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Gotham Wild Horse Protest To Take Bite from BLM Apple

NYC to hold protest against BLM and Ruby Pipeline for Removal of America’s Wild Horses in the West

Terrorized and Frozen, the Horses of the Calico BLM Roundup - Photo by Kurt Golgart/Bureau of Land Management

CHICAGO, (EWA) – New York City will host a protest to stop the rounding up of America’s wild horses and burros on Sunday, January 17 from 1pm to 3pm at Columbus Circle (58th St at Central Park S). The protest follows a stampede of nationwide demonstrations, the most recent of which were held in Albany, Red Rock [NV], Denver, Las Vegas, Boston and Los Angeles.

Wild Horse advocates were further enraged to learn of the multi-billion dollar Ruby Pipeline project that will rip through the wild horse and burro rangelands.

Equine Welfare Alliance’s (EWA) John Holland said of the round-ups and Ruby Pipeline project, “The BLM repeatedly claims that wild horse advocates are distorting the truth. This continuous seepage of damaging evidence on all fronts has seriously eroded any confidence we have in Bureau of Land Management (BLM) communications.”

Instead of the truth, the BLM is telling the public that the horses are being removed because they are starving. Video footage and photographs tell a very different story. The stallion dubbed “Freedom” that broke free from capture was perfectly healthy and was the picture of ideal Mustang confirmation.

Four horse deaths have already been reported resulting from the Calico round-up. Over the past two years, a total of 205 horses have died at the agency’s hands during its rush to clear wild horses from the west.

The Cloud Foundation recently asked the BLM to reveal the truth behind the removals of healthy horses from the Nevada Calico Complex.

I don’t think it is out of line to seek immediate responses to these questions. The public has a right to know what is happening to their public lands and to the future of their wild horses, especially when it comes at taxpayer expense,” Ginger Kathrens, Volunteer Executive Director, The Cloud Foundation.

This is the second protest in New York in the past two weeks. Susan Hamlin and Robin Yager, organizers of the Albany protest held last week, commented, “Despite sub-zero wind chills, the protesters that included farm managers, equine rehabilitators, educators, rescues and professional turf writers from as far away as Connecticut and Massachusetts, found a warm welcome from the media and public. Joining the fast-growing nationwide movement to protect the last of America’s wild free-roaming horses, the New York advocates called for Senators Schumer and Gillibrand to support a halt to the roundups while Congress decides how to manage the wild horse population in the best interest of the American public.”

Wild Horse Advocates have united and issued a letter to President Obama requesting a moratorium on wild horse and burro round-ups. EWA urges all Americans to continue pressuring the President to stop the removals of America’s heritage from our public lands.

The BLM controls almost 262 million acres of the west, almost all vacant land, yet it claims to have run out of room for America’s wild horses.

The Equine Welfare Alliance is a dues free, umbrella organization with over 90 member organizations. The organization focuses its efforts on the welfare of all equines and the preservation of wild equids.

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  1. Did anyone see Bill O’Reilly’s (The Factor)show last night? Bo Derek was on talking about the issues facing the wild horses. She mentioned the BLM was talking about euthanasia. I can’t wait for the letters to the show for follow-up.


  2. Well, O’Reilly’s Factor was interesting. He asked good questions that left the issue open ended, used terms like “BLM says”, “whats wrong with that” like he is still thinking it over, instead of his usuall somewhat arrogant conclusion (I love the guy, don’t agree with him always – not much actually).

    You can watch it on-line, titled about “saving whales”. And with the limited time, I thought Bo did a really good job. At first I was appaled by her two choices of holding them to death or euthanizaing them – then I realized – maybe very smart of her – no one’s going for the euthanzia bit. I think that will spark more interest. She did try to convey about the 19 million stolen acres. Maybe there will be a follow-up – at least some people will want to do some resarch.

    WE all certainly need to write in to him about it.


  3. The BLM controls almost 262 million acres of the west, almost all vacant land, yet it claims to have run out of room for America’s wild horses.


  4. I grew up in the west and have seen the terrible way wild horses are treated, due to they don’t earn money for a state like animals that are hunted, every day ranchers shoot, steal wild horses from goverment land, so they can over raise cattle on goverment land. The stolen horses end up being sold to “killers” to be sold for meat in Canada, Mexico. we have a govement that cares only about large voting areas like cites, the rual areas, wild animals do not matter to them.

    The american people must force a uncaring goverment to protect the wild horses once and for all. Americans today have little knowledge, or care about our history, and past, so to the vast amount of people who live in America the wild horses does not matter, prehapes a tv show about a horses slaughter house would get their limted attention? After all people that live here today care more about what Paris Hilton does then our past, and our animals.


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