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BLM Fails to File for Temporary Closure and is Powerless to Keep Public Away from Round-Ups

Exclusive News from SFTHH Chief Investigative Reporter, Lisa LeBlanc

BLM breaks law by posting closings without filing

UPDATE: BLM filed and posted at midnight 07/12/10, kind of after the fact, eh?

“Editor’s Note:  Lisa is the wonderful individual who has been the source, fuel and inspiration for many of the articles that have appeared, here, on Straight from the Horse’s Heart.  Over the past several weeks, Lisa has been in contact with me over the most critical and important issue of the BLM restricting access to our own public lands while they stampede, harass and bring undo harm and stress to our wild horses.  Lisa has uncovered yet another unlawful flaw in the way the “shoot from the hip” BLM operates and it is now time that YOU, the tax paying public knows the truth.  It is also time for Lisa to report in her own words, her most important findings.

In her opinion, the News as We See It~ R.T.”

BLM Guard questioning Elyse Gardner and R.T. Fitch at Pryor Mt. Roundup ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

We all hear catch-phrases – words used so often we no longer question their basis or origins.  Like the oft-repeated “…break our dependence on Foreign oil.”Now; WHO owns BP?  American oil, pulled from American waters by a firm distinctly NOT American.  But I digress.

The catch phrases that have caught my attention most recently – and begged for further review – were ‘Portions of Public land will be temporarily closed…” for whatever reasons; and ‘Drought’.  So I did a little exploration. Let’s talk about ‘temporary closure of Public Lands’.

In December of 2009, BLM Director Bob Abbey submitted protocols for ‘temporary closure’ of Public lands.  It is possible this Protocol was published as the Calico Debacle was already under way.

On the page, he cites “A closure or restriction order should be considered only after other management strategies and alternatives have been explored…”

“All temporary closure and restriction orders must be approved by the State Director before submission to the Washington Office, preferably 3 months in advance of the restriction. Closure and restriction orders established under 43 CFR § 8364.1 or 43 CFR § 6302.19 require publication in the Federal Register.”

It continues,  “As resource use and demands for public access have increased, so has the need for the BLM to temporarily close or restrict areas to certain uses in order to protect resources, public health, and safety. However, it is important that closure and restriction orders are established only after other management strategies and alternatives have been explored (emphasis added), and it is determined that a closure or restriction order is necessary. Closures and restrictions need to be established in accordance with applicable authorities, and Department of the Interior and BLM policies and procedures.”

However, the Need for Closure for the Tuscarora Roundup, the attendant Environmental Reasons, and the Rules for Chosen Observers can be read here:

A cautionary about the Federal Register: it is a most irritating-to-navigate, ponderous, cumbersome computer-generated catalog of everything documented Federal; this is the kind of research tool best accompanied by laying in supplies for 12 hours, comfy clothes, coffee, smokes and a really good ergonomic desk chair. It is not a research tool for those easily frustrated or in a hurry.

But I needed to know about ‘Temporary Closures’ and Director Abbey’s protocols. And what I found was this:

There is no ‘Temporary Closure’ notice on the Federal Register for Elko, Owyhee, or anything entitled ‘The Tuscarora roundup’, as of this writing.  And there was no “Temporary Closure’ notice filed before, during, or after the Calico debacle. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

There is a TC for the Reno Air Races above Stead. There was a TC for the Black Rock Desert for the Burning Man Festival, however it expired in September of 2009. By any stretch of the Bureau’s imagination, NO Temporary Closure Order was filed as it regarded the Calico Roundup; unless the entire roundup took place on private land. And we are forbidden anywhere private.

If the Calico Roundup wasn’t conducted exclusively on private land – if the Observers were sequestered as a group, held in check by Local & BLM Law Enforcement under even an implied threat of forcible removal and consequence, when no TC was in effect, I have to wonder – how legally binding was it?

