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BLM Horse Slaughter Business Gets DC’s Attention

by Sharon Seltzer from Care2

Where Have All Your Wild Horses Gone?

Your Protected Wild Horses headed to Slaughter? ~ Photo by Terry Fitch

Wild horses are federally protected and cannot be sold in slaughter auctions.  Feral domestic horses are not covered by the same laws. The two groups can look identical. 

Animal advocates and Congress want the Bureau of Land Management to explain the criteria they use to determine which horse gets to live and which horse will die.

BLM’s policy came under fire after 172 mustangs from the 2010 Nevada roundups were sent to a slaughter auction in July.  The auction was attended by buyers from slaughterhouses in Canada and Mexico.  Animal advocates say the horses are federally protected mustangs.

The horses at the auction were spared thanks to the efforts of Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.  The group and a few private citizens bought the horses.

Now 57 members of Congress and wild horse advocates have asked for an investigation into BLM’s policies. 

They have asked the National Academy of Sciences National Research Council to look into the matter.  And they want BLM to stop the roundups until the scientists have made a determination.

Jill Starr, president of Livesavers Wild Horse Rescue said this about the horses she rescued in July. “It doesn’t take a biologist to know that these are not ranch horses gone wild.”

Starr believes the horses her group rescued are descendants of protected wild mustangs or are from a very old herd of wild horses.

She said in an interview with the Reno Gazette-Journal, “These were very typical mustangs.  They have that red dun coloring you expect from wild horses.  There were no pintos, no Appaloosas. I’ve never seen a herd that was so clearly wild. Everything about them suggests they were isolated, a very old herd and not ranch horses or their offspring.”

Starr would like BLM to run DNA tests on these animals to determine their heritage and protection. 

BLM on the other hand said the area where the 172 animals were captured had been depleted of protected mustangs in 1993, when the horses were removed in a roundup.

Roundups, grazing patterns and physical looks seem to be the methods used by BLM to determine which horses are protected and which are “estrays” or domestic horses that have become wild.

Bryan Fuell, field manager of BLM’s Elko District Office said, “The BLM makes the majority of the decisions on estrays based on physical appearance and or brands on the animals as well as history of unauthorized horse activity in the area.”

Wild horse advocates complain these criteria are not “scientifically based.”  They call the policies “subjective.”

Vicki Tobin of the Equine Welfare Alliance said this type of policy allows BLM to “decide at random that they no longer want to manage a herd.”

Even BLM admits to making mistakes in the past.  In 2009 officials gave the wrong designation for a group of horses rounded up.

BLM has agreed for the National Research Council to review its National Wild Horse and Burro Program beginning January 1, 2011, but the study will come too late for the herd rounded up this year.

And to make matters worse for the plight of wild horses, a group of 175 that were captured by private land owners will be sold at an auction on September 18 in Fallon, Nevada.  Their poster reads, “Geldings – Studs – Mares – Mares and Foals.”  Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue says the auction will be full of buyers from slaughterhouses.

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  1. What is it about Horses and Burros living in the wild – where they do NO harm – that engenders such negative emotions in Public Servants?
    Why is it the only solution to dealing with these animals, particularly in the last 10 months, is to just flat out run ’em down & get rid of them?
    I’d like nothing more than a moritorium on roundups but more than that – I’d like very much for an investigation to be launched against this Bureau for complete and utter failure to comply with the Act and to perform the jobs with which they are charged – THE PROTECTION OF THE WILD FREE ROAMING HORSES AND BURROS ON MY LAND.
    They draw paychecks & benefits packages from a fund which everyone I know is taxed 22% or better to keep running, yet ‘Public input’ supporting Wild Equines is an oxymoron which the Bureau is completely comfortable ignoring. They use no science, ethics or common sense when routinely sentencing Herds to ignominious death and loss of freedom and God forbid should even ONE Bureauist step up & express a dissenting opinion AGAINST a roundup; individual thought and moral character have been bred out of them all just as surely as pride in Public service has. They have all become small & frightened or blank-eyed & cruel; keep their courage at home and go along to get along.
    I guess this is the mind-set you have to possess in order to deliberately & without humanity watch a helicopter roundup these animals and swear out loud it’s the only humane way to ‘gather’ them; to send those Horses off to an auction yard, with full knowledge of the fate that will surely await them, and not give it another thought.
    I’d be impressed if it didn’t make me sick; this is precisely the sort of militaristic strategy you’d expect out of mercenaries or private security firms, not a Public agency charged with ensuring the welfare of these animals.
    But it would seem the Bureau has taken excellent cues from the Interior Secretary, who holds the Public in as low a regard as he does Wild Equines.
    Congratulations, Ladies and Gentlemen of the Bureau of Land Management’s Wild Horse and Burro Management Program. You must be very proud.


    • The focus, as implemented by state and Fed wild equine killers helps distract the more obvious issues of public lands special interest abuse and favoritism. The WH&B program also justifies expansive budgets, stimulus monies and emergency funds for the government equine killers….couldn’t justify those funds for cattle and sheep on the public lands, could you? Congress would tell you to take them off at the livestock owners expense.

      The killers hide the process, the short and long term holding animals because of the obvious….high injury, death counts and continued incompetence and cruelty for the living are not what they want any reasonable human to see; plus, I’m sure the numbers just don’t add up

      Cull policy is outrageous, dirty, covert, capricious and layered to provide cover for the crooked officials.


      • Denise, distraction really is the key word. Our wild herds are a target, but they don’t represent the deeper, underlying issues. They are the victims in a larger scenario.
        I strongly suspect, as conspiracy theory as this may sound, that there is something major (or several things) being planned for our public lands. Whether it’s increased grazing or ramped-up oil exploration, mining, etc., I don’t know. But there’s definitely something happening that’s causing the BLM to run all of these horses and burros off the land — something that they don’t want us to see.
        I’ve looked over the round up schedule — all the extreme numbers disappearing from the HMAs — and I just can’t figure out what the motive is, but I feel in my bones that there’s something really ugly that just hasn’t shown its face, yet.


