Day: February 18, 2011

Wild Horse Groups Win Another Round and Vow to Preserve Targeted West Douglas Herd

HOUSTON (HfHAC) – The Bureau of Land Management has officially withdrawn its 2011 plans to decimate the West Douglas Wild Horse herd, a small, isolated herd of wild horses in northwestern Colorado. Plaintiffs in two lawsuits challenging the BLM’s long-held efforts are claiming a victory, but are concerned BLM will issue another decision to eliminate the herd in the future. Therefore, plaintiffs have vowed to continue their work in the courts and through public campaigns to prevent BLM’s long-held plans to destroy this herd.

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Action Alert: Wild Horse Advocates to Rally at BLM Meeting

Houston (SFTHH) – The Obama Administrations Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board will be holding a meeting in Phoenix, AR March 10-11 2011 allegedly to discuss their failed Wild Horse and Burro strategy. This is the perfect opportunity for the Wild Horse Advocacy Movement to not only be heard but to be a physical presence in representation of the rapidly disappearing great American Wild Horse.

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Honey Bandit Wild Horse Story Makes a Difference in D.C.

We have great news here in Washington DC. The U.S. House has approved an amendment on a voice vote that would cut $2 million dollars from the BLM. According to Indiana Republican Dan Burton, his amendment is to send a signal to BLM that the American public wants more humane treatment for the Mustangs across the West. This means that the additional $12 million dollars that have been requested would not be available to aid with the roundups. So that is a whopping $14 million dollar savings.

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