And were they afraid, our Observers? I would have been. I would have felt pressured to behave in a manner inconsistent with my First Amendment Rights – to Peaceful Assembly, to Defend a Common Interest. To observe a procedure the WH&B Act of 1971 stipulated I had every right – and responsibility – to witness. To Witness for these Wild Equines.

But I’m no lawyer; the Federal Register lists everything, from Executive Orders to Notices, Rules & Regulations. And I’m having difficulty finding information on how legally binding these terms may be. A TC Notice must have some importance attached to it, otherwise Director Abbey would have sent an Inner-Office Memo rather than a page of protocols citing the need for NEPA & Environmental Assessments & elucidated steps which must be followed in order to Close Public land for even a short length of time.

By the way, the Monday, July 12th Roundup in Oregon? There is no Temporary Closure Notice filed, either three months ago as ‘suggested’ by Director Abbey or yesterday when we were informed through the Cloud Foundation that it would be taking place, apparently bypassing standard protocols followed for Public comments and concerns.

Let’s talk about ‘Drought’, another of the many catch-alls applied by the Bureau as it regards Wild Equines.  The ‘reasons of concern’ for the Tuscarora Wild Ones have been published as ‘Severe Drought’ as cited by the NOAA, and ‘damage to forage from wild fires in 2001 and 2006’.  Forage damage that is apparently only now putting the Wild Ones in danger, but not their Livestock neighbors.

Then there’s the NOAA.  Odd that the Bureau would, under this particular circumstance, put stock in an organization that is routinely ignored by the Federal government unless their findings verify whatever is needed at the time.

The NOAA, who, under the Bush administration, warned the Federal Government & all it’s protective agencies about Katrina, that murderous & cataclysmic Perfect Storm, three full days before she made landfall, destroying the Gulf coast, some of which has yet to recover. Their warnings, treated more like suggestions, were ignored. And thousands of people died.  The same NOAA who submitted scientific data to the Secretary of the Interior in January of this year of the devastation that would follow a should a deep water drilling accident occur in the same area. Their warnings, their scientific data, so petty when compared to the Prophets of Oil (yeah; that was a pun), their paperwork shelved for future reference, warnings ignored.

People died; wildlife & the environment are being destroyed every day by a disaster of unprecedented magnitude, from which the area will be suffering for decades to come. Lives & livelihoods, irreplaceable, lost forever.  Yes. There was a drought – in October of 2009, perhaps when this Roundup Reason first began study.  But, as of this writing, no drought exists, according to NOAA’s own drought indices and others.

And until today, the Elko area has been host to a series of thunderstorms for the past two weeks.

Think about it: the West has witnessed a very precipitous, in some cases, record-breaking, winter since October, 2009. Spring rains in the West, particularly Northern Nevada, ceased only in mid-May. Now the area is being deluged with spring run off – snow melts from the mountains are still filling streams & creeks; some, only a few weeks ago, were over-topping their banks. Underground aquifers are being refilled. Precious groundwater that, while it apparently does nothing to further the existence of Wild Equines in the area, makes for good mining exploration:

The Arturo Mine Project – a 2400 acre expansion North of Elko, requiring new construction and new wells to be dug. And an Environmental Assessment that will not need to take the Wild Equines in the area into consideration – for they may no longer exist when the project gets the Government Nod.

A few final thoughts:

Over the past few years, according to Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, a whistle blower protection group, there has been an increase in training for Outdoor Agents – Park & Forest Rangers, principally, on how best to deal with Animal Activists. But, according to PEER, incidents involving these officers – violent encounters, some gun-related, that have escalated in the past few years and involve, not Animal Activists, but Off-Highway Vehicle proponents, and, I suspect, those who cultivate marijuana on Public lands. These incidents have gone largely unreported in the Media, to the detriment of the Rangers.

