Feel Good Sunday: Wild Horse & Burro Advocate Takes to Facebook Live Blinding Thousands with Glare from Bald Head

NEWS JUST IN:  Although speaking to an important issue; President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, R.T. Fitch, took to Facebook Live, yesterday, in an effort to help support the wild horse & burro advocacy by explaining the release of their biggest lobbying tool yet, their White Paper, only to end up giving thousands of cases of mild eye fatigue due to the continuous glare from his bald head for over 30 straight minutes.

“I normally wear a hat,” R.T. said, “but being inside I did not think it would be proper so I ensured the overhead florescent light was out but I guess I just shouldn’t have discounted the effect of natural light from the window.” he continued.  “Next time I will use powder or perhaps Terry might have a make-up trick that I could use, but in reality, there is nothing like a good ole full head of hair to do the trick.” he sighed.  “That stagecoach has long ago left the station.”

When interviewed on the success of the project, VP of WHFF, Debbie Coffey, who joined the broadcast by phone commented, “I think it went very well and I welcomed the opportunity to clarify just what our White Paper is and how important it is to get in front of our legislators now, but I did take issue with one aspect of the broadcast.”  When asked what that issue was she stated, “At the end of the broadcast, R.T. stated that his Executive Producer and good friend, Roxy the Wonder Border Collie, had fallen asleep on the job, well, it would have been rather cute if he would have shared that with us.”

Well Deb, he has, if you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find a photo of the burned out Executive Producer who says that R.T. is a difficult boss to work for and like you, he pays her peanuts.

Keep the faith

“He bores me to tears”

Update: Wild Horse & Burro Advocate Takes to Facebook Live to Save America’s National Icon

Source: Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Wild Horse Freedom Federation’s President, R.T. Fitch, speaks on newly released White Paper outlining BLM’s deception of US Public and Congress

The People Behind the Paper, the Board of Directors of Wild Horse Freedom Federation. Left to Right, Marjorie Farabee, Carol Walker, R.T. Fitch, Debbie, Dawn Reveley and Terry Fitch

Long time Wild Horse & Burro advocate and co-founder of Wild Horse Freedom Federation spoke to the release of their detailed and informative White Paper on the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse & Burro Program, with a Focus on Problems Related to Holding Facilities.

Released just last Wednesday, July 26th 2017, the detailed report outlines years of deception initiated by the renegade federal agency who, to date, attempts to dissuade, delude and deceive the citizens of the United States and the very legislators that write the laws and control federal budgets.

“We have spent over five years gathering and cataloguing our evidence through FOIA and eyewitness accounts. We have actual BLM documents that the public and Congress have never reviewed; the evidence is damming by the BLM’s own account,” says R.T. Fitch. “What we present in the paper is only the tip of the iceberg and with the specter of the mindless murder of tens of thousands of wild horses and burros looming over the wild ones this information is critical and must be presented to the Senate and Congress, NOW! ”


“I am, personally, treading into unknown technical territory as I have never done this before but we feel this is the best way to help to explain the current way forward in the fight to save our wild equines,” R.T. explained. “ We are just normal, stick-in-the throat, regular Americans doing our level best to make a difference. We hope our viewers will be able to look beyond any amateur fumbling; the point is that it is all about the wild horses & burros and we all need to take action and the time for that action is now.”

Keep the Faith

Co-Author of White Paper, Animal Law Attorney Bruce Wagman with R.T. and Terry Fitch