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BLM Mouthpiece Rides Again: Protected Wild Horses and Burros be Damned

“In MY most outraged opinion” ~ R.T. Fitch

“Poison bleeds from the pen of the uninformed…”

david_philippsLike the distant scent of something rotting in the sun the stench of an alleged journalist, under the manipulation of the federal government, has returned to ensure that cruelty and misinformation about wild horses and burros will be spread in the biased, mainstream media, again: enter David Philipps, stage left. (YeeHaa, the little nerd has returned)

You remember Philipps, the cocky, wet-behind-the-ears, reporter wanna-be who blew out of the water an intensive underground investigation into the BLM selling wild horses and burros to slaughter back in 2012, cause he wanted a “scoop”? ( Yup, dat’s the creep…and he is back.)

In 2012 Philipps wrote an article on Tom Davis, neighbor and personal buddy of then Secretary of the Department of Interior Ken Salazar, selling over 1,700 federally protected wild horses off to slaughter…the problem with the expose’ was that it was too little too early as equine advocates had Davis and Salazar dead to rights and before they could adequately pull the documentation together to legally nail the wild equine killers Philipps blew the whistle and the paper trail to legal prosecution evaporated. Advocates had pled with Phillips to hold the info in check but it is a lesson learned that “loose lips sink ships” is a valid phrase that works as well in this war of words as it did back in the World War. Philipps is in it for Philipps. (Look at ME, Look at ME!)

"I'm going to kick your ass, boy!" ~ Salazar

“I’m going to kick your ass, boy!” ~ Salazar

The only good thing that came from Philipps vomiting up crucial evidence against kill buyers was that it pissed off the Chief Horse Killer himself, Ken Salazar, enough that he made the, oh my gosh, mistake of threatening to kick the little creep’s ass in public and not long afterwards he was no longer the Secretary of one of our government’s most corrupt agencies. (So sorry ya ain’t missed…oppps, he works for Hillary now as her transition team lead, yikes.)

Now the little sellout has ridden back onto the scene astride his keyboard of misinformation to paint for the public a story of fabricated frustration for the downtrodden leadership of the BLM and the “woe is me” poor cattle ranchers who house wild horses on their land, instead of cows, while making 5 figures a day for doing so. (Guess who is paying THAT bill, yup, tis you my friend.)

Last week Philipps latest installment in attempting to destroy the last of our wild horses and burro’s freedom was entitled, “Success Spoils a U.S. Program to Round Up Wild Horses” and appeared in the New York Times. (Wow, the Times, why can’t I get anything in the Times. Oh, yeah, we write the truth, that was a no brainer.)

The title alone drips with “suck-upidness” (new word I just invented) and immediately alerts a self-actualized reader that the facts and content will be slanted; as in downhill and south to the feds. (Doink, no need to read further.)

"I is a Pickle!" ~ Bolstad

“I is a Pickle!” ~ Bolstad

The article begins with BLM wild horse program’s lead, Dean Bolstad, pushing back his ole cowboy head and saying “ I love seeing this,” (horses in holding) while lamenting on how the horses are sinking his program. (This is the federal employee who laid the groundwork, and whispered in the ears of the Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board, to KILL and MURDER all of the horses that are in holding…pure, unadulterated bull crap!)

And this good ole boy, who refers the 6th grade as his “senior” year, goes on to say that he and his crones have successfully removed 46,000 wild equines from their rightful range only to plunk then down on 60 private cattle ranches to the tune of $49 million dollars a year…duh.

“We’re in a real pickle,” he continues. Hey, you are not in a real pickle, you ARE the real pickle because it is obvious that your mind is either infused with large amounts of vinegar or embalming fluid as this is a trumped up artificial fiscal emergency of YOUR OWN MAKING you twit. (I know that I am shouting insults but this article is so riddled with stupid that it is difficult to get from one sentence to the next.)

Case in point, Philipps gets a private tour of a secret long term holding contractor, Robert Hughes, in Oklahoma. When was the last time an advocate got a private tour and poor old Bobby says he has, allegedly, 4,000 horses on his land and only making 2 bucks a day for his lack of effort. WHAT, 8 thousand a day for horses grazing…10 days that is 80 thousand and for a month your looking at almost a quarter of million!  (I feel sooo sorry for Bobby. Life is a bitch and then you profit from the feds, I know it is rough but someone has to do it.)