But this seems to be a cog in a movement whereby Wild Equines Advocates, by being re-labeled and stripped of access, rights and protections as members of the Public, are being manipulated into doing something regrettable by the BLM, and by extension, the Federal Government.  By being forced into a corner – summary dismissal in legal proceedings, being presented with a Hand Book that is immediately ignored by the Author, knowing there are rules & regulations WE must follow or risk consequences – all the cumulative inequities we’ve endured – is the equivalent to having your face spit in.  And even the most sainted & tolerant human may react in an inelegant fashion and spit back.

Being aware of these things, how can we best proceed?   Because the continued health & welfare of the Advocacy & it’s members is paramount, and we can NOT undertake any actions that might be even remotely construed as ‘criminal’. But this?   These things – the misinformation, the gorilla tactics, the blatant & profound crushing of Civil & Constitutional liberties – these are the actions of Bureaucratic Bullies who are systematically divesting us – and not just the Advocacy – of the very things we were born to enjoy and expect as a Citizens of the United States, and doing so without Due Process – the protection from government abuse during a legal proceeding – not with the Powers of a Democratic Government but with the Impunity of a Monarchy.

However, if the Bureau is unwilling to follow it’s own protocols, as stipulated by their Director, why should we be compelled to do the same.  Because without the Advocacy, there is no one left – no charitable organization, no wildlife group or government member or agency – who will defend & witness for the Wild Ones.  The record, since the adoption of the Roundup as a management tool, speaks for itself.  No Environmental Assessment, that I could find anywhere, has found in favor of the Wild Ones.


So here we are. Now, where do we go?

Lisa LeBlanc

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  1. Everything I read (BLM justification for removing horses) talks about drought and range conditions and lack of water, blah, blah, blah, but there’s always enough of everything for more cows! that is absolutely amazing to me, also that BLM ignores their OWN manifestos, which they put forth for public consumption; may the observers be there for these horses, in their moments of greatest need,


  2. Once a Federal Lawsuit is filed as in the Calico round up the plaintiffs hopefully with standing are entitled to ALL discovery including being witness to the violation of law, documenting it with photos, plaintiffs medical (vet) examinations would also be permitted to offer expert testimony contradicting defendants.


    • I had thought this before during the suits and I wonder if anyone was asking for full disclosure then… It is certainly their right and it needs to be followed through this time.

      There needs to be someone out there at all the Tuscarora sites to monitor foals at all times. And of course all the other horses. Here is an opportunity. mar


  3. Is there some way for the “public” to use this information to our advantage, on behalf of OUR wild horses?? Are there grounds for them to be forced to halt any round-ups, due to their apparent negligence, & their errors? Do they really think(?) they’re doing what’s best for the horses, or, that we’re dumb enough to believe them? Sounds like we need to “police” them, sort of like a “citizen’s arrest”, they are openly breaking the laws, or “making up new ones” as they go along. How can the power of the many, that’s ALL of “us”, be pushed around by the likes of the blundering BLM? I can almost understand the BLM being “in charge of” the land, but, NOT the animals, they are NOT wildlife experts, the wild horses & other wildlife need a REAL & stronger advocate & ally.


  4. have noticed on the youtube huge BLM website the “Off-Highway Vehicle” people are very loud and demanding. They want to ride those off road vehicles all over the public lands. You know the same land where the marks and damge from covered wagons still remains to today.
    They really opened a can of worms when vehicles are allowed all over land that takes hundreds of years to recover.
    Well if the parks is still open perhaps those Off-Highway Vehicle people who consider blm the enemy as well…will go ride around druring the round-up and blm will cancel because of them.


  5. It has always seemed to me and probably all of us that there are numerous grounds on which to file suit against the DOI/BLM. Although criminal charges would be more appropriate. If they did not file closure orders it seems to me that this is still open territory–time for a good old ORV extreme event coupled with a picnic with bands. For too long they have thrown their made up as they go rules in our faces its darned time we threw the same rules back. Great work Lisa, really great work and we thank you for your diligence. I know exactly what you mean about the Federal Register, I have tried to navigate it more than once for different reasons and have never been able to find everything I wanted, actually only about 1/2 of what I was looking for so I give you a round of applause and kudos.


