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Part II: Who is Sue Wallis and Why Should I Care?

Series by Nell Walton ~ Founder and Editor of AllHorses Post

Conspiracy Engulfs Rep. Sue Wallis and Dave Duquette

According to the Wyoming lobbying group, United Organizations of the Horse, its affiliate, the United Horsemen’s Front is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational and charitable corporation who mission is:

… to rejuvenate starving and neglected horses; as well as provide a comprehensive program of evaluation, training, and retraining of abandoned and donated horses with potential. For those horses that are past their useful life, unsound, dangerous, or otherwise unusable this program would ensure a quick, painless death while they are well cared for and in good condition. The Rescue, Rejuvenation, and Slaughter Program accepts horses from owners who fully understand that the horse may be humanely slaughtered.  Horses are also accepted from livestock agencies or other jurisdictions that have become responsible for abandoned or abused horses. This program is also designed for those horse owners who desire a quick, relatively stress-free end to a horse’s useful life, and who are comforted by the idea that the meat will be put to valuable use. Depending on the contributor’s wishes the meat may be designated to be distributed to the hungry, or the proceeds may be used to further research or other nonprofit purposes…..

Dave Duquette "People Eating Tasty Animals" practicing horse eating techniques ~ Photo courtesy of Dave Duquette's Public FaceBook Photo Album

The United Horseman’s Front is listed at as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit charitable corporation under category “Animal related / (Animal Protection and Welfare (includes Humane Societies and SPCAs))” established in 2009. Dave Duquette, owner of Duquette Quarter Horses in Hermiston, OR, is the president.  The United Horsemen’s Front was registered as a nonprofit corporation in Oregon in November of 2008.

The US Internal Revenue Service defines a 501(c)(3) charitable organization as follows:

To be tax-exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, an organization must be organized and operated exclusively for exempt purposes set forth in section 501(c)(3), and none of its earnings may inure to any private shareholder or individual. In addition, it may not be an action organization, i.e., it may not attempt to influence legislation as a substantial part of its activities and it may not participate in any campaign activity for or against political candidates.…The organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, and no part of a section 501(c)(3) organization’s net earnings may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. …

However, despite exhaustive research, there apparently has been no reported or recorded evidence that the United Horsemen’s Front has participated in any equine rescues or rehabilitations to date.

During the course of the research, the activities of the group were in fact found to be exceedingly puzzling, especially when reviewed in light of the above mission statement.

In July 2009, during an interview with Michelle Brence of the Oregonian, Duquette said:

“… he (Duquette) used to average $300,000 in annual horse sales, with most fetching $10,000 to $15,000. “Now I’m lucky to sell two or three horses a year,” he said. “A horse I could get $20,000 out of in the last few years, I probably couldn’t get $5,000 out of now.”

Ms. Brence also reported that:

“…the Duquettes and others have formed advocacy groups to push a proposal they’re calling the H.O.R.S.E. Act of 2009 (short for Humane and Optimal Restoration and Sustainability of Equines) to reinstate USDA inspections. Horse meat could be exported to China, Mexico, France, Italy and other countries where it’s consumed by people. … But Dave Duquette, who lobbied for the proposal in Washington, D.C., last month, remains confident. “Everybody we talked to was very supportive of it,” he said. “There are a lot of Republicans that will be on board, but there are a lot of Democrats that will be on board, too.”

Absolutely no indication or discussion of how the United Horsemen’s Front is fulfilling its nonprofit mission of animal protection, humane treatment and welfare.

It seems that much of the energy of both the United Horsemen’s Front, and the United Organizations of the Horse is far more focused on other issues.  In many press releases the United Horsemen’s Front and the UOH make the following statement:

“The UOH seeks to unify all like-minded equine associations and individuals in support of its mission-to promote the humane care and management of horses, and the continued viability of the equine community in the United States of America.”

As no clear definition is given of who and what exactly makes up “like-minded equine associations and individuals,” one must attempt to make deductions as to who these groups and individuals might be from some of Mr. Duquette’s (and Rep. Sue Wallis’) public statements.

For example, in an exchange on the United Horsemen’s Front Facebook fan page (, Duquette made the following accusation:

“So from what I am hearing it is “OK” to go buy a horse out of a “Kill Pen” for $25 and then put it on the “Rescue” or “Bail” donation list. Then say if it doesn’t meet the set amount “They” will take it back to where it was rescued from in the first place. Hmmm. Doesn’t wash people. That is the “SCAM” that could end up…” having felony penalties.

