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Bonnie Kohleriter on the dangerous proposal to Congress by inexperienced & unknowledgeable non-profit groups and ranchers

DANGEROUS, SIMPLISTIC, UNREALISTIC A REBUTTAL TO A PROPOSAL TO CONGRESS BY INEXPERIENCED AND UNKNOWLEDGEABLE NON-PROFIT GROUPS AND RANCHERS by Bonnie Kohleriter AUTHORS OF THIS PROPOSAL: The ASPCA, HSUS, Return to Freedom (RTF), American Mustang Foundation (AMF) as well as ranching  groups are authors of this proposal.  It is […]

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ASPCA, Return to Freedom and HSUS “cowtowed” to the livestock grazing industry by concurring with lies and joining a plan to sell out America’s wild horses & burros

Mares and foal in Onaqui Mountains in Utah (photo: Carol Walker) by Debbie Coffey, V.P. & Dir. of Wild Horse Affairs, Wild Horse Freedom Federation In my humble opinion: The ASPCA, Return to Freedom, HSUS, Humane Society Legislative Fund, and the little known American Mustang Foundation (formed by […]

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On Earth Day 2019 Protect Our Wild Horses and Burros

Source:Wild Hoofbeats On Earth Day 2019 Protect Our Wild Horses and Burros by Carol Walker, Director of Field Documentation, Wild Horse Freedom Federation On Earth Day 2019 the theme is Protect Our Species, https://www.earthday.org/campaigns/endangered-species/earthday2019/ and I find that is appropriate given the challenges that wild horses and burros in America […]

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