    • DOI doesn’t seem to do or know much, much more read plans, regs or laws.

      Example: The Deepwater Horizon and the “temporarily” abandoned rigs that haven’t been checked for leaks since only god knows when. (BTW…they are considered “temporary” by the leasee so that don’t have to go through major shutdown and cleanup)

      Still a great job by Lisa. Gee, I wonder why BIR didn’t figure this kind of stuff out when they were doing their filings and petitions??????


  6. woooohoooo! this is wonderful news, thanks R.T. for posting. Lisa you are awesome! Oh yes, I love it when people come together & we are all looking for things out of the box & find it! Thank you, all of you for helping. I am still a newbie, but am learning so much & am so proud to be involved with such caring individuals that I have met thru being a wild horse advocate. You guys all ROCK!


  7. Wonderful job, Lisa. I tried to navigate some of that stuff to find the “rider” of Sen. Burns. Got completely lost.
    Seems like we could get together with the ORV people and get them to help us. Lawfuits seem to be prejudiced against the Mustngs.
    This roundup is supposed to be for three weeks. Surely they (ORV) could come up with something fun to do. Together we would have more power.


  8. Lisa, thanks so much for your article. You’re an inspiring example of the power of dedication and persistance. I sure hope this will translate into something positive for the wild ones.


  9. Truly AMAZING! You are on in a million, Lisa! Thank you SO much. There HAS to be something we can do with this – it’s too big to be ignored.

    Should we get in touch with the respective lawyers in the suits that have already been filed? Or… what? Certainly inform the Cloud Foundation and others that have been toe-to-toe with us in the war.

    I just fired a letter off to Salazoo asking him if he didn’t have enough trouble with the MMS and their BP buddies? And did he really want to invite attention to the BLM and THEIR BP buddies? The buck DOES stop with him after all.

    I feel another letter to these clowns is inevitable.


  10. If I were there, I would march right up and let them try to stop me. God Bless you for speaking the truth. This is America, we have fundemental rights and so do our Wild Horses. The BLM is a lawless organization, acting outside of the scopet of their charter. We have no duty to obey them. Our duty is to the truth and to our founding principals. They are killing our horses. If we do not prevent this, who will? Let these Words be our guidling Light ~ . . . “But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security”.


  11. INTIMIDATION. Until recently, I did not know that using intimidation in its many forms was against the law and can be prosecuted. Let me count the ways in which the BLM uses intimidation with the taxpaying public…so many, as noted in the above article.

    However, most notably is the use of guns, with the direct threat of violence by BLM employees towards the peaceful public who arrive at the round-ups.
    A constitutional right to be there on public lands. I was shocked when I learned of this.
    Being armed with a treat of shooting is definitely “intimidation”…at the least!

    Adding to the violation of our rights to peacefully demonstrate, was the March 25, 2010, Washington, DC “Horses on the Hill.” Understandably, there were mounted police as there always are at demonstrations. However, those there for the wild horses were very intimidated on the steps of the Department of the Interior (DOI). If I am correct, DOI guards said the public would be shot if they tried to come closer to the DOI entrance door and/or tried to enter the building. One photo shows a guard, arm extended, ready to, or pushing back a person.

    I ask, what right does the DOI/BLM have to “intimidate” for no reason other than to block the public from what the BLM does not want seen. Abuse, cruelty, neglect, injury, suffering, dying, deaths…breaking the law! No, the BLM does not want the truth to be seen and then written about, charges filed against the BLM, lawsuits…

    And yes, again it is seen, intimidation in the Gulf, BP oil “spill.” And please, it is not only BP “intimidating,” blocking access. It is our DOI! As thousands of wildlife, marine animals horribly suffer, die…burn alive. As the magnitude of the damage to the ocean floor is suppressed. As the people of the Gulf region too are at the mercy of the DOI. For it is BP, but it is the United State’s waters, people, wildlife, not Britain’s. The similarities between the BLM/wild horses and DOI/Gulf oil are profound.