      • Actually, Denise, this is a reply to Nora’s post too. I agree with you, Nora. There has to be something more than “business as usual” to make the BLM act in such a reckless fashion. I know they don’t give a rat’s ass about the horses, but they are just asking for trouble the way they are mindlessly charging along. I mean, they even outright LIED under oath in an open Federal Court. Not to mention ignoring the court order to allow Laura Leigh to observe the Owyhee removals – plus all they’ve done since that is blatantly ignoring the advocates’ First Amendment rights, as R.T. has so beautifully written up.

        I just feel it in my bones somehow. This is TOO strange.


      • Reply to Nora and All:
        You said: ” Our wild herds are a target, but they don’t represent the deeper, underlying issues. They are the victims in a larger scenario.”
        Your words couldn’t be more correct!
        Yesterday I talked to a friend has been working lately in Elko for a construction company who builds roads and pads for some of the BIG gold mine companies and oil riggers out there. Two of the names he told me were Barrick and Newmont – I looked online and they are global as well as major in the Northern Nevada area. Big Big Big money! He said as an example of one oil company (not BP who he said is VERY big out there) out there, they sunk two oil wells that he knew of at $24 million each … found no oil and just moved on. That is big money! That is the budget for all of the WH&B for a whole year. He also said that the locals have a love/hate for the wild horses out there and it is a big subject in the whole area. He also said that Elko is now a big town with Marriots and Hilton etc and all the rooms are full during the week with miners. He also said that “the word” out there is that there is more oil (although deep) in Nevada than in all of Kiewet. Sooooooo that goes along with and points to one reason that the mustangs are doomed as we know them … they and the BLM are both only pawns in their game and only a drop in the bucket or an irritating insect to these big companies. Not surprised to hear this but still it is very sad. Here is a quote from the webpage of one of those oil companies:
        “…In February 2010, the federal Bureau of Land Management approved a planned expansion at Bald Mountain [look online to see a pic of this BIG hole] which will significantly extend the mine life.” Most of these big gold mines also get silver and copper etc besides just the gold and these are the big holes in the ground that you may have seen pics of. Of course, like I said this is BIG BIG BIG GLOBAL money! I know there is much more to be learned on these websites and just by googling them … but frankly I don’t want to know it. Makes me ill.
        So…… Nora, you are unfortunatley correct… our wild horses burros don’t represent the deeper, underlying issues. They are the victims in a larger scenario.
        I will continue to fight for our wild ones … and know you will also … but we all need to educate ourselves on the “big picture” as painful as it is … know your enemy.


    • Can you say BLACKWATER???? They are known as Xe now. But a private military operation nonetheless. One of their teams shot up an intersection in fall of 2007 killing about 17 Iraqis for NO REASON. They have since lost their business license for Iraq but moved their operation to Afghanistan.

      This is a major DOD contract. Hundreds of millions of dollars.

      Washington is ssssssooooo corrupt they don’t know even know how corrupt they are! They rotted from the inside out.


      • I was under the impression that Blackwater had contracts with private contractors (Halliburton, etc) and Department of State and Iraqi gov’t. I don’t believe they were security for DOD military activities.

        But yep! They are crooked cowboys too…shoot ’em up and get names and numbers later. I don’t think they got a complete pass from DOJ, DOD and Congress, but it has certainly slipped off the radar.

        Remember. Halliburton has big time contact, influence, financials with Dick “Darth Vader” Cheney who is either home on the range in WY or Georgetown University Hospital-Cardiac Care.


      • I don’t know if the book is still available but you should check at amazon for Blackwater. A CNN reporter wrote this book. She had full access to the founder before he resigned. It gives a lot of really ugly side of Washington. People regularly moving back and forth from one department to the other depending on need and where the money is.

        Blackwater could charge DOD anywhere from 500-900 dollars a day for a “private contractor” and then another 500-900 dollars for all the paperwork. They work as “go between”. They had all sorts of high tech stuff and they charge the DOD for it.

        Very enlightening. Tough to read. It’ll blow your mind to find out how deep the corruption in Washington really is.


    • Lisa I have a theory that governments cannot abide anything that is wild and free whether it be animals, people or wild spaces. Goes against that desire to crush everything and everyone into under-their-thumb control and ultimately, complacency.


    • In regard to the very first comment on this post…. from Lisa LeBlanc….. very well written. You should send it to every newspaper around you and encourage everyone else to send it out to their newspapers too. Would be an excellent letter to the editors. Anything to keep getting the word out and more of the public educated & involved.


  2. The BLM uses a federally convicted Horse-Nabber to round up our mustangs; oh I see; this next batch of Wild Mustangs were rounded up by private land owners? oh so this means they are not Mustangs simply because they were on private land?; on “unauthorized land activity…IF the BLM does not withdraw these Wild Horses from the Fallon Livestock before Saturday 8am

    I will begin a formal inquiry with my Representative to “investigate the BLM; the BLM Wh & B program; the Dept. of Agricuture of NV and the Fallon Livestock; so to the aforementioned IF any of you are reading this: MARK MY WORDS ON A PIECE OF SCRAP PAPER; SO WHEN THE INVESTIGATION BEGINS; YOU WILL HAVE MY REFERENCE…re: PURPOSELY INJURING WILD MUSTANGS DURING ROUNDUPS; SELLING WILD MUSTANGS; MAKING FALSE STATEMENTS AND “PERJURY: (such as the blm rewrote the handbook about foals after the court)
    Illegal…illegal…illegal…TO THE BLM YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW PAL…NO ONE IS …not me; not you blm; not the next guy…

    summary to blm: ‘the long arm of the law is “watching you closely!
    (save yourselves by cancelling the Dept. of Agri. mustang auction!
    because if you get “caught; selling Mustangs; u will be “arrested !

    this is the way our Constitution was written; abide by the laws or face arrest…its just as simple as that…cancel the auction “or else !
    (how many gov. officials get indicted each year ? whole lot of them


    • Hi Anna. Did you get any replies as yet? I have written to the white house line several times but as of yesterday the line is no longer working. Excellent posts btw.!!!