When someone asked for clarification and facts on the incident in question, Duquette responded,

<<name omitted>> who is on what side of which isle???? If you believe the dribble and rediculous rants of RT Fitch then maybe this page is not for you. There has been much posted and written about Sue(Wallis) and I that is simply A.R. bull that has no factual meaning. Instead of attacking this group maybe do the research on who these scammers are. Makes me wonder who your protecting, there is an obvious scam going on and doing the see no evil thing makes you look more suspicious than maybe you think.  If you believe in climate change then great, Sue (Wallis) or anyone else that doesn’t should not be chastized by you or RT. I believe it’s a natural occurring change and Al Gore made alot of money SCAMMING the public.”

(R.T. Fitch is a blogger at who has been extremely critical of Mr. Duquette and Rep. Wallis.  The A.R. abbreviation stands for animal rights.)

Mr. Duquette also spends much of his energies repeatedly criticizing Wayne Pacelle, CEO and President of the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), which seems odd, given Duquette himself is the president of a group dedicated to animal protection and welfare.  However, the United Horsemen’s Front and the UOH have their own particular interpretation of what the HSUS and other animal welfare groups’ true mission is:

“The animal rights radical agenda (NOT to be confused with legitimate and responsible animal welfare proponents, which we all are) offers no solution except pushing for what is essentially a welfare entitlement program for animals-Medicaid and food stamps for horses so that every old, dangerous, unsound, unusable horse is maintained at public expense for the rest of their 25 to 30 year average life span. What they propose will create a mechanism to shovel taxpayer dollars directly into the pockets of animal rights organizations (HSUS/PETA) so they can continue to pay six figure salaries and put more of their budget into pension plans than to actually help any animals. Last year HSUS spent less than 1/2 of 1% of their almost $100 Million dollar budget on direct animal care …” (from a UOH press release in April)

No sources are given as to how one can apply for Medicaid and food stamps for horses (unfortunately).  And, the accusation in regards to the HSUS budget expenditures cannot be verified on any charity research website (Charity Navigator, Guidestar), nor the website listed in the press release.

So, in light of these statements, one can only gather that “like-minded equine associations and individuals” consist of those that do not challenge Mr. Duquette’s or Rep. Wallis’ “facts”, plans or behavior in any fashion whatsoever.

Rep. Wallis is up for re-election on November 11, (after winning the Republican primary in her district by only 177 votes).

It  is beyond disturbing that on August 30, of this year, Mr. Duquette, president of a 501(c)(3) charitable organization specifically forbidden under Federal law in participating in any campaign activity for or against political candidates, was listed by the Wyoming Elections Commission as the Chairman of the United Organizations of the Horse Political Action Fund (

Rep. Wallis is, of course, the Executive Director of the UOH.

This series will conclude with a final article on the questionable relationship the UOH has with horse slaughter buyers and a recap and review of the facts.

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  1. Who is SS? Hmmm, jack of all trades; master of none? Why should I care? Hmmm..tough one to answer. Let’s start with equal justice under the law and end with how certain localities can tell the Feds to stuff it and the Feds don’t follow the law either.

    Gee whiz! I wonder how far from anarchy the USA really is? The equines would say it’s here now.


  2. A more fitting name for the above organization would be:”Bancrupt Horsebreeder’s Welfare Alliance” at the taxpayers expense! They make a mockery out of “Charity”. This organization should be promptly reported to the Feds for FRAUD!…..Of Course with the way things are now a days on the “Justice front”?! This is so demoralizing! Horses have been my only family for over 28yrs. They saved me from job “burn outs” (I am a surgical nurse) helped me overcome life’s hurdles, and contributed to my soul growth. Currently I have 12 horses of which 6 is over 20 yrs old. (21-33yrs) In my life with horses, I lost 2 of my family members to old age and they passed on in my arms went to a peaceful sleep, were buried at my ranch. They were very much loved and respected all in their life. I spend over $100 in supplements for my oldest friend/soulmate, and every day, he is up on all four, is a gift. He will tell me when he is ready, I am praying he will go in his sleep. I truly pity Sue Wallis and her co-hort Duquette, for they are miserable “inhumane beings” who will never know truly unconditional Love that a horse or any animal can offer!


  3. R.T., I can’t believe you ran that picture. LOL!

    I doubt that the UOH and it’s affiliates fits the monetary requirements, but if they ever get to where they are obtaining enough donations they could get into some substantial IRS trouble……,,id=180171,00.html, especially given the fact that the odd business transactions are so public.