    For more information on the law and “intimidation” please see:
    The DOI/BLM fits almost every criteria, example.

    Why? How does the BLM have this “policing” power that only they have given unto themselves?


  12. We not only have a right–but we have a duty-to defend our constitutional right.we have tried over and over and over to use the system to avail ourselves of our rights as law abiding citizens…If you do not defend your lose them, as is obvious from the escalation of dummied up EAs and roundups without comment periods..They are emboldened by our playing by the rules while they break them before the ink is dried on the papers they write…the roundup of 173″estray” horses are the actions of criminals who are testing the limits..feeling they are protected as individuals from prosecution by the umbrella of ‘federal government”


    • I could not agree more with you, Sandra! Especially this:

      “…emboldened by our playing by the rules while they break them before the ink is dried on the papers they write…the roundup of 173″estray” horses are the actions of criminals who are testing the limits..feeling they are protected… “


  13. The BLM are outlaws. It reminds me of the old western movies when Black Bart and his gang would ride into town, set themselves up in the local salon and terrorize anyone who didn’t do their bidding. No laws applied to them, their was no reasoning with was just their way or no way at all. Anyone who stood in their way got killed. Wouldn’t you consider this a reasonable scenario ? We need to ride these bullies out of our town! We need a showdown at high new.


  14. Yes Jo, showdown at noon…..and my Timex says it’s 11:45

    Civil Disobediance, our right and our responsibility.


    • We still must realize that BLM has Federal Marshall’s at the roundup and other security people and they are armed. If we want to observe from a decent vantage point and leave them alone we may be able to watch and not get threatened. If we are as courteous as we have always been. If you want trouble you will still get it and remember it will affect the wok that others are trying to do. If you go and get arrested they will likely shut us all out.

      If you want to do more and do it with others please contact Herd Watch and let’s talk. mar


  15. Wonderful, informative article. Thanks R.T. and Lisa. It seems to me there should be grounds for a CLASS ACTION lawsuit in here somewhere…. Does anyone know…??


  16. Christy, that is what I keep thinking. It seems that a CLASS ACTION lawsuit would bring all forces together. CLASS ACTION lawsuits seem to be the most successful, from what I have seen.


  17. GREAT work Lisa, and THANK YOU so very much!! The class action lawsuit is a good idea! I heard, but this is not confirmed, that the Roundup did not start as scheduled on Friday. If the BLM has half the brain, they would be stupid to go ahead now, that the public and media can NOT be barred! I will find out tomorrow from the “horses mouth” (BLM.) if the round up started and if they are still planning on going ahead? I will also use some of their “own technic” INTIMIDATION on them. I will inform them that if they go ahead with the “Tuscarora Massacre” then we will be there, along with the media and everything will be on record!


  18. I think the ‘closure’ of Public lands during roundups has become so routine, it’s almost automatic; maybe it’s too labor intensive to follow the rule:

    “…other management strategies and alternatives have been explored”

    Instead go right to the Closure – roundup Local Law Enforcement and put the BLM guys in Black – saves someone from having to ‘explore’ beforehand.

    Or maybe the local Bureau Chief, or the agent who penned the reasons for the Tuscarora Roundup reports to the Contractor, who, regardless of which Contractor, apparently has had issues with the Public in the past.

    If that’s the case, if the contractor is running the show – won’t do the roundup until the Public is barred from observing the roundups- well, then, kudos to you, Fellas, fer tuckin’ up yer testicles and kowtowing to the LOWEST BIDDER.


    • And, I might add, removal of wild horses is to be the LAST RESORT, not the first. Management of the range and other strategies are supposed to come well before this. But, this is what they go to first and last. It is the most invasive measure, not the least. The law states they must pursue the least invasive measures first. Another part of the law they ignore. Over and over and over.


