Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis building a Horse Slaughter Plant?

By Michael Van Cassell of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle

The Depravity of the “Horse Eaters” Knows No Bounds

"Slaughterhouse" Sue and fellow horse-eater Dave Duquette lobbying for support amid crowd of killer buyers at recent auction

CHEYENNE — A Wyoming state representative from Recluse is interested in opening a horse slaughtering facility in Laramie County, according to the director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Earlier this year, Rep. Sue Wallis, R-Recluse, was one of several legislators to sponsor a bill that allows the “disposal of” stray animals, as opposed to their sale.

“She is interested in doing something with the horses that have no value anymore,” said Jim Schwartz, director of the Wyoming Livestock Board.

Schwartz indicated there are several “investor types” in Laramie County interested in the facility. He deferred questions about the investors to Wallis.

Wallis did not return several messages left on her cell phone Friday, nor was there an answer at her home number.

Derek Grant, public information officer for the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, said such a plant would have to follow the same rules that other meat facilities do in the state.

“We have not received any blueprints or an application for a permit,” he said.

Grant did add that the meat at the potential facility is going to be used for animal feed.

“We don’t really know where it’s going to be,” he said.

"Slaughterhouse" Sue's Horse Killing "Front" Organization

Patricia Fazio, who has been involved with animal welfare issues at the state and local level in Wyoming since 1994, said Wallis had “become a pariah among people like myself.”

“I question the legality of it. I question the ethical and humane issues involved in this,” Fazio said. “I find it totally ghastly and disgusting.”

Horses cannot be slaughtered for human consumption because those facilities must be inspected by USDA inspectors, funding for which has been taken away, according to Fazio.

Fazio said such facilities create environmental problems. She said the facilities are noisy and smell.

“If Cheyenne wants one, they’d better be well prepared for it, because it’s disgusting,” she said.


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29 comments on “Wyoming Rep. “Slaughterhouse” Sue Wallis building a Horse Slaughter Plant?

  1. Unreal! First, it was “sell it the EU”, then “feed it to the inmates, poor and elderly”, now she wants to poison our pets. This woman is completely and totally out of her mind. She must be stopped. Why on earth would she believe she can sell POISON meat for pet food and get away with it? Just exactly what kind of pet owner will be purchasing her POISONOUS product? We need to publicize her latest depraved and delusional plans so the public realizes how she wants to make $$ at the expense of the poor innocent animals she wants to slaughter and the poor innocent animals she wants to poison with carcinogenic and toxic meat. How can she even exist? She is NOT human.


    • Horse meat is not poisonus people in Canada eat horse if you are against slaughter then what should be done with the unwanted horses and lame ones? You should get all the facts on horse meat before you get all worked up and the facts of how many unwanted horses are out there. I think Sue has a very good idea


      • Ginny, I respect your right to your opinion, but PLEASE do some research on the subject. Just because something is available, it doesn’t mean it’s good for you. “Mad cow” disease proved that.

        Look up the current Canadian regulations on horsemeat, and also the EU’s position. Read about the banned substances and their potential consequences.

        If you eat horsemeat, do you know the medical history of the slaughtered animal? For the sake of your health, at least be informed.


      • Yes, Ginny, please research a little further before you get out the “support sue wallis” badges. There ARE options for the so-called “unwanted” horse besides the cruelty involved with slaughter. PLEASE watch the videos from the plants in Canada and Mexico, I have stopped eating meat from ANY animal killed in such inhumane methods and full of who knows what chemicals. I know what’s in the wormers and medications that I use on my horses, if, after doing some research, you still Sue’s latest idea is worth merit, maybe the 2 of you can skip on off to a Canadian sunset, because many Americans do NOT want this happening in America; and we will work unceasingly to keep slaughter plants and horse feedlots from opening here.


      • Jan, thanks for putting this up. I didn’t get into what you covered because I have so much trouble controlling my temper these days.


  2. What I want to know is what kind of person is obsessed with horse slaughter and dedicates her life to it? Why isn’t she talking about trying to do something that is good for humanity and her state? New schools, new green tech jobs, wind energy and she wastes the taxpayer dollars on this. What is her deal anyway?


  3. WHo do we call/contact in WY to get this whole idea slaughtered? Because when a LOT of people acted in IL, the bill to reopen the Cavel plant was taken off the table. She’s really quite a pitiful person, seems to have a deep need to stir yp controversy to keep herself in the public eye.


  4. Just went to the Wyoming tourism site–probably more people visit Wyoming then live there. Look at how many activities involve horses on their site. And there is a feedback link—wonder how many tourists would like to see or know about the infamous Sue Wallis tour her slaughter house. Don’t think there are many pet owners out there that want horse meat(including all those drugs) in their dog and cat feed either.



  5. Thank you R.T. for posting this. EWA sent out info on this also (lots of more details). It is mentally and physically difficult to read, but read we must.

    There is some good news in all of this though. It would appear that they intend to discuss equine slaughterhouse design plans with Dr. Grandin. I would say that this is good news for two reasons:

    (1) Designing, retrofitting or building a “humane” equine slaughter facility is going to cost plenty and take time. I don’t think Doink and SS are going to find these so-called investors.

    (2) It would appear by the efforts to employ Dr. Grandin that the stupids have made a defacto acknowledgement that the current system is “inhumane”…thankt you proslaughter of Wyoming asshats! If you can, continue to read how they are going to meet withdrawel times and handle mares in or with foal.