      • The only replies I got were ” such and such is out of the office.”
        My own Congressman did answer and it did not seem to be a form letter. He is on the side of the horses and signed the Congress letter.


      • hello; i received this reply from Senator Dodd of CT. a good reply:

        September 30, 2009

        Ms. Anne White
        Bridgeport, Connecticut 06604-2140

        Dear Ms. White:

        Thank you for contacting me regarding Senate bill 727, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act of 2009. I appreciate hearing from you on this important issue.

        I strongly support the Animal Welfare Act and similar measures that strengthen regulations relating to the care, handling, and treatment of animals. I believe that animals should not be forced to experience needless pain and suffering and I have worked to advance legislation to protect animals throughout my career in public service.

        According to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), in 2006, nearly 105,000 horses were slaughtered for human consumption at three U.S.-based plants. While this practice effectively ended in 2007 when these plants closed, serious concerns have been raised about the shipment of U.S. horses to slaughterhouses in Mexico and Canada. To address these concerns, Senator Mary Landrieu (D-LA) has introduced S. 727, the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act, on March 26, 2009. This legislation, which I am pleased to cosponsor, would prohibit the possession, shipment, transport, sale, or purchase of horses or horse flesh for human consumption, and would impose criminal penalties for such activities. This bill has been referred to the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, of which I am not a member. However, please be assured that I will keep your views in mind should this or similar legislation come before the full Senate for consideration.

        Thank you again for contacting me. If you would like to stay in touch with me on this and other issues of importance, please visit my website at and subscribe to receive my regular e-mail issue alerts. Please do not hesitate to contact me again if I may be of assistance to you in any way.



        United States Senator


    • They perjured themselves in Judge Hick’s court when they falsely claimed the Tuscarora removal was suddenly an emergency with expected death toll of 70% if he granted a TRO. This was untrue. Also testified there were no cattle, water or fences on this range when in fact all three were present. See Fite Declaration 8/10/10


  3. to the blm; dept. of agricuture; fallon livestock; et al.

    If you do not cancel this Saturday’s Wild Mustang Auction…at Fallon feedlot I WILL BEGIN MY OWN PERSONAL INVESTIGATION WITH MY REP. ! AND MY 2 SENATORS !

    now stop the mustang auction Fallon OR FACE THE LAW !
    remember: once you sell a wild mustang; the “crime is done; and you cannot undue this; so the BLM’s only hope to save their jobs

    ps someone check those mustangs to see if the BLM covered up any of the wild mustangs freeze marks with dye…check their rumps too; sometimes blm freezemarks mare’s rumps; stop the blm

    a lady in Cal. was just “convicted of putting shoe dye on horses she was selling to make them another color…geeze I give up ! aw


  4. summary re: BLM;

    You cannot slam mustangs into closed gates; slam mustangs into fences; corrals; pens; leave them with little hay; little water; the blm cannot “injure foals; separate foals from mums; separate family herds; the blm cannot go on a wild mustang roundup rampage; where 115 perished at Calico; 45 at Tuscarora; 130 mustangs perished in corrals in 2007 from Samonella; THIS IS NOT SAVING MUSTANGS…this is the opposite of saving them…

    so the blm indicts themselves; every time they “harm a Mustnags

    the litlte foal Terri Farly and Chilipepper ranch adopoted is better; this foal is just like Feathers the foal; but the rescue got this one in time; they say; this foal never got a lick of hay or milk in the corral

    the blm does not acutally hand feed foals; but lets foals seprarated from their mum’s or their mum’s are lost; these foals can wander about FOR DAYS IN THE CORRAL WITH NO HAY OR MILK…true


  5. Are the horses in this new auction, gathered by “private” individuals actually the end product of evidence gathered by Western Watersheds that a “private” gather took place in a remote area at Tuscarora around the time of the roundup? As I recall, there were trailer tracks and a whip like those used in the roundups found on the range around that time. I would like some names of these “private” individuals who will gain from selling to the killbuyers. It’s the PEER white paper all over again, except horses being sold en masse since the price is down. I hope there’s a whistleblower out there who will step forward and end this nonsense once and for all!


    • Leonore; someone should retrieve the “whip and other things and turn this evidence over to the Sheriff of Fallon Nevada department

      any other ideas thoughts pix videos of abuse can be sent to Sheriff


    • I wish we could get an injunction: very doubtful somelet let out another 175 estrays; why were these Mustangs at Fallon if they are not estrays? NEVER SEEN SUCH ROTTON LIES AS BLM…




    • I was talking and showing some of my photos of a wild horse herd to some friends just the other day and one of the guys told me about the time his father, several years ago, would roundup some of the wild ones during the winter months and sell them off at the local livestock auctions to make money during the off time of thier farm/ranching business. I think this guy knew how I felt about hearing this. I think we know what happened to them back in those days.


  7. They just rounded up the Saylor Creek horses in Idaho–wildfire. Pull up the link and see how they do have controlled burns there. They immediately hauled those horses to Boise. Are they going to PUT THOSE HORSES BACK?
    Now– yet another aution of “estray” horses?
    Could it be that the round-ups are starting to draw too much attention?


  8. BLM Ensuring Protection of Saylor Creek Wild Horse Herd
    The BLM also is seeking public cooperation in protecting the animals by requesting they do not attempt to visit the HMA at this time. This will minimize herd disturbance and help prevent further stress to the horses.