  19. “The road to tyranny, we must remember, begins with the destruction of Truth! ” Bill Clinton
    This seems very appropiate to the BLM!!!


  20. Lisa, you’ve done an OUTSTANDING job of researching this and you’re brilliant!!!!!
    Thanks so much for the many hours you obviously poured into this effort.


  21. (God, you guys, I really hate commentin’ on my own story, but…)

    I draw yer attentions to a coupla facts:

    1) Due to the heavy precipitation over the previous winter & spring, A Drought No Longer Exists


    B) where there are water, there are greenery, so, theoretically, there are forage.

    I submit to my learned companions and Fella Advocates, the Reasons for the Tuscarora Round Up, as outlined in the EA & other documentation, are no longer valid. On the merits of CURRENT conditions, the Tuscarora Roundup should be suspended & revisited at a time when those conditions DO exist.

    Case dismissed.


    • Drought is obviously not the reason for the removal–we all have a darned good idea as to the truth–one would be the Ruby (Pipeline) slippers and others of their ilk–any reason to remove a horse is a good one in their book. Once again they violate the law. Has anyone of the lawyers looked into a class action suit that anyone knows of? I know they would have to break our limbs to keep us from joining in.


  22. Wow! Finding out that the BLM violated OUR rights along with the horses should be very telling.

    I just heard on the local news Friday night–that the BLM is promoting Calico as a huge success. HUH? There was some statement about how animal right activists had been saying that the government were taking too many horses–kinda in a slur sounding voice. I sent the anchor a letter last night.

    Where in Elko are the horses going to be held? Because if I can make a stop to see them I want to. I’ll be going through there in a few weeks. I would love to stop and wish Cloud’s distant cousins all the best. That I understand how they feel there in prison and they didn’t do anything wrong.

    That they have other two legged folks who won’t ever forget them and will continue to fight for them.

    Now what is the BLM afraid of? What are the contractors afraid of? That someone might find out that they are using the cattle prod and that the public wouldn’t understand. That maybe their language is inappropriate? If your going to contract to do work like this–you need to grow thick skin and be able to walk away from people cursing you.

    When I was up at Fallon I had some paint come up to me. He was a domestic. He came up from across the pen and started nibbling on my hand. Not with his teeth with his lips. He was so gentle. He let me pat him. Seemed like all he wanted was a kind word and pat. Anthropromorphatically speaking–he was looking for a friend–at least that was his behavior would indicate.


  23. What does this mean? Does this mean they cannot enforce keeping people out of the current roundup? Problem is, they have the guns and local law on their side I guess so who is going to try to get through.

    I do have a question. I keep reading the wild horses haters saying the horses are dying from lack of whater. Where are all the horses dying of thirst? I have seen very little evidence about this other than the one picture next to the cattle fence, the ones left in the bait trap that BLM forgot about, or one rescue guy who did not feed or water them. So far all the ones rounded up have looked healthy until they got pass the chutes that is. I hear BLM and wild horse haters talk about it, but where is the proof? Perhaps there have been a lot more over the last 40 years – anyone know where, when, how many horses died of thirst out of the over 200,000 (is that a correct number?) BLM has rounded up during that time?


  24. The one and only way to stop the insanity is if a Federal Judge stops it.
    Don’t need a class action just an injured party. A Federal Judge could have
    stopped any more deep wells in the Gulf in a case brought by the government.
    Guess what the Judge ruled against the government, just like the Calico
    case. Peoples lives, (injured parties) sea life and the Mustangs are less
    important then capital.
    Judges rule in favor of capital and against the animals, environment,
    and people. YET they alone possess the power to stop the insanity. So
    the question becomes when the last hope of the American people,
    the Courts the real law of the land only respond to money interests then
    we need something else. I would like to see citizen judges picked by lottery
    to sit on cases that represent people, animals, and the environment. Wall
    Street and all the corporations can keep the others for their disputes.