  4. “Absolutely no indication or discussion of how the United Horsemen’s Front is fulfilling its nonprofit mission of animal protection, humane treatment and welfare.””

    very scary that is is SO EASY for people to set-up a Non-profit (when their personal income falls to 10k a year) a non-profit banding together with other horse-eaters and scam millions of dollars from donors..who think they are helping animals or donating to some agenda that is not the truth.

    That evil slaughterhouse sue woman and this quarterhorse breeder who didn’t save some of his income while it was still good(plan for his future?) should not be allowed to promote a tax free horsemeat business on the backs of ignorant donors. Some of those donors should feel scammed by now! the donors are supporting a future horsemeat business and a failed QH breeder program. go ahead and report to the irs, the irs have a webpage all set-up to report scams.


  5. In an effort to understand all points of view, I purcharsed a copy of Range magazine, Spring 2010. The front cover had a picture of a wild horse and promised a discussion of the mustang question with the enticing “MUSTANGS Yeah or Neigh”. The magazine devoted six pages to this discussion with the lead article “The Truth About Horses” authored by Sue Willace advocates horse slaughter as well as using horse meat to feed the poor. She refers to the the 2008 GAO report to support her contention that there are far more horses on the range than BLM numbers confirm.

    In short, her article is very old school rancher speak reiterating many of what we know are unscientific and unproven contentions that horses damage the range, and that there are too many out there. She goes back to the time when the government ordered the slaughter of all the cattle out West, when people were then forced to eat horse meat. She apparently doesn’t get the fact that horse meat sells from $15.00 to $25.00 per pound in Europe and Asia because she refers to it as an inexpensive form of meat.

    Another disturbing aspect of this story is Mr. Durquette’s connections to the Quarter Horse industry given that it is the over breeding of Quarter Horses and Thoroughbreds that is the biggest reason that we have excessive numbers of horses. If this plan goes through, I can envision a climate in which even more horses are bred specifically with slaughter in mind.

    However, the tide may be turning against the purchase of US horse meat in some European countries. The concerns are that the suppliers of horse meat have been deceptive about the conditions of the slaughter process. Even more seriious, are concerns about eating horse meat that may contain chemicals used to treat conditions that affect horses, but that may be harmful to humans. Furthermore, given the dreams of countless American children, especially little girls, to own their very own horse, I can not forsee a time when there would be a market for horse meat in America.

    Slaughter Sue tries to paint this as a human rights issue. She believes that her human right to have horse meat as part of her diet and part of the diets of people who are parts of culltures that might like horse meat should not be regulated or prevented by those of us who find the slaughter of horses inhumane ,and the thought of eating horse meat repulsive. She writes, “I find the eating of lima beans repusive. But neither one of us has the right to enforce our prejudice on others. It is as simple as that.” (30)


    • SS CAN have horsemeat on her table. Just has to be her horse slaughtered on her property. So pick one, Sue, and remember to videotape the process. Hope the grandkids get to watch!


  6. God, SS is such a bleeping imbecile! Lima beans aren’t sentient! I’m a little disappointed, though, more of the same arguments with nothing new to retaliate against. Also, Italy is going to ban the sale of horsemeat and in France it dropped to below 1% of all meat consumed in that country, and is continuing to drop, by their own choice.




  8. What did he say to you? I accidentally stumbled across the “United Horseman’s Front” FB page, and they seem threatening there too.


  9. Okay here is my opinion. To date I have never identified myself as an animal rights activitist. As time goes by I see myselft as advocating more and more.

    Honeybandit’s mom called me on Sunday and I literally dropped everything to drive to help her. I live 4 1/2 hrs away. Along the way I stopped and went shopping for her in that she hasn’t had time to do so since she took Bandit.

    Little Bandit is so thin it makes you want to cry. But yesterday when we all went to the vet we had some good news. And this is what I personally focus on. Blood count was NORMAL. No more issues with potassium. On the Henneke scale the vet told me when I asked her she said he had been a 1, but would guess he was now closer to a 1 1/2. This made me want to jump for joy.

    It took three of us to hold Bandit when she was taking the catheter out. There is a little horse in there! A fighter.

    He still has issues and those I should let Palomino address. I believe his hearing is more about dealing with all the stress he’s been through rather than physical. He chose to go someplace else because of how bad he was. When he realizes that all the food he’s been chowing down isn’t going to go away and all the love he’s been receiving isn’t going to stop because–I think he may choose to come back. Right now his ears are mostly glued forward.

