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Tonight’s guest is Simone Netherlands, Natural Horsemanship Trainer, founder of respect 4 horses organization, and director & producer of the documentary “America’s Wild Horses.”

Simone will talk about the Salt River Wild Horses, her documentary (“America’s Wild Horses”), the raw deal given to some wild horse herds that were omitted from federally protected Herd Management Areas (HMAs) when the HMA boundaries were being decided, and other issues relating to wild horses and horse slaughter.  Simone will also let you know what you can do to help the wild horses.

Wild Horse Wednesdays is co-hosted by Debbie Coffey, Director of Wild Horse Affairs at Wild Horse Freedom Federation and Marti Oakley, PPJ Gazette.  This series of radio shows on Wednesday nights will feature upcoming guests including Ginger Kathrens of The Cloud Foundation, and R.T. Fitch, President of Wild Horse Freedom Federation.


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11/6/13 – John Holland, President of Equine Welfare Alliance discussing the latest in horse slaughter issues. Click HERE.

11/13/13 - Marjorie Farabee, Director of Wild Burro Affairs for Wild Horse Freedom Federation and founder of Wild Burro Protection League (under Todd Mission Rescue) and Carl Mrozak, videographer (Eagle Eye Media), with work appearing on CBS, PBS, the Discovery Channel, the Weather Channel and other networks. Click HERE.

Video: Stop the Slaughter of American Horses, Now

Video supplied by Simone Netherlands of Respect 4 Horses

How YOU can Help!

TCF R4H & WHFF Spearhead Massive Wild Horse/Slaughter Media Attention in OK

Source: Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Oklahoma Stands Up for Wild Horses and Gives Thumbs Down To Slaughter

Open Letter from R.T. Fitch

Dear fellow Equine Advocates;

Please be advised, up front, that this is neither an OpEd or Editorial of any sort; but instead a most heartfelt thank you note to so many who have given so much to support those who cannot advocate for themselves.

On March 4th and 5th of this year we turned a very sharp and significant corner in the way of advocating for our companion and wild horses and burros.  Put quite simply, your voices were heard, not just by ourselves but also by the press, the BLM and the public.  That is huge.

Too often I feel that we are preaching to the choir; not that doing so is particularly bad as it is important to get together to build our advocacy tool box and to network/strategize but for one that has a type “A” personality I often feel that we are treading water and not making headway or getting a decent return on our investment of time and money; but not so this week.

We managed to turn some heads, open a few eyes, peak a lot of interest and it was all managed and accomplished by hard working, everyday, regular, stick-in-your-throat, grass roots, American tax payers.  That speaks volumes.

No glitzy public relation firms were hired, no professional speech writers were retained, no qualified logistical experts were employed it was just us, the heartbeat of America and I am so very honored to stand amongst you.

A few thanks are in order but if you don’t mind please allow me to give you some background on how the Unified Equine Welfare Press Conference/Rally was born and how it normally works.  (If you note, Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation have fallen into the habit of doing this over the past several years. But this time it was killer.)

Last month, half way around the world I picked up the BLM’s news release announcing the Advisory Board Meeting.  I contacted Simone and asked if she was up for another press conference and she was in full agreement and, as usual, Ginger jumped on board.  Done deal…I think not.

Ms. Simone Netherlands worked this issue like a full time job for weeks for no pay for no glory and totally for the horses.  She made the arrangements, along with volunteer help, and secured services with her own funds and allowed her income generating operation to slide as she prepared, for all of us, the venue, schedule and structure to pull off this major media event.

Terry and I owe Simone a most sincere debt of gratitude for years of hard work and dedication.  Little did we know when we first met her while lobbying in D.C., years ago, what a fine friend she would become.  The words of “thank you” just don’t seem to reach as deep as they should.

Thanks go to Ginger, as always, and to Lisa Friday from the Cloud Foundation for their continued support and total alliance.  The Cloud Foundation and their staunch Director and Board are a living model and showcase of not only how to run a non-profit correctly but how to actually put your money where your mouth is and get things done.  We are forever in debt.

Thanks to Doc Friedlander for coming to speak and to further educate not only us but the public on the horrors of horse slaughter and how medically dangerous it would be if it were allowed back into our country.

Thanks to the press for attending and for spreading the word.

Thanks to several members of the BLM Advisory Board for listening, and I really mean that this time, I think several of our messages actually got through to a few folks and the tone of the meeting shifted to a more positive ring on the last day.

And last but not least, thanks to all of you whether you were there in person or sitting listening/watching on your computer…your presence and your support pushed these issues into the spotlight and if we can keep the pressure on and the volume turned up we WILL get to where we need to be.

Below are links to news videos and articles regarding the press conference and the rally. (I know that I have missed several)  As is usually the case, due to time constraints and lack of research, several of the reports may not have been as in-depth or accurate as you may have wished them to be and several even highlight an organization that was not even involved but that is how it works in the wild and wacky world of fast paced media news.  The main point is that the message is getting out and THAT message is all about the horses…and YOU made it happen.


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Video: Unified Advocate Wild Horse/Slaughter Press Conference and Rally Packs Oklahoma City

BLM Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board Meeting Overwhelmed with Disgruntled Equine Advocates

The Press Conference in it’s Entirity

(Oklahoma City) – Equine Welfare Advocacy organizations, the Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation held a unified press conference during the lunch break of the BLM’s Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting at the downtown Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Sheraton this day.  The press conference covered the topics of horse slaughter, which Oklahoma politicians are attempting to fast track laws to bring it into their state, and the gross mismanagement of America’s wild horse and burro herds by the Department of Interior’s (DoI) Bureau of Land Management (BLM).