      • Hey Suzanne…TOU ARE A HOOT!!!!!! You just made my day…that was very funny!

        Seriously….what did wild equines do during or in wildfires BEFORE there was a DOI/BLM????? I think they did just FINEEEE!!!!!!!! and don’t need help from killers. Of course, that’s assuming that the killers haven’t corralled these equines long ago AND HAVE TO MOVE THEM because they were in pre holding/lockup and the equines can’t run in a safe direction. That’s all the DOI needs…someone stumbling on a bunch of equines boxed in a canyon or corral that got trapped and suffocated and then burned because they were captured. Can you imagine? Can you see the images on the front page?


  9. is anyone going to this auction? I would like to suggest they contact law enforcement and have them there ready to arrest anyone selling wild horses. How about the FBI? Contact the FBI and have them there investigating this fiasco.


  10. Nora go to SFTHH Sept. 6 NYT/Cattoor/Conspiring article scroll down to comment section— link to billings gazette Correct–there is more to the story….


  11. The operative word is COLLUSION. There sure is something going on with OUR PUBLIC LANDS and OUR WILD HORSES and OUR WILD BURROS. They still hang horse thieves in Texas.


  12. Correct me if I’m wrong, but my take on this is: The Wild Free Roaming Horse & Burro Act includes Free Roaming!!!!!! It is not just “The Mustang-Only & Burro Act of 1971!!!!! A Free Roaming horse is a Free Roaming horse and is protected by law, dammit! Feral or mustang, makes no difference! It is free, & it is roaming!


    • Connie – the Bureau has made great strides recently in circumventing the WH&B Act – in religious stricture to the amendments and not to the original intent.
      Their claims of 15 – 20% annual growth rates have rarely been adhered to; their ‘population estimates’ put Wild Equines at the same growth rates as rabbits and the fictional Tribbles – that mares give birth to mares who are fully capable of reproducing within 6 months of their birth.
      According to their own published statistics,the round ups do NOT control population. The PZP experiments do NOT control population. And Wild Equines live forever, reproducing as long as they live.
      For every Equine born in the last 10 years, the Bureau has rounded up all of those, and an additional 17,000 besides. If they don’t validate population extremes, they cannot snivel to the Appropriations Commitees about how, if they are just given another $10M over the WH&B Program budget for more round ups, they can finally get these critters under control.
      They have failed each and every assurance, even failing the Watersheds Restoration Initiative of 2000, before Congress for the past 10 years. Yet they perform the same ‘behavior’ over and over, expecting a different outcome – the very definition of Insanity.
      For me, it’s become more than trying to save my Horses and Burros. It’s become outrage at the blatant uselessness of pouring money into a program that answers to no one – not even it’s own government – but has no qualms about asking for more money to add failure on top of failure.
      The only compensation – when Wild Equines have evaporated into the Ether or are sequestered in the Mid West Zoo system, there will be a dismantling of the Bureau’s Wild Horse & Burro Program. No more contractor roundups; no more ‘Wild Horse & Burro Specialist’; no more need for abbey or gorey or Public Relations – these people will become personna non grata – literally ‘unwanted persons’.
      Now if we can just get their pensions pulled…


      • Ah, yes. “The Trouble with Tribbles…” A favorite Star Trek episode!
        The real trouble is that people who are in favor of round ups never get further than “The BLM is rounding up herds as population control.” They take the government’s word for the numbers and don’t ask questions — or they make stupid comments about dog food.
        These animals cannot reproduce at the rate the BLM claims. And they aren’t immortal once they hit the ground.


  13. You know I had several hours to think about BLM on Sunday. Here are some of my random thoughts.

    1. No more not id’ing foals. If BLM can’t/won’t id foals then they should id them according to the mare’s tag. Similar if you will to the tb industry id’ing foals the first year of life by the mare’s name. If a foal of a tagged mare dies then say so. When the mare foals they can tell us the gender by the mare’s tag number.

    2. No more secret roundups. This includes the one in NV last year that they never told us about until AFTER the fact.

    3. No more playing hide and go seek. If BLM or its contractors are out shooting horses because of injuries they need to say so. Don’t hide it. Hiding just escalates a horrible situation. As a matter of course I don’t believe that its in the interests of the horses to have the contractors shooting them because of injuries. This is a life and death decision and one that only a licensed vet should be making.

    Shoot there were a couple of other thoughts I had and now there gone. I’ll be back later if they come to me…


    • Margaret I wholeheartedly support ID’ing the foals. How dare they not be counted as living beings. Nowhere but in BLM land would you not note a baby. And certainly these same babes would not be left in pens with any number of full grown horses. These babes do count to me and they should be counted and deaths ought to be contributed to “gather related”.


      • By not IDing the foals they allow themselves to keep repeating their computer generated formula..that churns out a 20% repoductive is all a fallacy, as those figures arrive via human entered numbers plugged into the formula..having been to the roundups and looked over holding facilities I have made a concentrated effort to evaluate the numbers of mares, with and without foals, the bands that are driven in with only 1 foal among them..none of their figures jive, and my eyes do not lie to me..wild horses have one of the lowest reproductive rates among wildlife..This whole reproductive ploy needs debunking..If I hear 1 more moron tell me the BLM is “fact based” I will throw up on their shoes..those people that support the BLMs policies have a horse in the race, and something that falls under the heading of ‘personal gain”..they are asking for fees and renumeration from the BLM-or contracts and payment to participate in helping the wild horses..they are always looking for a benifit to them first or in the end…I am sick of their hypocriscey


  14. The BLM simply does not have expertise to manage something as valuable to this country as our American Mustangs or our Wild Burro herds.


