Day: February 22, 2010

Horse Trainer Ken McNabb in Bed with the BLM

Commentary and eye witness report by R.T. Fitch RFD-TV’s Ken McNabb endorses BLM’s Cruel and Deadly Mismanagement of U.S. Wild Horses During the Pryor Mountain Round-up, last September, Emmy award winning cinematographer Ginger Kathrens was held in a designated “protest area”  and required to have “security” escort herself […]

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Tomorrow Convicted Horse Murderer Jason Meduna is Sentenced

From across the bridge and through the fog of death the screams and cries of the starved horses were heard; heard loud and clear. Jason Meduna was found guilty. A horse murder was brought to justice. Strike one up for the horses, or 145 up as that is the number of felony animal cruelty counts that Meduna was found guilty of, 145 out of 149, the horses were clearly heard.

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