      • Yes, messed up two dates. First it is up on the site on the 11th before the file date of the 12th. Second, it is for “retroactive closue” starting on July 6.

        This is how they count horses too!


    • For those from BLM/DOI reading: you rotten b@$t@rd$, scum of the earth and wastes of skin. I am sick of all of your vicious inhumane brutality and the extreme chicanery you use against innocent American citizens as if you were the lowest of the low sleezeball confidence man. To further your evil intentions, you try to paint wild horse advocates as animal rights activists and violent eco-terrorists when nothing could be further from the truth. Certainly this stigmatizing is undertaken because if the tables were turned, the BLM would be focused on illegal acts to further the BLM goal because you just asssume that anyone opposing BLM automatically goes to the lowest level to fight in the dirt via illegal, unethical means just like the BLM does. After all, if you do it, surely you figure your opposition does it too. Not so and you are despicable for that assumption as well as for always thinking you are one step ahead in this sick game you play. We don’t stoop to your level, we work on truth and in the end, the truth will win out and will set our horses free FROM THE TYRANNICAL REIGN OF TERROR ADMINISTERED BY THE BLM.

      See, one of these times, you’ll miss a step and your house of cards built on illegal, unethical and immoral grounds will come tumbling down. It’s bound to, that’s just the way it goes. Karma, and the chickens, will come home to roost. It’s only a matter of time before your own corrupt structure and actions are fully revealed and your agency is fully reviled by the masses, not just the advocates. Just like what happened to MMS, remember that? It will be BLM in the headlines, BLM being cleaned from top to bottom, BLM mgmt names considered as mud. As sure as the sun shines, you BLM folks are next in line, it’s just a matter of time because I don’t think the wild horse advocates are going to give up any time soon. In fact, your boldfaced lies and tricks do nothing more than to cement this group of injured US citizens who are being stripped of their rights to enjoy preserved and protected wild horses belonging ACCORDING TO THE LAW on our wild lands. It’s only a matter of time….. and I think the time is very close to running out. We’ll see and don’t say you didn’t see it coming….

      And that’s my message to the BLM reading this blog…. hope you enjoyed my FREE SPEECH, my thoughts on how this will all play out.


      • Kathleen, Honey, what are ya tryin’ to say? Don’t hold back – you’re among friends.
        ( but breathe a little. you’re gonna pass out…)


      • Kathleen, X2!

        These measures are to protect the public? Hogwash! BLM has lost yet more screws! They have become this desparate? They must be falling apart!

        I can tell them that they have pushed me this time into a fury that I did not even know I had – I am more angry than ever before. But, sa you say, I will not stoop to their level.

        I can only imagine the multitudes of foals that are suffering and already dead. Must be at least 20% of the population (according to BLM that is the annual increase) – we’ll see how many foals make it to whenever they do allow observers and then we’ll see how BLM accounts for teh numbers. Anything less than 20% I must contend are the number that are killed in the roundup.

        And funny thing, BLM, you cannot now ever disway this greif, because you have banned any and all observers. NO GOING BACK NOW.


    • BLM is aware that people are out there. They are still trying to get their act together. The fact that we have people in the field should caution anyone who thinks they can just go out and cause a problem for BLM and it will help. It will backfire and all of us will be waiting for an opening to see what is going on. The Courts are still our best bet. Other avenues should be discussed off the blogs for everyones’ safety. We have been labeled by BLM as “eco-terrorists” and that means we have the ability to be charged under homeland security laws. That is a very serious way to go. Let’s all stay safe for now, please. mar


  25. Screw the BLM. I hope they all go straight to you know where. Not only for the way they treat the horses but the way they treat US their BOSSES.