    • yep; the BLM does not have the knowledge or expertise to manage Equine Corrals…truer words have not been spoken…thnx.

      ya know what? I have never owned a Horse; been riding of course; but I honestly think I could run a better BLM corral than our Gov.; I would certainly put the Hay on the inside of the Pens…

      so lil darlin’s like Feathers don’t have to live with no hay ! who on the face of this earth ever heard of putting Hay on the outside of the corrals where the weak young and elderly cannot access…?

      I have never seen seemingly intelligent people “act so stupid ! A.

      PS I DID CONTACT MY CONGRESSMAN ABOUT TODAY’S FALLON AUCTION…so my complaint is on file…so IF the BLM is selling Mustangs who haven’t been branded; they will be “Indicted!


  15. I just happened upon a Nevada radio station. Homeland Security is very active there. Frequent announcements for citizens to report anything “UNUSUAL” and Homeland Security will be there in a matter of minutes–that’s what the radio announcement stated.
    Kind of makes one wonder…..


  16. A family member of a friend has viewed the horses in Fallon (pens near the road) yesterday. And this is what they reported they saw.

    “My sister and friend stop and looked yesterday, there’s a cruddy small pen with eight “definetly” mustangs in it, they’re desperate to get out, moving constantly, wild eyed, very sad, they’re in body weight. There’s one bigger corral with about 25 horses many with mustang signs, one appy. There’s NO foals that she could see. She’ll be checking on them again tomorrow.”


    • Per BLM website the other day, they were shipping some of the Twin Peaks horses to Fallon because Palomino holding pen was full. Can someone please call Eagle Lake/ Twin Peaks BLM and ask them if and where these Twin Peaks horses are being kept in Fallon and then go and see them. Hopefully you can verify that these Twin Peaks animals are not the ones being auctioned tomorrow. Also, if possible take photos (mug shots) that will help us to identify these Twin Peaks horses in the future … so when they have another Fallon horse slaughter auction we can verify they are not Twin Peaks Mustangs fresh off the range.


  17. Does anyone know if these horses are a part of Calico? BLM said last spring that they were “confident” that 600 horses remained free out at Calico. Then they could be a part of Tuscarora…

    If this is so why are they losing their protected status? Why the rush to ship to slaughter?

    BLM=Bull Lies and Murderers


  18. A bit off the subject but know most of you will want an update of Honey Bandit this is a link to a quick video:
    He is still hanging in there because of the love and attention of his new “family” … but apparently not healthy yet.

    I do not have medical training but have had animal “friends” most of my life – including horses – and I am thinking that Honey Bandit could have gotten a lot of bites and superficial cuts and scratches in one day/night in a corral with other stressed horses(plus DURING the stampede he was in on 9/1) BUT would NEVER have lost that much weight without many days of lack of nutrition. Do I have my dates right or do we KNOW when he was captured … was it 9/1? Per BLM vet report on 9/2 “All horses are stable and appear to be in good condition”. Wasn’t he adopted on 9/2 in a “next to death” condition? Think their system of vet checks has been CAUGHT this time?
    PS Please correct me regarding any of the dates – capture, first found in poor condition, adopted.


    • Grandma here’s what I know…
      Little Bandit was about 70 lbs underweight when I saw him on Monday afternoon. He has many bite and scratch marks ALL OVER his body. It is thought that Bandit tried to nurse from another mare after his mom dried up. Either the mare attacked him or the foal of the mare did. Up and down his legs, back, body. While most of them appear to be well on their way to healing the weight loss happpened OVER DAYS not one or two days as the BLM maintains. Trying to keep the focus here on Bandit–I don’t want to get into the blame game because that does no good at this point. Bandit needs all of us united for him.

      He is going to be a total stud! Given enough time to gain about 100 lbs, lose his baby coat (he’s gonna be a milk chocolate color–mark my words) and fill in all those bite marks–he’s gonna give Secretariat a run for the money!

      Palomino brought Bandit home on 9/2 and he was VERY MALNOURISHED at this time. In light of the public outcry BLM completed adoption last Thurs. They are picking up the vet bill from 9/2 to 9/7, and they sent a bucket of Foal Lac to Palomino for him too.

      Whatever happened here its obvious who made what mistakes. This is now about helping Bandit to heal and gain weight.


      • Unfortunately, bandit is not the first nor the last to suffer this fate…it just so happens that palamino showed up at an opportune momment..otherwise bandit would have been another statistic…ther have surely been many more not caught because advocates were not there to document it and they have died or been euthanised by the BLM..So yes, there does need to be a ‘blame game” all those foals that arrive at holding deserve a chance they don’t get under BLM care, so we must take a stand and demand a protocol be followed on any faltering foal-as would be done on a professional farm, that constantly observes the foals in their care..This is disgracefull management and deriliction and incomepence. Outside professionals need to have access to observation..no0t the typical wannabes that BLM drags in.


      • Regarding: BLM … ERROR in their ways!
        In response to my email I received the following BLM response:
        “Veterinarian reports are now posted on the Twin Peaks web pages here:
        We are posting them as we receive them”
        Jeff Fontana
        Public Affairs Officer
        BLM Northern California District

        I then responded:
        “Thank you very much for the veterinarian report information. I appreciate it. Where may I read the reports for the other days 8/13, 8/14, 8/15, 8/16, 8/17, 8/18, 8/19, 8/22, 8/23, 8/24, 8/25, 8/27, 8/28, 8/29, 8/31, 9/2, 9/3, 9/4, 9/5, 9/6, 9/8, 9/9, 9/11, 9/12 and today’s report 9/13? Thank you.