    The bad news is that they are going around the inspection requirement for HCHS by doing it for pet food and do not address 100% banned substances (no withdrawel acceptable). Well, what the hell!…it doesn’t slow China down either. Nor do they recognize that there are numerous SHs that do “pet/zoo” food already. If there were a big or profitable demand for it, we’d have more of them you twits. They are also spewing the same old ignorant spittle that the closure of the last three US-based HCHS plants have devasted the equine industry. Well, sure Doink and SS…certainly the price of my equine is directly tied to how I decide to get it out of my life! Absolutely sound economic science. Tell me DD and SS…is that Keynesian or some other economic model???? I need to bone up on this new economic model you’ve invented (pun intended)! Evidently they are not educated regarding the basic tenets of economies or capitalism.

    BTW…doesn’t SS say she doesn’t own horses and/or is not in the equine industry? Hmmm…interesting if true and she’s pushing this stuff because of her altruistic nature. Sure. And pigs fly!


    • well the BLM is using the new slaughter ‘methods’ for their mustang handling at fallen. Look how horrid that works for mustangs.

      Note the wavey solid wall runs and the squeeze shute. It’s like the BLM is trying to train the mustangs for horse slaughterhouses.


  6. I beg your pardon, the email I rec’vd about UOH/DD/SS new moves/plans was a private email. I’ll try find the public link on this.


  7. This article says “animal feed”, not “pet food”. I researched horsemeat in U.S. petfood and got everything from “outlawed” to “frowned upon”. What’s the real deal?
    If it’s “animal feed”, then it will be an ingredient in domesticated animal feed, and the toxins will be passed along to humans. At that point, we might be better off eating the pet food.

    I do know horsemeat is fed to animals at zoos. Lots of them – snow leopards, cheetahs, lynx, etc. – are endangered, some critically. That’s why they’re in captive breeding programs to preserve their gene pools. Does anyone know if U.S. zoos have taken a position on feeding toxic horseflesh to the very species the world is trying so hard to save?


    • Cattle feed from the times of madcow was changed to exclude rudiment parts and HORSE became a main ingrediant of cattle feed.


    • Is it possible HORSE could become an ingredient in horse feed? If so, which “rudiment parts” would be excluded?

      Maybe the cows can eat the horses, and the horses can eat the cows, and the pigs and chickens can eat everything, and humans can eat everything that eats everything else … AND WHAT A MESS!


    • I know that I was unable to donate a goat (deceased) to a local Wildlife Animal Rescue. They informed me that they do not take ANY domesticated livestock for their animals– evidently there are certain toxins in medications given to livestock that will kill their big cats. They will take road kills– we have taken a deer to them before– but not anything domesticated. This is a very reputable and knowledgeable sanctuary. I don’t think they were just overreacting.

      Sounds to me like zoos that DO use livestock/horse meat may be just desperate for meat of any kind, so they are taking chances.


  8. I guess they never learn from past mistakes. One of the plants in TX remained open for two short months to slaughter for non-human consumption. No profits. Let them build it and let’s see the press when some fools invest millions of dollars and close because there is no market. How sweet it will be.

    Does she honestly think any pet food company is going to risk losing the American market by using tainted horse meat?

    I wonder if the WY tourism brochures will feature the plant or will they try to keep it Wyoming’s Dirty Little Secret?


    • The predictable mix from both sides. I wish someone in Wyoming would do a poll on this. Include the option, “Yes, just not in my backyard!”, and require responders to provide their address. Maybe the residents of Recluse would be okay with the bloody mess. Maybe a whole lot of other folks would wake up to the implications.

      I do want to do some investigation on the comment by the nurse, Honor Hannon. Good stuff there.


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  10. “Slaughterhouse Sue” deserves to die in a slaughterhouse, the SAME way the horses do!! This POOR “excuse” for a woman, much less a human, is SICK in the head, and MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT BELONG OUT AROUND THE GENERAL POPULATION, HUMANS OR HORSES!! She is PURE EVIL, and cares about nothing except MONEY, that’s her “god”!! America’s horses do NOT belong in pet foods, or for human consumption, if they are really not wanted, they should go to a permanent NO-KILL horse sanctuary, paid for by the government, by taxes, or by the owners upon REQUIRED surrender of the animal. This TOO, WOULD “create” jobs, someone has to attend to, care for, feed & exercise the horses….maybe even promote tourism to see the horse retirement sanctuaries!!


  11. Sue W. said in her newsletter months ago she will have a non-profit!! ‘horse rescue’ with slaughter. Just another feedlot only non-profit for her and anyone she gets to join her.

    Another big business to suck TAXPAYER money.

    Slaughterhouse Sue “The female Horse Hitler”


    • The interesting thing about a not-for-profit is what you can keep for overhead and payroll and still be a NFP. Has anyone ever seen what some NFPs actually give to their cause?…it’s like pennies on the dollar.

      We have seen the media expose (French form) stories of gross excess re: pay, perks, lease arrangements, contracts, etc for many very well known NFPs like United Way. I wonder how much SS is going to pay herself and henchmen?


  12. I’m outraged enough about this push to bring slaughter back to our country, but I’m even more concerned about what would happen when these plants run out of horses to slaughter.

    In my opinion, the issue of toxicity, even in “animal feed”, will eventually keep meat from drugged horses out of the food chain. That leaves only two options in the U.S. – conveniently disposing of our wild ones without “processing”, and raising horses specifically for slaughter.

    I don’t know what country I’ll move to if this ever happens.


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  16. How would all the horse eaters in the world feel? if they had to die the same horrible way our AMERICAN HORSES DO. I would say do unto others as you would have them do to you.FROM A MOUTH OF SAVVY.


  17. we need to put this in to perspective. think of the ranchers who love thier horses but for one may not have the $300 that it takes to put a horse down and if you think that they are going to just shoot the horse if it has a broken leg ot am old horse that is suffering your wrong. what are they supose to do……horses are livestook and it seem like almost everyone is treating them like dogs and cats! they arent pets. i love horses but i also understand that there does come a time when a horse cant be used any more and theres no room for them.


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