Next ole Philipps interviews two of the newest members of the BLM’s special interest advisory board who voted to KILL all of the horses. “Oh, the devastation to the range is so severe that something has to be done,” they read from their scripts but even the idiot article dummy downs the numbers to confess to the fact that wild equines are out numbered by federally subsidized welfare cattle at the conservative ratio of 10 to 1.

Did you get that? Private, government subsidized cattle out number protected wild equines to the tune of 10 to 1 (they let that slip, must have been a mind fart)…and the range is being overgrazed by horses and burros? And, to add injury to insult, the government pays millions of dollars to take the small number of horses off from their rightful range to put them where, on CATTLE RANCHES.

Is it just me or is there an easy fix, here? Shouldn’t we let the small herds of horses stay on the range, at zero cost, and put cattle on the cattle ranches, again at no cost, and everyone comes out a winner? Oh, stupid me, it is all about double dipping and the welfare ranchers making money on both ends of the stick. Graze on public land for next to nothing and making big money putting former wild horses on your cattle ranch.  (it’s a win/win, honey.)

But Philipps does not see it, he rambles on with poison quotes and incorrect numbers with only a few conciliatory comments from advocates. More mainstream misinformation to the public and the scariest point of all this is that the public believes it. “Well it was in the Times and on the Internet wasn’t it? It’s gotta be true!”

So the war against wild horses and burros rages on as the government, cattle ranchers and their journalistic stooges collude to rid, kill and destroy the few remaining viable herds that still exist on our public lands. (Philipps is a war correspondent by trade, and it shows, here.)

How do we fight back, you ask? Stay informed, stay vigilante and tell everyone that you know about the Fed’s mission to destroy the horses and burros on behalf of their special interest bedfellows. And above all, be certain to inform them not to believe everything that they read as much of it is delivered by henchmen like Philipps who wouldn’t know what an original idea was if it hit him alongside the head.

Ride on, Davey, and take your BLM buddies with you as nothing would make the equine advocates of the world happier than to see the whole lot of you ride off into the sunset, for good.

See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya!!!!

R.T. Fitch is a author, blogger and out spoken equine advocate who is noted for having no opinion on anything of consequence; as is evident, here

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  1. Yes I would trying to track saladbar (salazar) he seems to job hop, truthfully he is unable to hold down any job, he and one politician from nevada (hispanic name) !!He has lost alot of jobs in the last year watching his Stinkin’ trail on the internet
    Last real time his head popped up he was working for “william tell” lobbyist organization and I didn’t write down the other places he worked they seemed to be at some attorneys offices in DC I think, he is the grand instigator, for slaughter whomever chose him for dept of interior made an eggregious error, he is also influencing a hispanic politician in nevada whom I also didn’t write his name down, sorry sometimes this stuff gets folks down so much its a bit hard to deal with but he should be kept an eye on as best as we all can, the internet helps alot, but he & tom davis are buddies, neighbors, and of course davis is shipper he is the gatherer, what do they have horse cookouts?? they are truly despicable and eggregious non human entities, I wish they’d take a run off the Golden Gate Bridge and just keep on travelin’!! Karma being what it is, things will catch up with them in good time, and their greed and cruetly will come back to haunt them. One more share that came to us on the internet was that warren buffet was in a hurry to clear govt land so he could install windmills for energy, sounds good until you get to the part about the animals who are indigenous to the land especially the Wild Equines The anti slaughter groups need many good honest lawyers to help our equines if there is such a breed as honest lawyer, (think there is) but I am truly amazed at how many people in high places can be bought off, seeing it in this political melee, just because the news reports stuff doesn’t mean its true, Well lets all keep our eyes and ears open, and the next time any important news & (facts) come up I will be sure to take notes and keep a better timeline, thank you both for being here for the horses, they are a special gift, from “heaven” I think, so truly special%%%%%%


    • Not the GGB. We have enough suicide jumpers. And they’re trying very hard to put in barricades as well as having more police on the walkways. Please pick another bridge.

