Day: February 9, 2011

Truth Squad Radio – Nell Walton of AllHorses Post

Nell Walton is an avid horsewoman and also owns two wild horses, both of which came from a herd near Elko, NV. She is also the founder and managing editor of the online equestrian news magazine, The AllHorses Post. She has degrees in journalism and biology from the University of Arkansas, spent many years as a professional journalist and worked as an intern for former President Bill Clinton when he was governor of Arkansas. She lives in East Tennessee on a small horse farm with her husband, four horses, one donkey, two cats and two dogs. The Bone Trail is her first novel.

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Gutsy Nevada Sheriff Investigates Obama’s BLM Wild Horse Cruelty Reports

A sheriffs office is investigating if some of the actions in the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse roundup are animal abuse. This investigation started the same day we aired a video– showing a helicopter pilot flying close to a horse in White Pine County. Brooke Boone has been working hard on this story… White Pine County Sheriff Dan Watts say his office received this video– shortly after it was taken on January 28th. After seeing the video, they began investigating if Sun J Livestock– the company hired by the Bureau of Land Management to round up horses in northern Nevada was committing animal cruelty.

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