    Yesterday I was reading The Wild One to him. Terri Farley’s book. It hurt to read about the helicopter at the beginning because of all he’d just been through. But then there’s a part about how Phantom sends his mares up a secret trail. Right at that moment Bandit nudged me with his nose.

    Bandit was on his feet eating straight for close to 2 1/2 hrs yesterday afternoon. He stopped a couple of times to poop and pee. But then went straight back to eating. Then he got tired and went over to his bed. This is an egg crate cushion with a couple of sleeping bags to keep the cold from coming in. He lay down. He didn’t fall. He didn’t collapse. He went down in normal horsie style. And before you could blink he was sound asleep.

    Palomino gets him up every two hours not only to turn him so he won’t get bed sores but she gets him off the bed so he can pee and poop. He is getting really good about waiting.

    This one isn’t about politics with the BLM. It isn’t about the vet bill wihich currently has been figured out. It isn’t about who is right and who is wrong. The energy that Bandit needs is positive. I ask each of you who wants to ream the BLM for what happened to turn this around–send that energy as a positive flow to this little horse who needs each and everyone of us.

    His little body is so depleted from fat and muscle. We can only choose to help him or we can do nothing. Or we can use that same energy to send bad vibes to the BLM. I choose to send as many good thoughts as I can to Bandit and to Palomino who isn’t doing this for fame or glory. She’s doing ;this because she knows how to do 24/7 nursing care. She sleeps on a cot in a converted garage with him.

    Bandit has leg warmers to help keep his legs warm at night. He gets a warm heating blanket. He can thermoregulate because of how depleted he is. In this way he is very similar to a premie baby.

    Sue Wallis and the rest who out to destroy our 4 legged friends are misguided. In SlaughterSue’s case I recommend she breeds and slaughters her own horses. Leave the rest of the world’s horses alone. If she won’t slaughter her own it kinda shows where her heart is.

    My heart is full today with the love little Bandit showed me Sunday afternoon and yesterday. I for one could never think to slaughter him. Putting him down for humane reasons–possibly someday when he’s 30 or so and he’s suffering pain.

    Slaughter isn’t humane. It isn’t quick and painless. It’s barbacic and the fear the horses have beforehand is something that would cause most of us to have a heart attack if we were placed in the same situation.

    I have to leave this alone now. Bandit needs me to concentrate my energies on him. Sorry Sue you are so wrong. If I had enough energy I could feel sorry for you because you miss the mark so badly.


    • Margaret: In the Horse Wars, we are faced with some horrifying and ugly realities every day; it takes a strength of character & force of will to find the tiny beams of beauty within.
      I hope the little Honey Man recovers and thrives and never has occasion to look back. And I appreciate the fact you are able to turn your face away from sue wallis & her breed & the misery they seem so determined to spawn.


  10. Margaret, that was so wonderful to hear about little Bandit. He has been in my thoughts since the story first broke. I’m glad the catheter is out and that he is getting “potty trained”. Such a great symbol of the BLM’s thoughtless cruelty.


  11. I think we all must of had it out with Dave Duquette and his loving wife on the Washington Post a couple years back. These people are breeders and they want a easy way to get rid of the horses THEY don’t want, and make money doing it… we know this and I am sure they have lot’s of friends that are in the same abusive business. I wouldn’t be surprised if they are comunicating with the Belgium butchers, making deals….. I am going to start bombarding Wyoming with Mayor Paula’s letter, pictures, investigations etc…..We have to make sure Suzie Slaughter is not getting her horse slaughter house of horrors. We have to fight hard on this, in a long run we will save the wild too. No way do I think they have 30,000 in holding. They will truck them to Wyoming in the middle of the night before they brand them….They will just say feral…unwanted. I am starting to rant, I will stop now…. . Margaret thank you for posting about Honeybandit, sending postive thoughts for the little foal.


  12. As Margaret says “slaughter isn’t humane,” either for “our” horses or for “their” horses. It is barbaric for any horse. The horses “owned” by butchers deserve more protection, not less.


  13. It’s rather funny how some layperson or pro-slaughter people argue that the torture the horses endure at slaughter is no different than those endured by your typical food species (cattle, poultry, pigs, etc.) Those animals have techniques that work so that they can be killed humanely. Horses don’t. Why should equines have to endure exponentially more suffering to the point where the procedure violates any industrialized nation’s (yes, even European nations) standards on slaughtering? The existence of equine in any industrialized nation makes no sense whatsoever, it just defies comprehension altogether, both for humane – and most importantly – for human health reasons.


