubt that Mr. Holland would formally respond to that ridiculous pile of tripe being passed off as facts…it was too easy.

    Ever wonder why Ms. Wallis NEVER acknowledges that slaughter still exists? Very much the same way it did before those 3 hellholes closed for equine butchering? You’d think she and her coward big Ag backers would just shut up and be happy that the same number of US equines are being butchered alive and ignorant foreign consumers are munching merrily along. Guess greed always trumps moral, ethical change.

    R.T., as to Weiner, didn’t Senator Vitter of Louisianna have a sex scandal that actually did break a law? As to Ms. Wallis, her state house and party are allowing her to do this probably because of the covert Ag connections she has. Remember, in WY you don’t mess with energy OR agriculture, especially when it’s MEAT Ag…..look at Sen Craig-Idaho. They let him stay, block legislation and he was caught in a sting with a cop no less.


  5. Thank you Rt for submitting John Holland’s report. The woman Rep from Hell seems to think that she is communicating with a bunch of illerate people…Sorry, but the way I see it she seems to be the only illerate here. How in the heck did she win election? And on what
    platform? Did she run unopposed? I feel sorry for her constituents in her district. If I lived
    in Wyoming, I think I would try and have her recalled. It appears that she has had some
    improprities here. I don’t support what the Weiner did, but come on. I’m tired of hearing about his fetishes because there are FAR MORE important issues than a few pics of his skiny body. He certainly is not the man of my dreams! I could really give him a big cowboy’s kick in the ass becasue as weird as it sound, he could be one of the needed votes to pass legislation such as this. I say leave the Weiner alone, move on to critical legislation such as this. This will not be the first and last we will hear about scandals. But back to John’s article. The facts are now out there for all to see. I can’t say enough about this man. This is the information that we all should sharing with our friends and other horse men and women. Each time I am confronted by someone who believes that slaughterhouses should still exist, I bring forward the knowledge that I have gained through the blogs and other articles. It appears that they have no come back to the facts and stats. Like I have said, I was a part of the wonderul people who continued to fight Cavel in Illinois to close that House of Horrors. And I would do it all over again to save Americas horses. I am hoping that our Legislators in DC get the message…We now have some great people there working to help our horses and pass this much needed legislation. But they must hear from all their constituents – they do keep files of the
    emails and letters received. We are on a roll now!


  6. Thanks, John, for a professional response to irrational and incorrect information once more being distributed. I appreciate you laying out the FACTS without lowering yourself to slinging mud in the process (which seems to be the Wyo. Rep’s favorite weapon). I am tired of reading descriptive opinions of someone’s personal appearance (any part of the body!) instead of staying focused on the actual issue! The length of someone’s penis or the width of someone’s ass is NOT the issue we are dealing with – it is saving thousands of magnificent animals that we all love and cherish. We are the rational ADULTS, so let’s stay focused on the goals here, instead of getting sidetracked into schoolyard name calling.


  7. We need faxes and calls into legislators offices to ask them to support the Moran Amendment and keep horse slaughter illegal. Wednesday is the vote in the house, and the amendment is not safe, someone ( Cynthia Lummis) can offer an amendment to the amendment on the house floor.


  8. John, GREAT factual rebuttal to SS’s usual rantings and lies!!!

    RT, as for who stays and who goes, I can never figure that one out myself. I guess it all depends on who/which party has more influence at the time. Common decency would dictate that they all go, but there is not a shred of decency among any of them. The only thing they’re sorry for is that they got caught.

    Pamela, I laughed myself silly over your witch comment!! That was great!

    Morgan, you hit the nail right on the head – call it what it is: SLAUGHTER. “Processing” is just their more “crowd friendly” term to use when trying to convince people it really isn’t “slaughter”. And that’s the reason she will not engage you in debate – her lies will not hold up to the truth. So better to ban you than to have to deal with you and expose herself for the liar and coward she really is.

    And SS – regardless of your physical size, you ain’t woman enough to wear big girl panties!


  9. As it turns out, SS did all this while I was in the midst of faxing my own Rep telling him all the things I am enraged about – long fax – and this hit cyberspace just in time for me to add it to the list of things I’m enraged about – that SS publishes crap like this, but I still get the impression that she has more pull with my govt. than I do. Grrrr…..

    This PARTICULAR thing though was good for a laugh just when I needed it the most! 🙂


  10. John Holland gives an accurate, well-written and sane view of the facts. Sue on the other hand, well, non compos mentis 😉


  11. I think the one line sums it up. She doesn’t expect anyone to actually follow through and read it. Or rather blissfully believes people are ignorant enough to believe that if you show a resource there must be something there besides a blank page.


