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New Evidence Links BP to the Controversial Elimination of Protected Wild Horses From Federally Mandated Land by the BLM

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Newly discovered evidence in the form of the Ruby Pipeline project contract ties BP (formerly known as British Petroleum) to another environmental catastrophe under way in the western states of the US, the systematic removal and eventual destruction of federally protected wild mustang horses from public land, with the aid of the US Department of The Interior, in violation of federal Law.

ATS News, the investigative journalism arm of number-one “alternative topics” web site,, has discovered that BP Energy’s habitual destruction of vital habitats is not limited to the Gulf of Mexico, but extends to the desert and western states as well. In a hard hitting collaboration with 17 time Emmy Award Winner George Knapp, of KLAS TV in Las Vegas, ATS News’ Mark Allin presents the “smoking gun” contract that absolutely ties BP to the Ruby Pipeline (a natural gas pipeline) which will be built through federally protected lands. George Knapp, who has been covering and exposing the US Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for decades brings us up to date on the latest round ups of these magnificent animals, at the behest of major multinational corporations in a conspiracy of collusion with the US Department of Interior.

“The public that the Department of Interior and the BLM serve is not the John and Mary U.S. Citizen public, it’s the big corporate agriculture and big oil public that gets all the benefits of exploiting our public lands” said Knapp.

“We have the real facts and the proof that the BLM has systematically removed the mustangs from the lands set aside for their preservation. What’s more, there is ample reason to believe BLM’s most recent horse roundup, the bloodiest roundup in modern history, was conducted-at least in part-to pave the way for a gargantuan pipeline project” he went on to say.

“Many of the people who are at the top of these agencies, who are supposed to be making sure these big corporations are doing what they are supposed to be doing, have long histories as executives in or employees of the very corporations they are supposed to be keeping honest” said Allin.

“Additionally, when the agencies start throwing around bogus data to support what they are doing, which is in direct violation of the intent of Federal Law, the writing is on the wall. We need to get people to READ IT”.

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The Ruby Pipeline, a 675 mile long, 42″ diameter, natural gas pipeline that is being built right through the Mustang’s protected lands is a project of The El Paso Corporation in Houston, Texas. El Paso Corporation has almost as besmirched a past as BP Energy and some of their own contractors have come forward and said the construction of the pipeline will be devastating to not only the Mustangs but also to the protected habitats,

“it’s going to look like Hiroshima after the nuclear bomb” one El Paso employee was quoted as saying.

“After doing some serious, old fashioned, investigative journalist digging I discovered that BP is contracted to be one of the biggest beneficiaries of this pipeline” Allin said.

“BP’s record since 1999 is terrible. They’ve been fined hundreds of millions of dollars, their own employees have turned them in for safety and environmental violations, they’ve blocked state inspectors and forced them to get search warrants, and they keep getting away with it because the people who are supposed to be enforcing our laws give them just about anything they want, including self inspection and extremely low royalty fees for exploiting our public lands. They are never going to change unless we the people demand it.”

This interview exposes the truth behind what can only be seen as rank corruption and sheer incompetence at the expense of not only the U.S. Taxpayer but one our national treasures, the Wild Mustangs of the Great Southwest. is the Internets largest and most popular website dealing with “alternative topics” such as government conspiracies, with more than 2.3 million pages of content and over 5 million monthly visitors.

The AboveNetwork, LLC, a virtual company with executives in three states and two countries, owns and operates, among other online properties. The company was founded in 2007 with a goal of creating compelling user-generated content ecosystems on issues of importance to people. For more information, contact Mark Allin at 480.304.5680 or pr(at)theabovenetwork(dot)com.

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  1. I really hope this swells into something big enough to take DOI/BLM down, BP is now crying “poor me” as it has to pay out all this money to the people of the Gulf. While I feel for the people, I agonize over the millions of birds/animals that have died/are dying, because of this, whose homes will NEVER be restored; whose way of life will never be the same.