        I then recieved:
        “Reports are not prepared daily. We post them as we receive them. ”
        Jeff [BLM]

        Then I received from BLM:
        “The vet reports are all available online on the Twin Peaks HMA gather website.
        Amy Dumas [BLM]

        After following up with more questioning emails, I received the following:
        “The vet visits when we receive horses or burros, when we freezemark the horses, and when we call on him (as needed). During the rest of the gather, he would visit every other day. If he had nothing to report, then we did not post anything.”
        Amy [BLM]

        Now…….. as you will see if you look at a timeline of the vet visits/reports [8/12,8/20,8/21,8/26,8/30,9/1.9/7,9/10] and of the dates that animals WERE received (almost EVERY day since 8/12 – again per BLM site) … the above statement does not match. I can make a chart if needed, using BLM info. but I do know that this BLM info is not accurate and they are contradicting themselves … drastically! BLM says they had the vet onsite when animals were “received” and yet the dates that animals were received and the dates of the vet reports DO NOT MATCH. No wonder little Honey was unnecesarily neglected and almost died … and how many other injured horses were received without vet checks and medical attention? There is a BIG error in this. The BLM has a budget of FY 2009 about $50 million and they can’t have a vet out there every day that animals are received? And yet they state that they do! BS!
        I hope someone will use this information to catch BLM in their own lies and press charges of animal abuse!


      • PLUS:
        They should have alternating vets out there … not just one. Multiple eyes and brains for a wider look at the injuries.


      • Yes Linda and Grandma nothing adds up except that one babe almost died and many more probably have. With this many traumatized horses on site in completely unnatural conditions there should be a vet on site EVERY DAY. They should be contracting with vet students or even experienced equine vet techs to help get more eyes on the ground. With this many horses there is no way one vet can manage them and the others who are supposed to, well many don’t care or have too many other duties that keeps them from really keeping an eye on which horses are exhibiting those subtle signs of trouble before they turn into full fledged life threatening emergencies


      • With so many horses and burros being driven off the land they should be doing everything different. But this is how it goes. None of this should be happening. Top to bottom. mar


  19. After reading the BLM inside documents released under the Freedom of Information Act, it is a good guess that agreements have already been made to provide the slaughter houses with x amount of horses. It would be a good guess that they are in a hurry to get them loaded up and moved accross the border. That is not an accuasation–just a good guess. The Devil wants his due.


  20. Regarding Saturday’s sale of “unknown” horses in Nevada:
    I admit that I am unfamiliar with this subject but was trying to figure out what documentation is required by law in order to sell (or buy) animals at an auction and found some information. If anyone has knowledge of or wishes to read what I did find, go to the links below. It appears to me that some sort of paper trail is required by the Dept of Agriculture for anyone to sell an animal at auction in order to prove that the animal is not stolen. I do know that sale or transportation or possesion of stolen property is illegal. I hope this might help.
    Excerpt from below links:
    § 2.76 Records: Operators of auction
    sales and brokers.
    (a) Every operator of an auction sale
    or broker shall make, keep, and maintain
    records or forms which fully and
    correctly disclose the following information
    concerning each animal consigned
    for auction or sold, whether or
    not a fee or commission is charged:
    (1) The name and address of the person
    who owned or consigned the animal(s) for sale;
    (2) The name and address of the buyer or consignee…”
    (there is a lot more on the sites)

    Click to access 9cfr2.75.pdf

    Click to access 9cfr2.75.pdf



      The BLM coordinates closely with the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s (NDOA) Brands Division to provide Brand Inspectors during wild horse removal efforts across the State. NDOA brand inspectors must verify the animals are wild horses and burros as defined by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.

      Once verified, the Brand Inspector will provide the BLM a certificate to transport the animals. Without this cooperation and coordination, the BLM would not be able to remove the excess wild horses and burros which, if not removed in a timely manner, would result in degradation of our native rangelands. The NDOA also may take jurisdiction of any estray, branded or abandoned domestic horse(s) under the State of Nevada estray laws.

      KEY WORDS: the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s (NDOA) Brands Division; BLM; THE BRAND INSPECTOR…

      Key paragraph: Once verified, the Brand Inspector will provide the BLM a certificate to transport the animals. Without this cooperation and coordination, the BLM would not be able to remove the excess wild horses and burros which, if not removed in a timely manner, would result in degradation of our native rangelands. The NDOA also may take jurisdiction of any estray, branded or abandoned domestic horse(s) under the State of Nevada estray laws.

      man if that doesn’t sound Orwellian; I dob’t know what would !
      hey its 1984 all over again for the Mustangs and Burros; but what the BLM doesn’t quite get: The BLM is under the Orwellian eye of Washington; DC; this is because Washington DC is the “boss…aw

      a. I will try to find the names of the Brand Inspectors…
      b. I will write to the Brand Inspectors if necessary
      c. I will contact my Congressman “again about this illegal auction

      PS THE LIL HONEYBANDIT IS BETTER AND IS “eating like crazy! (this is to make up for those 2 weeks or so of “malnutrition!

      ps the BLM does not “feed foals ! I figure HB was acutally an orphan; most likely the crapola of the buckskin mare was fabricated; most likely the HB’s mare (dam) was “lost…poor lil HB!

      so glad Honey bandit is in the care of “normal human beings ! AW

      The BLM has tentatively scheduled two observation days – Tuesday, Sept. 21 and Tuesday, Sept. 28 – to provide the media and public opportunities to view gather activities. The dates are subject to change depending upon weather and gather operations. These will be the only two observation days offered for this gather based on gather site location accessibility. For more information or to sign up, call Chelsey Falge, BLM Ely District administrative clerk, at (775) 289-1800. The BLM will also regularly post gather information on its website at:

      The BLM coordinates closely with the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s (NDOA) Brands Division to provide Brand Inspectors during wild horse removal efforts across the State. NDOA brand inspectors must verify the animals are wild horses and burros as defined by the Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971.
      Once verified, the Brand Inspector will provide the BLM a certificate to transport the animals. Without this cooperation and coordination, the BLM would not be able to remove the excess wild horses and burros which, if not removed in a timely manner, would result in degradation of our native rangelands. The NDOA also may take jurisdiction of any estray, branded or abandoned domestic horse(s) under the State of Nevada estray laws.