  12. I guess I have just have a question or two. Why does it always seem like for every step forward we end up taking 10 steps backwards? I refer to the bipartisan thing that was passed in the last week 24-21 AGAINST horse slaughter. Now we are back to having to call Senators once again to tell them not to fund the slaughter houses.

    When is NO going to be accepted as NO. Why do we keep going around in circles. If they can’t fund something one way they’ll try another route. NO should mean NO.


  13. Why doesnt his Lieing Moran just go away ,dont our beautiful horses have enough problems without that ranting Idiot………………………….


  14. I agree with Morgan with regard to a certain level of discomfort I feel about not only the number of places I find references to her in, but also the level of some of the sites. The most jarring for me was at the NC Horse Council site where she was referred to almost as an ally.

    She is either much smarter and focused than I gave her credit for being, or she is being used by at least one group as a front person who goes out there to stir things us and desenitize us. If she composes what is attributed to her, I do not think she is crazy as in psychotic. She has been too calculating, has had access to too much information and too much access to be crazy.


  15. MY Opinion

    Saughterhouse Sue reminds me of an animal, OINK! How does someone of her low low calibur get elected? She sickens me. Is she stupid to offer those links or just stupid guess stupid. I am ashamed she even holds an office in this country . I wonder what her family thinks of her actions and vile ways. I am trying to be nice. The above thoughts are as nice as it gets. Oh wait! She needs those beeping sounds when she backs up. There I’m done.


  16. Weiner or Wallis? They have both lied and shown themselves to be obsessed and in need of help. I see little difference in demanding they both resign. Sue’s local support is about all she has… and for some reason some of the ‘good ol’ boys seem to like her flamboyance… if you can call it that. I see other manias in her action… very desperate and unbalanced. Why should Weiner leave alone?? Certainly Wallis should be waltzing off into the sunset also.


  17. Let’s keep focused on her positions, points, press releases.

    Weiner doesn’t advocate torturing animals; he just seems to do it to his wife, constituents, tweet/facebookers and himself with his stupid narcissistic, sophomoric behavior.

    I will say this again….she was elected by her state district in Wyoming and still seems to have the endorsement of her district constituents, her party and the state house….stop with the “recall, can’t believe it, bar-b-que her” rhetoric….unless you live in that district.

    Outraged at her dangerous nonsense? Contact your federal reps/Senators and quote her garbage, educate them with points like Mr. Holland made and demand they vote for the Ag appropriations bill with Rep Moran amendment and passage of the bill introduced by Landrieu/Graham in the Senate..

    And porcines are noble animals with great intelligence…stop insulting pigs. 😉


  18. Thank you Denise—are any of the folks who are responding to John Holland’s logical and measured responses FROM the great state of Wyoming? Its the people in her own district that
    can have a real impact with her.
    I really love all my 4 footed brethern and consider it a compliment to be compared to one no matter how seemingly insignificant. Porcines ARE noble animals but I have real concerns about human beings.


  19. Do people not realize that responsible horse owners get their horses their shots every year and one is intranasal? Just like dogs, the rabies vaccine remains in the system each time for up to five years. OOOOOOoooooo, yummy. NOT!!!! A horse is not only a part of American history but Canadian also. Eg. RCMP. There are horse rescues and sanctuaries if people do not want their horse any longer. There is NO need to send them to slaughter houses where they are NOT humanely put down. Cows are put down more humanely.If a horse needs to be put down for medical reasons and/or old age, then a veteranarian should be called and the horse put down gently. Then though they get send out for different things unless yoou bury themon your property but think of what the vet just put into that horse to put it down. No one should eat that either! What is wrong with people? You can’t tell me horses cannot feel or love either. I know when my horses (all rescues and 6 of them and one was in foal going to slaughter before I grabbed them up) see me they come running and neighing. If it was this womans dog or cat that was put down the way horses are, she would be livid about it and then to eat her dog or cat? Tell meshe wouldn’t stand up about that. People even get horses in the summer for their kids and once the thrill wears off for that child or the parents don’t want to board it for the winter or something, instead of finding a home for it they send it to slaughter? These places are dirty, cruel and inhumane and should be stopped worldwide. Sue Wallis should be opening up her eyes to what is around her. I think her dog or cat or what she owns should be taken fromher and then tell her they are going to be put down the same way and served to her! Or, let her go to a slaughterhouse and see for herself and work there a month. She wouldn’t be able to put a single horse down. Let her even watch videos for hours on how they do it then send her to kill one. She couldn’t if she tried her hardest. She wouldn’t eat one knowing all the different shots the animals have had or even if they have had a vet put them down. Eat all sorts of poisons. What isput into horses is the same as dogs almost. They are given the disease and the antidote at the same time. So people would be ingesting all of that. She needs her head examined.


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