  2. Will the crap finally hit the fan?? Will this be contained so we the people do not get too upset and want change? Will the American people dare to upset their lives enough to get involved and stand up for their rights?? Have we become too complacent and in need of being led by the nose? Just what needs to happen to wake this country up??
    The status quo is already out the window and it will not hurt more to acknowledge the dirty work these international corporations are doing to us and our lands. Why is the Ruby Pipeline even being built if it is so bad and so expensive and serves so few?? Get up people and stop the theft of our lands, resources, wild horses and integrity. mar


  3. Corruption is how our system works. We must figure a way to win the day for our Mustangs but corruption will simply be fluffed off. I have a 20 year old Federal Lawsuit against a major corporation that poisoned Long Island Sound and through its political clout escaped the law. It even committed “Fraud on The Federal Court” by insisting it hadn’t caused the area to be toxic because like BP is allowed to test and clean the area. People have died, gotten sick, the area is deemed forever contaminated by the health department yet the corporation has never paid one penny in compensation or fines. We are fighting a monster and need to somehow find a way beyond letters, calls, even the Courts are helpless against big business. Look at the Judge with oil stock or the Calico case. I fear only horrific events as the Gulf spill will slowly turn the tide or the end of oil. I gust hope something of our world is left.


  4. Right now these removals and disruptions are specifically targeting wild horses and burros. How long until other wildlife specied are found to be in the way of extraction?

    I wish the wildlife organizations would realize the equids are only the tip of the iceberg, put differences aside, at least for a time, and join with us to sue the pants off the DOI/BLM.

    I bet the wild ones aren’t the only animals energy companies and corporations with other agendas (water monopolies, community development, big ranching, etc.) have in their sights.


  5. Bob Abbey and Sylvia Baca also need to be removed. Sylvia Baca is the quintessential revolving door employee, working for govt, then working for Big Oil, now back at government. Thinks she gives a hoot about wiping out all the wild horses? Nope. It wouldn’t bother her in the least.


  6. We need to just keep on doing what we have been doing. Keep calling, writing, donating, commenting on proposed round-ups, commenting in newspapers. Keep the beat going.


  7. The Boston Globe recently had an article on the effects of the Gulf oil spill on migratory species–specifically birds– which are all ready starting to head south. Oh great— BP is killing everything in sight! Remember Rachel Carson’s “Silent Spring”? Is that where we are headed? Call the White House–every day!

    “The high
    The low
    All of creation,
    God gives to humankind to use. If this privilege is misused,
    God’s Justice permits creation to punish humanity.”

    Hildegard of Bingen

    One doesn’t have to be “religious” to understand the meaning.


  8. As a horse lover, I am very upset to read this new update. I follow closely the plight of the wild horses and wrote a screenplay highlighting the issue.You may hear more about it and my endeavors on this interview.

    An interview with:
    Isabelle Bochet
    Screen Writer

    Isabelle Bochet is a screen writer on a very special mission, one of the four legged kind. Her writing has been influenced from her love and passion of the horses. She has traveled from Europe to the USA on this quest to share this magic she has discovered. Isabelle also practices natural horsemanship and Reiki

    Recently hearing about the Oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, I think it’s high time the mustangs’ plight be more publicized!


  9. The wils equines aren’t the only species being targeted. But they are certainly one of a hand full of species being physically and systematically assaulted (bison and wolves are 2 other obvious ones) at a ferocious rate.

    Still disappointed that another lawsuit hasn’t been filed. I just don’t understand why we can’t find the right legal team. The facts are there to support an injunction, at a minimum and a suspension with overhaul of the entire stinking DOI “management” plan for wild equines.

    BTW, as suggested to me by another supporter…don’t file lawsuits against the Feds in cattle country, extraction ground zero or the hub of corruption….DC.

    Makes strategic sense to me.