      I know what you were trying to say but as someone who use to live 3 miles from the Bridge and I’ve seen all sorts of turd moments in the past…how about the George Washington Bridge outside of DC?


  2. BTW – The NYT closed the public comments – perhaps because too much truth was being shared in some of the comments? And we know that nobody (Bolstad) in BLM wants the real truth to be told to the public, for goodness sake!
    “61 COMMENTS … The comments section is closed.”
    Lucky me, I got a comment posted (after much delay by the NYT) before they slammed the door on the public and the truth.

    My comment:
    Speaking of BLM fraud … BLM uses biologically and mathematically impossible annual wild horse population rates and here are just a few (of many) examples that BLM published:

    Carter Reservoir Herd Area – a 1257% increase in one year. That would be 7 horses having 95 foals in one year.

    Centennial Herd Area – a 1281% increase in one year. That would be 40 horses having 487 foals in one year.

    Nut Mt. Herd Area – a 417% increase in one year. That would be 6 horses having 25 foals in one year.

    WHY is this so important? Because these are the figures that BLM gives to Congress when requesting funding for wild horse and burro capture and management plans. This is fraud against the American tax-payers who own these wild horses and wild burros and these public lands.


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  3. The NYT was a patsy for the likes of Allen Dulles, too, the founder of the CIA and the most malevolent, scheming big shot than ever existed. He masterminded the killing of foreign politicians for his corporate buddies to keep sucking the wealth out of places like Guatamala, the Congo, and Peru. Further, he has the evidence of killing Kennedy all over his FOIA docs. The major media are a wealth securing protection racket for the powerful and wealthy. I detest them all.


  4. Bureau of Land Management should be under Federal Investigation for the thousands of horse’s they have killed and buried in mounds, graves and sold illegally to slaughter.
    The are employees of the Federal Government and Our US Government hides and protects the BLM who broke Federal Protection Law numerous times.

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  5. The media has been appalling during this election – influencing the election, seeing what sticks, etc. I’ve stopped listening and reading for the most part – I can only imagine that it is the worst propaganda ever. I have no idea why Hillary chose Salazar as her transition team head, what qualifies him? And he has scandal surrounding him. We haven’t heard a peep as to whether or not she actually is still sticking with him, or not. I would think he would be a liability. Darth Vader music starts playing in my head whenever I read about his name!


    • Geri-
      What is this website all about? It appears to be a place for public comments but there already was place for public comments on the original article – and they closed that.


      • Did you watch the video? I remember seeing that a few years ago – NO mention of the fact that there are now HMAs with ZERO horses where they could go. Same old questions & same old BLM answers. I agree – what is this website for?

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    • GrandmaGregg and Maggie, when I went to the comment’s and clicked on write, it wanted me to sign in or create an account and I did not do that. It was just an article that went along with the article that RT mentioned, was just to keep folks informed by what I find. –


  6. I know the range was in pretty bad shape in late Aug 2014 in NV. And since I’m west of Reno I know how bad it is here in CA. It doesn’t help when ranchers are allowing their cattle to graze in trespass for months on end. It doesn’t help when ranchers are in denial about the drought. It really didn’t help that Trump spoke to growers here in CA and told them how we have all this water that’s being wasted!? HUH? Would you like to explain to me why I’ve been rationed since before I left on that trip to WY in 2014?

    As for Kennie threatening to punch Dave in the nose…I was one who repeatedly called the White House. One day a lady answered and she couldn’t believe the Secretary would do that (threaten Dave). Told her where to go to watch cause it was caught on tape. Shortly after that Kennie turned in his resignation. At the time he said something about wanting to go home to his moo moo cows. Come to find out AFTER he was made head f Hillary’s transition team…Kennie never left Washington. He just switched offices and became a lobbyist.

    And yes, I wrote Hillary’s campaign. Didn’t go anywhere as I knew it wouldn’t. I only hope when the shoutings over that Kennie isn’t in charge of anything DOI/BLM related. To quote Van Jones “you can’t polish this turd”…..

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    • Put the tar and feathers back on that turd and send him back under his rock. Such a disgrace parading this low life back on the national political scene. Of all the educated, savvy, classy people Clinton has access to, I’m shocked (and disgusted), frankly, that she chose this goober.


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