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Filmmaker Hailed as the Jane Goodall for the American Wild Mustang

Ginger Kathrens filming "Cloud" in the Arrowhead Mts. - Photo by R.T. Fitch

Emmy Award-winning filmmaker and Director of The Cloud Foundation, Ginger Kathrens, is working hard to save wild horses in their native Western states, including California. She will speak at the Western States Horse Expo in Sacramento June 11-13th.

“Ginger Kathrens is the Jane Goodall for the American wild mustang. She is a naturalist, witness, advocate, educator and filmmaker,” says Sheryl Crow, GRAMMY® award-winning singer/songwriter.

Kathrens will share her adventures with wild horses and speak about the current International movement to save the American mustangs, backed by celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Michael Blake and Viggo Mortensen. Kathrens has studied and filmed the mustangs in their natural environment for more than 15 years—creating the popular Cloud: Wild Stallion of the Rockies programs for PBS’s Nature series shown in the U.S.A and abroad. Her documentaries represent the only known long-term documentation, in our hemisphere, of a wild animal from birth.

Audience members will learn why it’s important to stop the Bureau of Land Management‘s (BLM) proposed roundup and removal of 1800 wild California mustangs and 200 wild California burros. The roundup, if allowed to proceed this summer, will remove the last stronghold of wild horses in California currently living in the Twin Peaks herd area near Susanville in Northern California.

Kathrens will speak at the Horse Expo’s Trail Symposium pavilion on June 11 from 10:00-10:30 a.m., June 12 from 4:00- 4:30 p.m. and June 13 from 3:00- 3:30 p.m. For more information on the Horse Expo visit

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  1. Ginger’s insight into wild horses and how they live in their natural state has really opened my eyes. I just thought I understood them before listening to Ginger. We all know how strong their herd instinct is, but now I REALLY understand. Thank you, Ginger.


    • Louie, That has been my journy also – I could not have said it better!

      Ginger and your entire team – YOU ROCK! You are our beacon and we must prevail.


  2. Ginger’s speech in DC at the March for Mustang’s was extraordinarily inspirational, forthright and eloquent. As well as being a staunch advocate, accomplished filmmaker and documentarian Ms. Kathrens is a “real person” and that’s refreshing!
    Sheryl Crow, Michael Blake and Viggo Mortensen appear in James Kleinert’s film
    Disappointment Valley: A Modern Day Western and have been instrumental in bringing this issue to the public consciousness. Even with these high profile advocates there’s much work to be done. The BLM has unlimited resources and constituents with mighty deep pockets, they basically run rough-shod over those of us who are committed to the Mustangs and their well being. Hopefully the Sacramento Expo will enlighten yet more people to the deadly plight of the horses and the tireless work of Ginger Kathrens and James Kleinert, among many many other dedicated people, will come to fruition. WIthout compassionate determination from all the folks that write letters, make phone calls, physically rescue horses, photograph, coordinate and organize information gathered and the multitude of tasks that are necessary to keep this fight alive, the horses would be silenced. Thanks to everyone who cares and takes action.


  3. Thank you Ginger, for making us aware of the plight of our magnificent wild horses. Your documentaries on Cloud are legendary and you have made this handsome and courageous horse an American hero. Not only have you raised public awareness about the terrible plight of these magnificent creatures, you keep encouraging us to battle on to save them.

    It was my great pleasure meeting you at DC March for Mustangs. It was also my great pleasure to meet James Kleinert, (Disappointment Valley & The American Wild Horse) another great horse advocate, film director and documentarian. The dedication, tenacity and courage that leaders such as you and Mr. Kleinert bring forth encourage us all to keep on fighting for the lives of our precious horses.


  4. She really is “The Jane Goodall” of mustangs! God Bless everyone who is a true friend of our wild horses!


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