    Hope Mr. Knapp’s feature gets some traction everywhere and some good news. Harry Reid is in trouble in NV; bad news, the possible winning candidate doesn’t seem much better for our environment.


  10. BP and the oil rigs in general have killed the Gulf and that oil volcano spreads into the oceans aswell.

    There is a slim chance the side wells will work, very slim chance. Thank God Obama made them do 2 side wells…twice the slim chance with 2 side wells.

    saw footage last week with pictures on houston local tv crew on a boat in the Gulf.

    pictures of a group of dolphins, a family a ‘pod’ 7 alive(couple babies) surrounded by that gloppie oil mess…the 7 were hanging around 3 dead dolphins. BP oil has killed off Gulf wildlife, they are all almost dead now.
    large sealife like sharks and many smaller fish are coming close to shore to escape the oil, much like animals flee a fire. There is no place for the sea animals to flee the oil 😦


  11. I’m paying very close attention to the Feds v. Arizona re:Immigration. I don’t know about you all, but I think it is relevant to our plight.

    I’m not saying I agree or disagree with the AZ law, but I sure understand AZs frustration with the Feds not doing their job….same for our wild ones just in reverse.

    They are supposed to manage these animals to the animal’s benefit, not the livestockers or the miners or the lumber hags(yeah, I know that multiple-use crap). They don’t and the numbers of equines in holding, remaining, sent to slaughter and dying from same since the enacting of the 1971 Act proves our point.


  12. is anyone watching over the manate population? they are a very sensitive animal to water conditions.

    Any animal that has one young a year like horses, dolphins, whales, buffalo, manate,

    it is so easy to drive the “”one young a year animals into extinction!!”” BP and the DOI seem unable to grasp what they have done on land and sea. And what they continue to allow with corruption and foot dragging.


  13. maybe we can set up a free *public* message board and call it the” BLM messageboard” and invite public comments!!!

    seems like the BLM won’t do it so whats stopping us from setting up a messageboard,, give each of the DOI and BLM names a topic and invite the public to ask them questions.

    and their silence to the publics questions will speak volumes.

    we can even email those doi/blm names tell them here is the messageboard, here are the questions for you.. and if they refuse to post answers we can place that refuse or ignoring the requests right there for the public to see.


  14. I just rfeceived the following today:

    Hello Marge,

    The Bureau of Land Management would like to invite you to visit the wild horse and burro program\’s new Facebook page. If you have a Mustang or Burro that is doing great things, we would like to know about it and we would love to share it on Facebook. We like stories with lots of pictures. Please take a moment to check out our site and share it with all your friends!

    Maybe some of you just might want to send your comments etc.!!



    • Why tell the BLM who and what you are all about by commenting on their facebook page? Have they been honest with you about wild horse round ups and the true hazards of offshore oil drilling? Have they been honest with you about massacre of wolves in the northwest and Alaska?
      An invitation to BLM’s facebook page may in fact be a public relations poly for BLM to appear as if they are in the public’s interest by “inviting you” to their “[BLM] Wild Horse and Burros Program on Facebook”. BUT…behind the scenes they’ll document, and track WHO says WHAT…on BLM’s facebook page.

      ***RELATED ARTICLE: “The government is increasingly monitoring Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites for tax delinquents, copyright infringers and political protesters.” NEW YORK TIMES.

      By commenting on BLM’s facebook page, they coupled with the FBI and other investigative arms of the government infact gain better access to watch WHO comments on WHAT on facebook.

      Let’s get real here. WHY TELL THE BLM HOW YOU FEEL? Feedback or comments only give BLM more information on how to proceed behind our backs. BLM has been going behind our backs for years; taking public comments on wild horse roundups for months now=just a public display that gives the appearance of “acting in the public interest”. Each time they accept comments from the public= BLM continues to round up wild horses to death.