  14. I wanted to share some visuals with you about Bandit. This might help you concentrate on him.

    He has the cutest feet ever. 4 little hooves that could fit in a teacup. Perfectly formed frogs. And his hooves are so perfect you’d think he had just had a manicure. His mane is soft. It’s very short but someday will grow in. He has a pretty long tail for a two month old. He’s learning how to use it. He pumps it up and down like one of those old water wells faucets. He’s beginning to swish it from side to side so this is another one of those things to improve on.

    Right before I left yesterday I put his little flyscreen on. As he was asleep his head was very heavy. But he let put his screen on.

    Don’t think about how bad off he is. That will lead to negative thoughts about him. Like Barbaro; led the way to show many of us the evils of horse slaughter I believe Bandit will lead the way to show people a better way. We need to concentrate on all the positive energy we can.



  15. Birds of a feather flock together and so there you have Dave Duquette and Miss Susie Q Wallis (not a poet)….Standing to make $ and there chance to be in the spotlight….Ofcourse Sue not a poet Wallis is just hell bent on getting her idea in motion. I sure do have to find the PM, the big hearted woman sent me, calling us IDIOT’S, after looking at a Horse Slaughter video I had sent her, claiming it was not that but of horses that were hurt in transport to a Slaughter House. I thought, hmmmm, this certainly is an educated and classy way for a legislature to speak? I will look for the PM.
    Now, as far as taking these horses that are not meant for human consumption, reagardless whether or not they beleive different. They have sugar coated it with all kinds of plans to rejuvenate, which is a nice way of saying…We will fatten them up and then off with their heads. Like I always say…You can fool some of the people…BUT YOU CAN’T FOOL US!!!!!!!!


  16. I love hearing about Bandit. I can almost feel his energy and content with his new caregivers. Thanks from my horse loving heart to everyone who helps, touches, cares for and loves him. I know I do already.
    By the way, if anyone needs a full copy of the Paula Bacon letter (former Mayor of Kaufman, TX where Dallas Crown slaughter plant was located), a copy is in my “Notes” tab n FB. Be sure to copy the original link to the post when you copy and paste it, and make sure anyone who even thinks of a horse slaughter operation reads it.
    It mentions the foreign influence in those plants, and the suits and economical and environmental issues, which are profound. This is, of course, is on top of the horrible cruelty heaped on these beautiful animals. Any resident of any community that considers it HAS to read it. I read that certain people in WY had some foreign investors looking at property there…


  17. We have been getting stronger and more organized this year, but the size of what we are up against is humongeous.
    It is good versus evil, we are the davids they are the golliath, billion dollar industries and corrupt government against selfless goodhearted people who stand to loose nothing but a victory for horses, and there is not enough of us.

    We need to literally get it together in a big way, become more one solid front to be reconed with and use our time as efficient and effective as possible.

    If you want to know how, contact me.


  18. Have you read this?
    It is about wild horses being sold to slaughter – illegally – by the BLM in Fallon Nevada in July.
    The BLM and affiliates are playing cat and mouse with us and in the meantime they continuely do whatever they think they can get away with. They #1 keep us in court (money and time and energy) #2 go about their illegal business knowing full well that we can’t keep up with their “games” and coverups and #3 know that even IF we know that big $$$ (Oil and Mining and Cattle) is telling them what to do … that we don’t have the money or legal facilities to fight them in court and even if we did … these illegal activities would be tied up in court for years … while their big $ lawyers wiggle their way out it. Sickening. I am NOT saying we need to give up … but “know your enemy”!


  19. Horses are not food! Using horse meat to feed the poor is an abomination and totally unnecessary. We produce plenty of food in the US to feed everyone. We just don’t distribute it fairly.

    This is just an attempt to clear off public land and convince the public that it is not useful or valuable. The next step will be to sell it off for commercial development. This cannot happen.

    These horses, and this land belong to We the People, and we must defend both! We PAY the BLM to manage OUR horses on OUR land. We should not have to fight them or worry that they will steal what is ours.


  20. Hi, can you please correct this? I was not the reporter on the story about the Duquettes, nor have I ever interviewed them. The story was reported by Richard Cockle, also of The Oregonian. I posted it on our website, which may have made it appear that I was the author. It might have been prudent to give a call before posting this.


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