Day: February 6, 2011

The Exhibit – The Horse

Whether racing down the backstretch of a racetrack or making unbelievable plays on the polo field, horses and humans are a proven unstoppable team. Did you know that this bond also shaped human civilization? In the exhibition The Horse, explore the profound relationship between horses and humans and discover how almost every facet of human existence has been influenced by our union with the horse. Artifacts, dioramas, fossils and a multitude of displays guide the visitor through the evolution of the horse from the early equines that lived on North America’s Great Plains over 10 million years ago to the horses role in the development of nations around the world and its noble place in our society today. Through domestication, horses have allowed us to travel greater distances, expand agriculture, and enhance our efforts in battle; and have also become symbols of status and prestige. At the same time, we have shaped horses, breeding them in different ways to suit our needs.

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