      • quote from Senator Dodd: (he only takes Conn. email…)
        “I believe that animals should not be forced to experience needless pain and suffering and I have worked to advance legislation to protect animals throughout my career in public service…” Senator Dodd 2010…

        what will he think about Honey Bandit?
        left in a pen with no hay; milk; mother; medicine or supplements?
        the foal had 90 “cuts and scratches! this is “overt animal abuse !


        IF the BLM sells Mustangs at the auction; they will be “indicted! imo to the blm if you are reading this; cancel the auction or face “crimnal charges like Meduna did from “3 strikes ranch…!
        “don’t you understand ? you are under investigation by Congress!”
        imagine: the BLM left an orphaned foal with no mare in an adult pen; anyone can tell the lil one tried to nurse from other foals dams
        and this is why he got bitten; when one is hungry; one will try to “steal milk from another foal’s mare; this is normal…ps the blm gave “horse milk to the rescue a week after the lil foal almost perished but he is doing better; madeline pickens has the story!


      • KEY WORDS: the Nevada Department of Agriculture’s (NDOA) Brands Division; BLM; THE BRAND INSPECTOR…

        Yes, and when I wrote the NDOA about the Coggins testing for crossing state lines, he said they have the power to by-pass that. So ANYTHING is possible!


  21. I just want to clarify one thing here. I am in no way supporting the BLM or its contractors. When I say this is about Bandit–that’s where my attention is. Perhaps its because I’ve seen Bandit and spent the night with him. I choose to use my energy to send him good thoughts and prayers. I don’t have the energy to beat up on the BLM on this one.

    There was a lot of bad that happened here. I can’t talk to much about it all. So on this one I have to step aside with my own feelings.


  22. Pretty sure that this is where the auction is to be held:

    2055 Trento Lane • Fallon NV 89406
    Office: (775) 867-2020 • Fax: (775) 867- 2021
    Monte Bruck: (775) 426- 8279
    Email Address:


  23. Some very good info posted…here is info from Horseback Magazine (found through EWA). There is a poll regarding equines and a commentary from David Cowan re: BLM and roundups…it’s good. The poll is important, but I’m not partial to the choice of vocabulary re: Equines…they are all things for us, but livestock is for meat animals and my and other equines are NOT meat animals. Being a performance, therapy, companion, retiree, breeder, trail IS A SERVICE in my book; horsemeat is a product via the lack of classification of the equine plus the meaters use of “livestock”. IOW, equines are service animals in my book and definitely NOT meat. When we pigeon hole recreation v. companion v. livestock it ignores the obvious…equines are not officially recognized as a meat animal in the US and have and will continue to perform (service) this Nation and humans in many ways…meat ain’t one of them as it is a PRODUCT! Plus the horsemeaters love the term companion as some “emotionalism” painted on the end of life value of a discarded equine by the tree-huggers, wacky humans (mostly female) as an excuse to dismiss welfare advocates concerns and experiences.

    Here is the link:

    Remember to comment on the BLM Guest Column and do a vote re: Classification of the American Equine….anything but “livestock”!


    • The designation of wildlife has been confered legally by the supreme court, and again so designated by the federal court of appeals, domesticated horses fall under the classification of livestock..wild horses are wildlife with federal protections uder the law of the land.


      • Wiki pedia has an amazing (to me) up to date articles on the Mustangs origins/ controversy. It has the whole Wild Horse annie Free Romaing act. It also has the whole Burmns amendment and what it means.,
        I was trying to look up the classification of the mustangs. I remember when CA was trying to decide if horses (domestic) should be under Pets or Livestock. So I wondered. Never found anything.


  24. Do you ever wonder about some of these people–did they have MOTHERS?
    Are they actually the same species and the rest of us? Where does such cold blooded arrogance stem from?


  25. The reason they would like to stifle emotion is Emotion brings Power. Emotion is what has driven all major movements in history.


  26. ANGER– makes you take a stand and fight against injustice.
    COMPASSION and EMPATHY– make you feel the pain of something besides yourself– therefore you don’t inflict it on others.
    LOVE– makes you care more about the comfort and well-being of those you love
    more than you care about your own comfort and well-being.
    All of these virtues stem from EMOTION


  27. The use of the term of “emotion/emotionalism” is a pseudo-psychological attempt to dismiss the opposing opinion under the guise that they are more “balanced”, scientific and “reasonable”.. (sarcastic tone here)…after all, anyone that cares about how animals are butchered, transported, held has got to be an emotional wack job because you can’t be a wack job to kill ’em! Funny thing is that the more brutal and detached one becomes about quality of life and death, the more likely you are to become a serial killer.

    My point…check out AAEPs agenda and the main speaker’s title of the center speech by Dr. T. lynch’em Lenz. Playing the “welfare advocates are uneducated, city dwellin’ over the top emotional loons” and he is the sense and yardstick of reason and modeation. It’s priceless. BTW…no vet or org with opposing position has been asked to speak, will be allowed to speak or submit counter documentation.

    HMMMmmm… it’s good to be the King’s step and fetch (right Dr, Lenz)?


  28. I have seen the pattern emerge over the years. They use the same blueprint over and over. The only way it works is if everyone falls for it. Emotion is the most powerful weapon you have–naturally they would like for you not to use it.


    • Good reply Louie.

      What I continually find to be ironic in the equine, earth, bison, et al killer argument is that ALL humans have emotions. The issue is how and why you choose to utilze them.

      The meaters use them to motivate their’s. We use it it to motivate our cause.

      Wonder what the wild equine and equine meat eaters would do with the likes of Lincoln, Washington, King, Gandhi, Lech Wahlensa, etc…..emotional? I think they continue to utilize the term emotional to stifle science, change and progress in any way that changes their “way of life”.