  26. The observers at the Calico round up did such a good job with video and reporting that I’m sure it precipitated the closure for public on the Tuscarora. It made more people aware of what the BLM is doing and brought more burning coals on their heads, but I think the real reason for the closure is that the BLM and the contractor know how many babies will be destroyed during Tuscarora, and they don’t care. And they know if the public saw THAT the BLM would never be able to get around it. They are more than cowardly and must have no conscience at all . What low lifes


    • You make a darned good point there Barbara, the public can stand for a lot but not picture after picture of babies attempting to keep up with their mothers and ultimately losing the fight and in this case losing means death. We all know how well the BLM has been in going back and finding the lost and downed babies. I think it is despicable and cowardly to only function behind secrecy–if their precious helicopter wasn’t in jeopardy I’m sure they’d hold the raids under cover of night.


    • I agree Barbara. BLM feels the pressure and public awareness. The baby foals would be the clincher for the BLM. Media, public outcry would be tremendous. BLM would hit the spotlight like the MMS.


    • Except that now, our imaginations are all we have.

      And mine is realing with those babies, some only days old, being run over those volcanic rocks.

      I imagine many deaths and cruelties far beyond what we have ever seen before are happening as we speak to each other – why else would we be prohibited?

      Where are the cases of witnesses getting hurt or causing a horse or worker to get hurt? Just isn’t so.

      All I can tell you and BLM – I am more furious that I have ever been before.

      There was some comfort that there were witnesses, even though the news was bad. No such comfort this time.


      • Roxy, I am with you. I think with no media or observers, we will have to assume that all foals will perish and publish our own reports.


  27. Wait a minute–they filed for closure on 7-12-10? Doesn’t the code say that they have to have had that filed and approved 3 months in advance?


    • “All temporary closure and restriction orders must be approved by the State Director before submission to the Washington Office, preferably 3 months in advance of the restriction. Closure and restriction orders established under 43 CFR § 8364.1 or 43 CFR § 6302.19 require publication in the Federal Register.”

      This is protocol but does not mean it is not effective unless done 90 days prior… so we still do not know. I imagine Federal Marshalls would know… as they would be the ones acting on it if it were violated. mar


  28. Well…they did it, midnight last night it posted, here’s the link courtesy of Lisa:

    Appears that they tried to back date it to being sent out on Friday, none the less, it is obvious that Lisa did catch them with their pants down and the little government workers were busy over the weekend trying to get them pulled back up, again.

    Goes to show you good folks that the BLM is watching what is written, here. And if they are REALLY watching and readying behind the lines they should pick up on the fact that there is a ground swell of legal action headed their way as their days of violating the law are numbered.

    Doesn’t it just floor you that they now have to operate behind closed gates and doors because they KNOW that they are wrong? It’s incredible!!


    • It does state that there will be the same kind of “escorted” access to the raids in which the horses will be detained for questioning on part on public lands part on private lands. Are they read their rights before arrested? Guantanamo Bay anyone?


  29. Sorry, I forgot the word “preferably” which just covers their butts. I am going to look up some other things but as Lisa said the Fed Reg is not a beauty to behold. You would think that they would notice that there are more and more people who are fed up and are watching every action very closely. Probably the reason they are closing the raid on the Tuscarora range. I’m still floored that the BLM could state that the horses are going to walk or trot in, ya right. What idiot thought that was gonna fly with anyone. Of course they could open the raid up to public view and prove me wrong.


  30. Use the blog to know yourselves and your cause, and your adversary. Get this knowledge grounded in your heart, and mind, and body. Then make your stand. This blog is about witnessing, being strong, and being effective. “An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth” makes for a blind, toothless world (after Ghandi).

    To coin a phrase from a local sports team who just lost an unnamed basketball player who said this was home and left: WE ARE ALL WITNESSES.

    Prepare yourselves, alone or together. Go out and do something good. In front of your federal building or any place you know in your heart is better. WITH a permit. They are not that hard to find. But do it. That is the big thing now. Do it.

    For the horses, Rob Pliskin


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