Growing crowd quickly becomes standing room only for press conference ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Growing crowd quickly becomes standing room only for press conference ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Press from all four major networks were on hand while advocates from around the country quickly filled up the existing 60 chairs available and soon the room was packed with the crowd standing and pouring out the door into the hallway to hear the equine advocacy leaders speak.

Simone Netherlands, natural horsemanship trainer, founder of Respect4Horses and principle organizer of the event, opened with an informative presentation on exactly what is happening in the state of Oklahoma with the fast-tracking of legislation to allow predatory horse slaughter plants to be able to slaughter American horses so that their flesh can be shipped overseas to satisfy fringe foreign pallets.  With the roaring support of over 150 spectators it soon became apparent that the bulk of the audience were from Oklahoma and the concept of horse slaughter coming to their state is not an option that they would care to endure.

Dr. Lester Friedlander, DVM and former USDA Veterinarian, next spoke to the inhumanity of horse slaughter and the suffering it causes to an animal that is not intended to be a food animal.

R.T. Fitch, author, writer, blogger and president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation, spoke to the issue of the BLM selling wild horses to known kill buyers for slaughter and produced BLM bulk sales and state brand department documentation, obtained through a WHFF FOIA, which proves that BLM contractors have been selling BLM wild horses to kill buyers.

Lisa Friday, member of the Cloud Foundation’s Board of Directors, displayed graphic pictures depicting the cruelty of BLM helicopter roundups and gave eye witness accounts of abuse during the last BLM helicopter stampede conducted in Utah.

Emmy Award winning cinematographer and the creator of the PBS’s “Cloud” series Ginger Kathrens closed out the educational and informative conference by outlining the broken program and gross mismanagment of our last remaining wild horses and burros and offered sane and humane ways to manage the herds on the range versus attacking them with helicopters, destroying their families and sentencing them to concentration camps for the remainder of their lives.

“I think that the advocates and press walked away with much more knowledge and information on the cruelty of horse slaughter,” stated Dr. Friedlander, “I would travel around the world to save one horse and I think that with arming the audience with this information my translate into saving hundreds of horses if not thousands.”

Simone Netherlands, R.T. Fitch, Ginger Kathrens and Lisa Friday ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Simone Netherlands, R.T. Fitch, Ginger Kathrens and Lisa Friday ~ photo by Terry Fitch

Organizer, Simone Netherlands said, “I hope that we did a service for the people of Oklahoma, today.  They are extremely unhappy and disgruntled over what their state government is attempting to pull off and the over the top attendance of the conference is a clear indication that these citizens want to be heard as well they should”

“I was shocked by the number of attendees,” said Lisa Friday, “Both the state of Oklahoma and we as an advocacy are lucky to have so many great people who truly care about the welfare of horses.”

R.T. Fitch said, “I hope that this sort of active engagement and the high volume of unhappy Americans begins to sink into the skulls of the bonehead BLM.  After attending the first day of the Board meeting most of these advocates now know when the BLM is lying and attempting to pull the wool over their eyes; it’s when their lips are moving.  We are not stupid.”

“It has been years since the BLM has seen that sort of attendance and today they got nothing but a huge dose of more bad press.” stated Ginger Kathrens, “All those great people want is what is best for their state and for the wild horses out west; we are exceedingly lucky to be supported and to be able to give back to such a great bunch of positive and compassionate people.”

Immediately following the press conference a rally was staged outside with dozens of signs, banners, chants, circulating horse trailers with banners and even a miniature horse participating.

Day two of the BLM’s board meeting commences tomorrow, Tuesday, and be viewed live on

Equine Advocates Take On BLM Wild Horse and Slaughter Issues in Oklahoma City

Source: Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Outraged Tax Payers to Stage Press Conference During BLM Board Meeting
Simone Netherlands, Ginger Kathrens and R.T. Fitch speak to Utah Press Corp. ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Simone Netherlands, Ginger Kathrens and R.T. Fitch speak to Utah Press Corp. during BLM Advisory Board meeting in late October, 2012 ~ photo by Terry Fitch of Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Spurred by angst over the continued waste of federal funds on a failed Bureau of Land Management (BLM) agenda of illegally removing native wild horses and burros from public lands and the state of Oklahoma’s newly acquired blood lust for slaughtering America’s horses several equine welfare groups, and their members, will be staging a press conference and rally in opposition to the BLM’s Advisory board meeting to be held on March 4th in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

The Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation will be holding a unified press conference at the Sheraton Oklahoma City, One North Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK on Monday, March 4th at 12 noon Central time with a rally to follow immediately thereafter.  A live audio feed of the press conference will be made available at

Equine advocate speakers will include:

  • Simone Netherlands ~ Founder of Respect4Horses
  • Lisa Friday ~ member of the BoD for the Cloud Foundation
  • R.T. Fitch ~ author, blogger and president of Wild Horse Freedom Federation
  • Ginger Kathrens ~ Emmy award winning cinematographer and Director of the Cloud Foundation
  • Dr. Lester Friedlander ~ former USDA Veterinarian

The BLM’s Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting will commence at 8:00 AM at the same location and date as the Equine Advocate’s press conference and will be streamed live at

The BLM board will be receiving public comments at 3:30 PM, directly after the press conference and rally; advocates and concerned Americans are urged to comment or view.  Registration for comments concludes at 2:00 PM and the BLM will be restricting speakers to 3 minutes or less.

Video Update: Wild Horse Protection Groups Hold Press Conference at BLM Board Meeting

Press Conference held by Cloud Foundation, Respect4Horses and Wild Horse Freedom Federation

Equine Welfare Groups Demand Investigation into BLM Wild Horse Slaughter Sales

Video courtesy of Respect4Horses