      The killers and staus quo confuse others and try to use the distraction of emotional for many reasons….the biggest being truth and accountability for whatever..


      • PRECISELY! Actually, I think they use it as a controlling tool which continues to ignore definition and relies upon interpretation (you know…controlling the debate, the participants, timing,etc) of which they are always the deciding panel/factor (much like BLM).

        I’m not crazy. I’m not indigent. I’m not stupid or uneducated. I don’t believe what DOI, AAEP say and disagree. That doesn’t make me any more emotional than you Dr. Lenz when you make your quota and get a bonus like your speaking fee. I’m starting to think you’re emotional (basket case) Dr. Lenz.

        Funny really. Lenz thinks people that are opposed to cruel treatment and death of equines (and frequently all animals OR humans) becomes an “emotional” issue?

        I’d call it a morality, ethics and values issue. Next? We are all vegans!!!!

        Keep dancin’ Tommy!


    • Think about it – what better way to make the ethical and compassionate appear foolish or idiotic than to degrade those qualities down to handicaps?
      Anyone who Advocates, who has an attachment to Nature, the Environment or it’s citizens – to the unprofitable, wild & beautiful is defined as a ‘hugger’ – even those who Advocate for fellow humans.
      Federal agendas can’t be furthered if they get mired in ethics or compassion; they’d never get anything done.


      • If we have to consu=ider every BLM employee before we fight the Agency we will never get anything done. This is not a fight against individuals but a huge brick wall. mar


  29. Lisa and Louie ( please bear in mind tongue in cheek)…never really knew that the Feds, especially AAEP, DOI, BLM, et al were qualified authorities regarding lexicon and morality. Won’t begin to argue that they do what THEY think is right or want…but sreiously???? the likes of Abbey, Slaughterczar and Lenz are now dictating definitions and sensible behavior????? I think they have just exceeded their institutionalized and government funded mandates (but don’t they always ;)).

    I beleive the panic behavior of the comfy killers speaks volumes.

    We shall see…across all fronts.


  30. According to my faith and even that of agnostics/atheists; mercy, passion and enlightenment are positive human characteristics.

    Ask the Feds, their special interest teat suckers and especially
    “we’ll give you the money” Congress and it becomes anyones guess.


  31. I believe that science has now actually validated the fact that the more noble side of human nature is the very thing that keeps the human race in existence. All of these virtues are hard wired into our DNA for our own survival. We need each other to survive. In order to survive, we have to be able to work and live together and respect each other.
    Makes perfect sense to me.


  32. Lisa, I know what you are saying. Sometimes you wonder what has happened? Where did all of the real people go? I guess that is why we come to these blogs so much–just to touch base with kindred spirits. Maybe we just are aware of more than before. It is not quite as easy to hide ugly actions behind closed doors now, not that they don’t try.


    • Exactly, Louie. These people that we stand next to are SO passionate, articulate, thoughtful – and I am so in awe of them, these men & women of good conscience who believe in something larger than themselves.
      Who could ask for better company.


  33. Made my call to the President. Actually got through the first time. I try to call every day. Call for a MORATORIUM on round-ups. The Department of the Interior is MAKING HIM LOOK BAD. The Department of the Interior is making US look bad to the rest of the world.


  34. Just In:

    In case you haven’t seen the news on FB…

    Jill Star & Lifesavers are going out to Fallon again to save these 175 (Why is the number the same as last time?) horses!!

    She has gotten a $20,000 donation from anonymous?

    She is taking donations also!

    That woman is a non-stop machine!

    Amazing doesn’t seem to say it all!

    Be safe, Jill & Co. Once again!





      the difference between night and day; the difference between Good and Bad…praying the 175 get rescued…Anna usa 1951


  35. They just take my comments and tell me that they will give them to the President. I am still waiting for a call from the White House–any day now.


  36. Seriously– they just take your comments. Be brief and polite. We all need to stay on the same beat–MORATORIUM ON ROUND-UPS


  37. I agree,MORATORIUM ON ROUND-UPS. I want those helicoptors to stop!

    Did you hear the news? Today, the BLM agreed to release the 36,000? wild horses in holding to M. Pickens reserve.!!


    • Madeleine will have 1000 horses to start with. This will take time. The transferring of the horses is always risky. I think they will have their hands full before we know how this is working out.

      Good Luck, Madeleine! mar


  38. Hooray for Madeleine! Hooray for those 36,000 horses–Free at last! (well as soon as MP gets it all set up!) I wish we could tell the horses–Hang in there wild one–your freedom is coming.

    to Louie— each call probably represents a certain number of people. Around here, when you call a local rep. on some issue, one call = 100 people. At 6 calls, the item goes on the reps. “agenda”.


  39. Ann, thank you. That is good to know. I remember Elyse urging us to call. She felt that it was making a difference–calls were being heard. It just takes a couple of minutes. You will often find the lines busy and have to wait, but the wait is worth it.


  40. Hi Louie: don’t know about the Burros; an important question tho’: hey folks; the program is for “1000 Mustangs; a pilot program; in no way have the 36,000 been “adopted…only after the Pilot program works will the others…possibly be adopted; my comment:

    I will believe the Eco-Santcuary when I see the place with my eyes

    Lifesavers…man I am sweating bullets over those 175 at Auction…


  41. Anna, thank you. You are good at finding videos. Did you see that Cindy at American Herds posted the video that you were trying to get all of us to see–the cat and culvert?


    • Yes Louie: I did see the Cat and Culvert video on The American Herds website; and I was very pleased to see the video posted…

      (The video shows a Caterpillar Tractor “wrecking a water spring !)


  42. There is little doubt of a conspiracy which accounts for the vast walls of silence from Washington. The BLM has been given free rein to violate the law, slaughter our national symbol, torture those who have not yet died, and ignore judges, the law, and the American public.

    This is all for big private oil interests. God bless our horses.


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