      RELATED ARTICLE: Clinton-Era Secretary Blasts Interior; Scientists Say Salazar Should Quit, NEW YORK TIMES June 14, 2010.
      “Bruce Babbitt, Interior secretary under President Clinton, said Interior’s Minerals Management Service lacks the tools to provide adequate environmental oversight of offshore oil and gas operations and the job should instead fall to U.S. EPA.”


    • “Hello Marge” reminds me of HAL’s “Hello Dave” in “2001, A Space Odyssey”. Didn’t turn out so well in that case.

      Just a little FYI on political/government double dealing via the Internet.

      I had a complaint about a contact with a local Republican pollister who called my husband (DTS – no party affiliation) during the Cheney/Bush re-election campaign. He wasn’t home, so she wanted me to answer for him, because I must know how he would respond and she didn’t want to have to call back!

      Needless to say, I was infuriated. I wrote a Letter to the Editor, and was encouraged to email it to Democratic State and National Headquarters. As soon as I sent it off, my computer screen went completely black. Within a minute everything was back to normal, but I thought it might be more than a coincidence.

      I called DH and found out many Dems who had been communicating via the Internet had a nasty little piece of spyware installed on their computer courtesy of ??? Got that particular little insect swept out, but who knows how many roaches remain or are to come?

      BTW, I have no doubt my own party, as well as others in politics, government, the military and business, use spyware all the time. How else would they keep their “fingers on the pulse of the nation”? More like their hands around our throats!


  15. There are lots of good( not for BLM!) comments on their Facebook page, and lots of good postings, as the george Knapp article is there.


  16. Fear of reprisal is a tool of government..the only way to defeat it-is to speak out in a public forum..In order to bring change we have to educate-and it is embarrassing for them to have it spread on their facebook pages where ALL can see.


  17. Wake up and smell the underlying agenda folks. Public relations objectives aimed to sway public opinion are attained faster by measuring…public attitudes, comments and data on line, and on social media.

    * “BP Using Google To Manipulate Public Opinion:
    Costs could be as high as ten thousand dollars a day, according to web insiders”

    *How did public relations’ PUBLIC OPINION activities manipulate the image and work of climate scientists??
    James Hoggan, head of his own PUBLIC RELATIONS company Hoggan & Associates, author of CLIMATE COVER UP: HOW TO MANIPULATE PUBLIC OPINION comments in an interview, “Stolen emails and erroneous predictions have damaged the image of climate science, leaving many wondering if global warming is real. But this seemingly rational doubt, says the author of ‘Climate Cover Up’ James Hoggan, is not founded on facts but on a sophisticated campaign of disinformation.”

    *Public Relations and the World, CANADA FREE PRESS,
    “In a recent public television documentary on George P. Schultz who served in many top posts, including Secretary of State for Ronald Reagan, he noted that while people think cabinet members have a lot of power, their primary power is the ability to PERSUADE people to support their policies. I cite this because the U.S. government employs a small army of “communications” people whose job is to marshal support. Meanwhile, Washington, D.C. probably has more PR agencies per square mile than any other city in the nation.
    ****PERSUASION is the cash crop of public relations and perhaps the most interesting new trend is the creation of a whole new breed of PR folk whose expertise is in “SOCIAL MEDIA” which is to say PR focused on using websites like Facebook, My Space, and Twitter to spread the message. There’s a lot of outreach to influential bloggers as well. The emergence of the Internet has been one of the major changes affecting the profession.”

    *WEM Lessons: Case Studies on Social Media Monitoring–007702.php

    “A lot of stories begin with a pitch from a public relations person to a journalist. What if that pitch included ‘… and we will drive traffic to that story.’
    That might be a killer pitch. Especially when there are increasing numbers of journalists paid according to the number of pageviews they generate (disclosure: I am paid by ZDnet according to number of pageviews).
    ****But there is another aspect to this that is new. If PR agencies, or any other self-interest group, can actively boosts traffic to specific news stories; it can manipulate the news media in new ways. It might not take much extra traffic to favor a news story.”


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